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10 places in Europe that will amaze you with its beauty


Traveling in Europe you meet a lot of amazing and fascinating places. It can be as fascinating landscapes, majestic monuments, beautiful parks, and the whole city is unique in its kind. To readers in the most beautiful places in Europe, which once experienced, will want to return again and again to enjoy the magnificent views.

10. Mont-Saint-Michel (France)

This area is a rocky island turned into a fortress. This is the second most visited in France after Paris. Located island fortress in the middle water depths. Mont-Saint-Michel is a national heritage and is included in the UNESCO list. His fame the island gained thanks to benedictinism Abbey located here with a total occupied area of 55 thousand square meters. Mont-Saint-Michel is associated with many legends and folklore, which the traveler may learn from the local people or tour guide.

9. Moravian field (Czech Republic)

Moravian fields – incredibly beautiful and picturesque place in the Czech Republic. Fascinating local fields have become the hallmark of this country. Green hills form a wave, visually similar to the upcoming tsunami. The memory of what he saw will remain with the traveler for a lifetime, as there is nothing more beautiful than the fields created by the mother nature.

8. Bruges (Belgium)

This fabulous place is called the Venice of the North, as the city is located next to the pond. Bruges is under UNESCO protection. Each of the buildings of the city is unique and unrepeatable. There are a huge number of attractions, among which the most ancient architectural structures. On the territory of Bruges has a huge number of historical museums. This is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world with unique architecture and picturesque nature.

7. Douro Valley (Portugal)

Douro valley is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, where the eponymous river. Grape area of the country has a remarkably picturesque panorama and is separated from the ocean by mountain ranges. Through the valley runs a tourist train whose Windows you can enjoy spectacular views and cover the largest part of the area during the inspection.

6. Teide (Spain)

Teide national Park in Tenerife, where the homonymous volcano. One of the highest peaks of Spain with a height of over 3700 meters, is the most attractive place for tourists. The local nature of this European area will enchant you with its unique beauty. The volcano's last eruption was about a century and a half ago, so it is considered safe. From the top of Teide are just fantastic panoramic views. Along the way, the tourist will meet with mountains of strange shape and landscape that plays the different colors. It is here partly were shooting documentaries and films of science fiction, including "clash of the Titans", "Millliona years BC", etc.

5. Seljalandsfoss (Iceland)

Seljalandsfoss – the most popular and most scenic waterfall located in Iceland, and one of the most attractive places of Europe. It is on the river, Saltlands, towering 60-meter height. A large indentation behind the waterfall allows one to observe this miracle of nature from all sides. Especially beautiful Seljalandsfoss, according to visitors, in the evening, when the nature around sunset begins to play absolutely other paints. The scenic area, among which the waterfall is located, makes it even more attractive. Seljalandsfoss will not leave indifferent any tourist.

4. Park Chechenkov (Holland)

Is a Royal Park of flowers, which is open to visitors only two months of the year, since the twentieth of March, ending with the same numbers may. In Kamencove solely grow tulips. Affects the local abundance of colors, which is situated on an area of over 30 hectares. In the center of the Park is a beautiful pond where swans and ducks. In Kamencove there are about 4.5 million tulips of different varieties. More fascinating and a large Park of tulips can not be found anywhere else.

3. Plitvice lakes (Croatia)

This national Park in Croatia, included in the list of UNESCO world heritage. To preserve the natural equilibrium of visitors is strictly forbidden to swim in the lakes, picnics in the Park. The local nature is unique and amazing, striking in its extraordinary beauty and picturesqueness. The Park covers an area of about 30 hectares. On its territory there are more than two dozen lakes, twenty of caves and over a hundred waterfalls. Also famous for the area of beech and coniferous woods inhabited by wild animals, including bears, wolves, rare birds, etc.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

This fabulous building is one of the most beautiful, not only in Europe but throughout the world. The majestic building was built on the orders of Ludwig II of Bavaria. High tower romantic castle surrounded by forest on the hill of the Alps. The road to the castle lies along the serpentine. Translated from German into Russian sounds Neuschwanstein, "New Swan stone". Architectural structure designed in the Gothic revival style. Its height is 135 meters. A large part of the majestic buildings made of marble. No less fascinating looks of the castle and inside. In each element Neuschwanstein sense of luxury. Arriving in Germany this architectural structure is a must-visit.

1. The Meteora Rocks (Greece)

Translated into Russian Meteora means "hovering in the air", which fully reflects the essence of these rocks. This natural wonder was formed over 60 million years ago. It is believed that these rocks were nothing like the rocky bottom of an ancient sea. The height of the mountain peaks is about 600 meters, but located their peak, the world-famous monasteries. Initially of all, there were 24 monasteries. To our days of all there are only six. Currently they are included in the world heritage list. This place is a must to visit if you are in Greece.

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