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10 medical services you should have for free, but demand money


Unfortunately, every day many of our compatriots are victims of their own legal illiteracy. And oddly enough, to use it with ill intent, can not only cheaters, but also people who designed the law to help us in difficult situations. In this case, we are talking about medics. Over the past ten years, the domestic medicine has undergone a variety of reforms that now, the main document regulating the relationship between doctor and patient, is insurance. Not many are aware that this document gives you the right to free of a specified list of health services for assistance in medical institutions have no right to demand money. In reality, however, from disgruntled patients receive a lot of complaints on extortion in hospitals.

From this material you will be able to find out what are the 10 types of medical services since you do not have the right to demand payment.

10. The provision of medicines in the hospital

This applies to both all-day stay patient in hospital and day hospital. According to the law the clinic should provide free medicines prescribed to the patient by the attending physician. Violation of this rule illegal.

9. Dental services

Basic list of free dental services provided under the program of compulsory medical insurance, includes: receiving analgesia (with the exception of orthopedic work), caries treatment, removal of Tartar, teaching oral hygiene.

Of course, the doctor may offer you a paid service, but it has no legal grounds to demand payment for pain relief, threatening that otherwise will carry out the removal without anesthesia.

A more complete list of services that you can get for free can be found on the website of the Territorial mandatory medical insurance Fund.

8. In vitro fertilization

In 2013, this (until fairly costly manipulation) were included in the program of the MLA. However, participation on a budgetary basis requires compliance with certain requirements.

The candidacy of a woman whom IVF is indicated, will be considered by a special Commission. Allow her to conduct the procedure only after a detailed study of data from laboratory and instrumental research, which is also done under the policy of OMS.

Also, note that under the policy, you will not be able to receive an infusion of donor embryos. In addition, the MLA does not provide for surrogate motherhood.

7. MRI, CT and ultrasound

Pass such examinations free of charge you are eligible only if you have the appropriate doctor, that is if he decides that the results of specific instrumental study will play a crucial role in diagnosis and planning further treatment. However, if you voluntarily decided to explore the part of your body or the body that it doesn't disturb you, then a similar procedure, you will have to pay out of pocket.

6. Analyses of thyroid hormones

If you ever in your life had to donate blood for the measurement of thyroid hormones, then it is likely a doctor could tell you that the basic tests can be taken in the clinic, and for more complex studies in this institution there is no suitable equipment. Whatever it is actually, the MHI policy you have the right to undergo the following laboratory examinations to determine the contents of all thyroid hormones. With a full range of free tests available on the official website of the Ministry of health. When installed non-toxic goitre are added research that are important for the correct diagnosis.

5. Consult a specialist

A standard situation. At the reception you explain that a specialist is very busy, and that entry to it is a few months in advance, with extra charge it is ready to accept you right now. Of course this begs a logical question: if the doctor so disastrously downloaded, how in his busy schedule he'll find time for the extraordinary pay of the patient?

By law you have the right to obtain the advice of a physician no later than 24 hours after treatment, a specialist, and the passage of instrumental and laboratory examinations — not later than two weeks.

4. Massage

If massage is a mandatory element of the prescribed therapy, then these services the clinic should provide you absolutely free of charge. If you voluntarily decided to improve their health through massage, then for him you will have to pay.

3. Help with obesity

In our society it is accepted for people suffering from obesity are advised to buy a subscription to a fitness club or make an appointment with a dietitian, which involves a certain fee. However, you should bear in mind that obesity is a disease whose treatment included in the list of "free" services provided by the MLA.

The attending physician must find out the root cause of the development of obesity (excess food intake, hormonal therapy, limitation, etc.). Also with such a diagnosis you need to be examined from a number of specialists such as gynecologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, and so on.

The physician will calculate the daily caloric content of food, acceptable in each case.

2. Depression

Unfortunately, in our country most of the population, such a diagnosis is not considered as a serious disease requiring professional medical intervention. However, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation adopted a law that allows each person suffering from depression, free to be examined by a therapist to get the advice and necessary treatment.

1. Vaccinations

Every citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to free routinely receive the vaccine, with a full list of which can be found on the official website of the Ministry of health.

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