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10 places in the world where you can ask about their wishes


The modern man knows how the universe works. He invented the car, computer, spaceship. He is far removed from their ancestors and changed the world. But he still believes in miracles, and when the going gets tough, says about God. In this plan compared to last nothing has changed. 100 years ago people made a wish upon a falling star, they do now. Most of them close their eyes and start to recite silently your dreams, when you see the clock or 23.23 10.10. And some go on a journey to ask for help from a "magical" places. These sights have long been overgrown with legends and no one knows what in these stories is true and what is fiction. One thing is, these places do have magic powers. All who have been there say that their fondest wishes have come true.

10. Money oak (Marie island, Scotland)

Oak is located on an island accessible only by water. For the execution of the desire is enough to leave in the bark of a tree coin and ask for magical powers for help. Oak has long been helps people, the oldest was minted in 1828. In Scotland, these trees are not uncommon, but the oak stands out from all those on here made a wish by Queen Victoria. This occurred in 1877, since then oak has become very popular with locals and tourists. Some of them say that the island has a special atmosphere. Like it or not, can only tell someone who personally visited and asked the old oak help.

9. Statue Of Juliet (Verona, Italy)

People who travel to Italy should visit Juliet's house. It is a Museum in Verona. Opened it in 1997. The most popular statue of Juliet, which was installed in the yard. It is believed that it helps in love. Only need to touch the right breast and to say the most cherished desire. Around the statue is always Packed with tourists, who dream only about how to ask for help from Juliet. A few years a stone statue was removed in the house, she was seriously injured: a crack on the chest, the scratches on his hand. For tourists in the yard put a copy of the cheaper and durable materials.

8. Mosque Of Al-Koutoubia (Marrakech, Morocco)

Built long ago, in the XII century. About her many legends, but most tourists are attracted not only by its history and beauty, but also the opportunity to change their lives. You need to stand at the minaret of the mosque to face East and make deepest desire. Many tourists visited Morocco, and asked for support from a higher power. It is known that, if after visiting the mosque will meet the water boy, the wish will definitely come true. To get into the mosque itself can only Muslims. Other travelers are allowed to walk around the surrounding area. Fortunately, in the fulfillment of desires of limitations as belonging to no religion.

7. Delhi pillar (Delhi, India)

Delhi post belongs to the architectural ensemble of the Qutb-Minar. The story of his confusing, there are a lot of assumptions and versions. However, historians can come to a consensus. It is known that the pillar was erected in the early fifth century. Surprisingly, until now, it is not affected by rust. The iron pillar is able to grant wishes. Ago a lot of people. To desire fulfilled have to rise to the post back, hugging him from behind with his hands. But there were so many that the authorities had to fence post metal bars. However, he has not ceased to grant wishes and bring happiness. People visiting this place does not become less.

6. The zodiacal area (Jaffa, Israel)

Jaffa – the oldest district of tel Aviv. For the first time in history it is mentioned in the XI century BC, the Zodiac, the area is called the Museum under the open sky. It is steeped in mysticism. The most popular among tourists is the trail of horoscopes. 12 streets that intersect. Each of them named after a different zodiac sign. To be happy, you need to find your street sign. Mandatory condition for the execution of the desire is the touch of the plate, which depicts the same sign of the zodiac. However not everyone is a power plate are very high, to get to them is difficult.

5. The well of death (Chichen Itza, Mexico)

The city has a bad reputation, thanks to the Well of death. In periods of drought the ancient Indians made sacrifices. Beautiful girls tied and immersed in water until, until they died. This terrible legend was confirmed by the Americans. They made an expedition, in a well found not only women but men and even children's skeletons, a lot of gold, jewelry and expensive items. But people do not be afraid to visit this place. They come here to ask a magical power to fulfill their dreams. Though now the spirit of the well cajole coins, and not sacrifice.

4. The Erawan Shrine (Bangkok, Thailand)

The construction of the Erawan hotel in Bangkok was accompanied by mystical incidents. Many accidents led to the fact that the builders refused to work. Then it was decided to erect an altar with a statue of the God of Creation (Brahma). Hotel construction successfully completed. Astrologers explain the fact that the construction started in the wrong day. Daily visit the altar of the crowd, they are the gift of Brahma. Bring food, and small figurines, and jewelry. In the evenings there are organised performances. Those whose wish came true, thank the deity. Dancing girls will dance a thank you dance for a fee.

3. Suyumbike Tower Of Kazan (Kazan, Tatarstan)

When a tower was built, nobody knows. No documents left, and historians disagree. Its height is 58 meters, the tower tilted noticeably in the North-Eastern side. It consists of 7 tiers. Named it in honor of Queen Syuyumbike. About her many legends, but historians call them romantic tales. People come to admire the tall structure and make a wish. It is necessary to touch the tower, to close your eyes and imagine a vivid picture of the dream. Many visitors confess that the tower was able to help them, many of the most secret desires fulfilled.

2. Menhirs (Republic Of Khakassia, Russia)

The so-called stone sculptures. These places have special energy radiation, they are not for nothing called places of power. There are often inexplicable events: equipment fails for some reason, the clock is slow, but the failed batteries are re-charged. But, of course, people come here not because of the batteries. Menhirs are able to help people. Ulug Khurtuyakh TAS is very popular, it helps people to get rid of the disease. Especially we hope that it will force women. Rumor has it that it helps with infertility. Each menhir "responsible" for a certain area of life. Some grant wishes, some heal.

1. Bridges Of Suzhou (Henan, China)

In the urban district of Suzhou, about 200 bridges, each with its own history. Many of them are able to realize their dreams. Their names speak for themselves: the Bridge good Luck, Career. The best known is the Precious belt bridge. It helps to attract luck and prosperity. If you make a wish and to appease a higher power coin, it will come true. No one knows how it works but wishes do come true. Perhaps it really is a higher power, and perhaps the usual self-hypnosis.

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