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10 people with extra body parts


Many people complain about his fate, complaining to external faults, lament the lack of beauty or the right proportions of the figure. But hardly anyone will think that some children are born with incredible anomalies, and even live with them all my life, despite the medical and social problems.

The most harmless are extra fingers on the hands or feet, which can be easily removed in modern medicine and plastic surgery. But what do the people in the body which not only has the excess body but sometimes the whole system is directly dependent of the host body. In this case, means the phenomenon of the fusion of the two children in the womb, and education "Siamese twins." Can only envy the courage of the parents who were willing to take my child so, and not to have an abortion for medical reasons. The child is forced to be always a stranger in the world, to get used to the curious glances and hope for the opportunity to make friends.

Look at the 10 famous people who had discovered the unnecessary parts of the body.

10. Dan Azir

The man from Connecticut diagnosed with a rare hereditary disease, exostosis. In addition to the existing human 206 bones, he has grown about 92. A considerable part of them is localized in the sternum and joints. The doctors were able to remove 42 by means of a series of operations carried out in 2010. It is noteworthy that some were commensurate with the TV remote. Surgical treatment had a number of consequences. For example, in his youth, the guy had a nerve causing started to numb the leg. A rare disease was passed to the three children of Dan, but they have not detected a dominant gene, which manifests in approximately half the cases. Hereditary exostosis was diagnosed in only 1.6 thousand families. Effective treatment is not developed.

9. Yin Xin

Girl life is suffering because of the growth of the unborn twin, which is literally "parasite" in her body. When the girl was born, it was immediately apparent that she's growing out of his back small arm. Over time, this anomaly has acquired the fingers, then appeared the abdomen and chest. To 11 years half of the spins contained a poorly developed fetus. The girl's parents had no money for surgery at that time, but in 2007 the parasite was removed.

8. Hong Hong

In China 2 years ago, a woman gave birth to a child with amazing blemish – 31 toes and hands. The pregnancy was not remarkable, proceeded normally, and the doctors did not notice any abnormalities on the ultrasound screen. So was born the Hong Hong – a man with a record number of fingers rudimentary. According to international practice, with a similar anomaly, the light appears one of thousands of children.

7. Kang Kang

In a Chinese family a child was born with a rare disease in which is formed a transverse facial cleft. Outwardly, it seems as if the kid wears a mask. It is interesting that during pregnancy, the doctors did not diagnose the pathology, therefore, for parents it was an unpleasant news that their healthy child has a visual defect. Then began to gather the sum, directed to a number of costly operations in the famous medical center.

6. Deepak Paswan

The Indian child did not the rainbow of childhood. He appeared, carrying in the body the limbs are underdeveloped twin, which parasitized in the chest. Peers bullied and teased the boy and Hindu religious leaders and pilgrims, by contrast, was worshiped as the many-armed deity Vishnu. Eight years ago, a hospital in Bangalore offered to the family charity operation proceeds ($78 thousand). It will allow the boy live a full life.

5. Hazel Jones

One day in 2012 in English talk show "this morning" appeared the girl of 27 years with a very strange story about 2 of the vagina, which she had from birth. The girl said that did not know about the feature of their anatomy until they reach adulthood when she decided to be sexually active. The anomaly was the most discussed topic at parties, and she even often with her husband visited fetish clubs. The popularity has led to the fact that the girl offered to pay a million for her roles in porn movies. But she refused propositions, although this has already posed for an erotic magazine. That's how people learn to be proud of, it would seem, the vices, and even to get them for a good penny.

4. Brigham Nordstrom

Many of the bodies we are paired, but not those, which should be exactly three, and especially four or five. A lawyer from New Zealand were nine years ago in the hospital of infectious kidney disease, he was 28 years old. When diagnosing the internal organs found that men are as much as five completely functional full kidney. He is the only man in history with a similar anomaly. Many wondered if Brigham to sell extra buds to ensure a comfortable old age. However doctors do not recommended that the unique patient to abandon the "helpers" without good reason. The fact that the resection of any of the kidneys can cause serious damage to the nervous system, and surgery always has the risk to life and health, as well as involves prolonged rehabilitation and the need for compliance with therapeutic diets.

3. Sarah Reinfelder

The majority of people does not know that the female embryos initially have two identical reproductive system (a pair of Queens, sheaths, etc.). As maturation of the fetus they are usually merged into one. Every 3 thousand newborns there is a girl, which has found a pathology of "double uterus". In the future this will prevent a normal pregnancy, can cause pelvic pain and can cause miscarriage. One of the Queens often underdeveloped or malfunctioning. Sarah, a case which was diagnosed in 2009, both uteri were functional. And she was pregnant with twins, each developing in their own uterus. Children appeared without deviations and pathologies healthy.

2. Bethany Jordan

Girl Bethany from England was born with the body, which was filled with the abdominal organs. The liver was displaced, and the heart were beating somewhere in the back (and the hole in it was discovered). Also Jordan was diagnosed with two lung on the left side and as much as 5 spleens. This body is designed to filter from the blood plasma of infectious agents and dead blood cells. Additional spleen, supposed to provide high-quality maintenance of the body, but the doctors were worried that she would not survive, when in 6 years found pathology. However, "the girl puzzle" has survived and leads a normal life, trying not to engage in strenuous work.

1. Didier Montalvo

The presence of moles in humans is not surprising. But Montalvo on the back appeared and grew so large birthmark that resembled a tortoise. The boy was born in 2006 in Colombo. Life was difficult, as most citizens avoided contact with him and the family, thinking that the boy was cursed by an evil force. The family moved to Britain, where a special operation would provide Didier full life.

Despite the difficulties of life and poor health, these people have managed to find the strength to fight and resist the human mind. And some of them are not ashamed of their evils, considering them not flaws, but features.

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