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10 places in Asia that will impress you with its beauty


Asia is the largest part of the world, where you will find the most unique and interesting natural curiosities, and places created by the careful hand of the Asian man. Consider the Top 10 most beautiful places of mysterious Asia.

10. Halong Bay, Vietnam

An area of more than 1.5 thousand square kilometers covers 3 thousands of Islands covered with a variety of caves, cliffs and rocks. Exotic natural landscape, which is under UNESCO protection, will not leave indifferent any tourist. Love like romantic cruises, divers swim to the amazing inhabitants of the marine world, thrill-seekers like will mountain kayaking. Budding archaeologists with pleasure will appreciate the variety of caves of Halong Bay.

9. Boracay Island, Philippines

Amazing hue of sea water, the rich fauna, pristine white sand and a comfortable tropical climate.

On this island offers kitesurfing, diving, fishing, organized fashion and incendiary parties. Also have the opportunity to book a romantic cruise or visiting a wedding ceremony for lovers.

8. Flower Park Ashikaga, Japan

The locals really know how not only to appreciate beauty but to create her own hands. Workaholic on the island of Honshu raised the wonderful Kingdom of flowering Wisteria and various species of exotic plants. Tourists from around the world gather in Park city Ashikaga, where you can appreciate local flora and make stunning photos. Tourists expect deep tunnels of living plants with an amazing aroma. The Ashikaga flower Park is perfect for a honeymoon.

7. Taj Mahal, India

About this historic place heard every person interested in culture of India. The majestic Palace is the memory of the great love of Shah to his wife. Informal symbol of India includes a unique monumental building of the mausoleum, mysterious pond and shady Park.

Interestingly, the construction of the tomb for his beloved wife, the Shah sent the finest marble, and mosaic wall consists of many thousands of precious and semiprecious stones (sapphire, malachite, rubies, chrysolites, etc.).

To get to memorable places can be directly from Delhi by train-Express. Remember that the Palace is closed for tourists on Fridays.

6. The great wall of China, China

The great wall is one of the most visited tourist routes in China and even the world. Construction is considered the longest of those that were able to build a human hand. The scientists also called it the most ambitious fortification (the length of the wall is almost 9 thousand kilometers).

The most popular fragment is the area located 60 km to the capital (near mount Badaling). You can reach it by conventional cheap train directly from Beijing.

5. Tea fields of Gyeongju, South Korea

Amazing man-made plantation of tea leaves attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. Their influx is observed in mid-may, when the territory field is known as the tea festival. In the framework of the visitor offered to taste the different varieties of local organic tea and also to buy a home, surprising fees, and gift sets.

Outdoor enthusiasts can participate in the leaf collection and the process of producing drinks according to local recipes.

Also tea ceremonies involve a kind of "fashion show" of clothing.

In winter the territory is carried out a spectacular event – the festival of lights. Residents decorate the plantation luminous products, forming amazing sculptures and arches.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

The highlight of Turkey Cappadocia past decades attracts new tourists. The settlement is famous for its beautiful horses and carpets, and ancient cave cities and mysterious monasteries. Have something to offer and nature in Cappadocia, for example, the amazing volcanic landscape.

Lovers of outdoor activities taste will enjoy horseback riding, ballooning, as well as tempting restaurants with local cuisine, hookah and exotic dancers.

3. Lake Phewa, Nepal

Surrounding the lake is amazing Annapurna range with snowy peaks. Its depth averages about 8.5 metres.

In the middle of the lake on a small island is the temple of Bahari, where visitors ride in colorful boats. On weekends its territory you can see the real sacrifice, and to receive the blessing of the local wise priests.

2. Reserve Huanglong, China

A small Sichuan province breathtaking gorgeous landscape, rich flora and fauna. People are attracted to beautiful travertine terraces which were formed naturally out of the calcareous tuff. Not far from the protected area is a beautiful mountain that is always covered with snow.

The edge of the nature reserve tourists can appreciate the beautiful natural lakes, waterfalls, gorges and canyons. Children will be interesting to observe the amazing life of a giant Panda or Golden snub-nosed monkey.

1. Kelimutu Volcano, Indonesia

The height of the mountain is more than 1.6 km, and the last eruption was observed in the 60-ies. Interestingly, tourists are attracted not so much the volcano, how the crater in which nature has poured three of the unique lake. Each of them has amazing tone thanks to the presence of water at the bottom of various rocks and minerals, tint its color.

Locals tell the legend that the souls of the dead inhabit these lakes, and the variability of the water shows the current character of the departed ancestors.

The best time to visit Kelimutu is in the early morning when you can watch the sunrise. After noon, the lake may trail a thick mist, hiding them from the eyes of visitors.

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