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10 places to go on New year 2019 cheap


Very soon, our country will plunge into the atmosphere of a major holiday. Again tangerines, champagne, Olivier, President and burn from a Sparkler. But maybe this is the year you will want to change the old scenario of the meeting of this holiday and to go somewhere to travel for the holidays. I will say that you this leisure can't afford it? Do not rush to make hasty conclusions. Of course, falling oil prices and scary exchange rates has not been canceled, but even in such conditions it is possible to carve out some funds for a proper send-off of the year.

Specially for you we have prepared several areas for every taste and budget. Presenting the top 10 places to go for Christmas vacation in 2019.

10. Dazzle

On the map of our vast country is quite possible to find a lot of places where you can go with family or friends for the New year. Leaders in popularity among our compatriots is a recreation in the suburbs. They are especially suitable for families with very young children.

Such type of holiday many advantages. First, this trip excludes large costs on the road (of course, this applies to residents of the capital region). Secondly, all the blessings of civilization are within walking distance. Tired young parents can finally rest in peace, reassign their children experienced animators. In addition, usually in schools of this type have a variety of healing services (baths, Spa treatments, massage, etc.), that is, in addition, you will be able to improve their physical condition.

9. Cyprus

Water temperature in winter Cyprus sea in January rarely rises above 17 degrees, so swimming in this weather, there can only be hardened compatriots. However, despite this, to visit the wonderful island in the new year still stands. The locals here are incredibly resilient and friendly. They know how to celebrate so that even sophisticated variety of exotic tourists, will remain under great impression of this trip. By the way, the Cypriots are quite sympathetic to the Russian-speaking public and take great pleasure in going with them to communicate.

8. Kostroma

All the inhabitants of our country know where he lives everyone's favorite Christmas character is Santa Claus. Of course, in Velikiy Ustyug. And his lovely granddaughter the snow maiden lives in Kostroma. In this town she's got two residences. The first official. Here a loyal helper of Santa Claus keeps all the presents that she received for the significant period of its existence. Also regular tours.

Second home snow girl is suitable for holding festive events. In addition there live and work the other characters of folk tales.

7. Petersburg and Moscow

Muscovites can spend new year holidays in St. Petersburg, and residents of the cultural capital would, please yourself a trip to Moscow. On the way to your destination you can enjoy the vast snow-covered beauty of the native land and you could build your route so that could be the way to visit other attractions. The M10 highway passes through the Tver and Torzhok, near Valdai and Novgorod the Great. Believe me, in these places there is something to admire.

6. Hot springs in Krasnodar Krai

Have you ever had to celebrate the New Year in the pool? In hotels and boarding houses of Krasnodar Krai, which are located near hot mineral springs, you can give yourself this pleasure. Experience this you will have the very best right here you will be able to improve your health and to relax from hard work.

It should be noted that every tourist can find here a hotel where the price will meet its solvency, because in the Krasnodar Krai there are enough budget hotels, and the Royal apartments.

5. Italy

The snowy landscape you no longer inspires, but is not likely to drastically change climatic conditions? A suitable option for you will be Sunny Italy. It has many advantages over other European countries from the point of view of new year's celebrations. This temperamental people loves and knows how to celebrate the New Year.

Here in the new year night on the streets in front of excited people are entire orchestras. It should also be noted that in addition to the vibrant culture of Italy is famous for its incredible gastronomy. Here you can taste the masterpieces of world cuisine and savour fine Italian wines.

4. Czech Republic

If you gravitate to the European holiday and are looking for the budget option, then the most appropriate solution for you will be Czech Republic. This Eastern European country is famous for its beer, meat products and relatively low prices. So it is so loved by tourists.

The state capital is Prague itself is a beautiful city. The amazing beauty of the architecture during the new year holidays even more changes due to snow and Christmas decorations. In honor of the new year celebrations in Prague are usually events where they can have fun, eat delicious food and try the real Czech beer.

3. Karelia

This place will become a real Paradise for those who can not imagine New year without a metre of snow and biting frost. In the end, what Russian man can not love all this pristine beauty? While not necessarily coming here with your family, spend Christmas and new year holidays sitting log house, clicking the remote. Better this time to make a. For example, you can go to the Museum-preserve of Russian wooden architecture, to a farm sled dogs in the winter or the zoo. Good memories from this will stay away weight, besides, this relaxation does not cost a lot in material costs.

2. By car in Europe

To correctly organize your trip for vacation to Europe, you must consider a few things. The first carefully to come up with a route. Depend on it and expenses, and your impressions of the trip. The second definitely should think about points where you are going to spend the night, and keep your booking at the hotel. And third, pay great attention to preparing the necessary travel documents, otherwise it will be very a shame if your Christmas celebrations will be clouded by bureaucratic delays at customs.

1. Kazan

The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan not for the first year confidently maintains a leading position among the most popular places among tourists who decided to celebrate the New year. Kazan combines high-quality service and many attractions. In addition, the city regularly hosts a variety of festivals and events that also lures tourists not only from Russia but from near and far abroad. A Tatar kitchen is generally a separate conversation.

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