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10 places in North America that will amaze you with its beauty


North America is a unique continent which has collected in all climatic zones of our planet. Fresh rivers, mountains, deserts, waterfalls, volcanoes and meteor craters, like gems scattered across the mainland. There are three major States: the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as many small, with its many traditions. North America is one of the richest sights in the world. The modern metropolis are combined with the unique monuments of nature, so going to the continent, it is necessary to think in advance the route and to choose the best of the best places to visit in the first place.

10. Grand canyon, Arizona

Those who have ever watched American movies about gold diggers and Indians are already familiar with the Grand Canyon and truly a spectacular view. And those who were lucky enough to visit here as tourists, spoke of the canyon as one of the most amazing wonders of the world. Here flows the Colorado river, which millions of years eroded rocks, clearing a path. The depth of the Grand canyon in some places can reach 1800 meters and its length is 446 km. still you can meet the indigenous people of this land – the Indians. The most attractive place for tourists is the observation deck with a transparent floor, which is located straight over the precipice.

9. Geiser Fly, Nevada

Color miracle, and a true oasis of the desert of Nevada. Flay is not only the name of the geyser, but also a ranch, on which it is located. The geyser was discovered by accident while drilling for a well. The height is only half a meter, however, it does not prevent to draw huge number of tourists. Looking at geothermal wonder, the impression is of alien origin of this attraction, so its unusual and colorful colors. Three jets beat of vertices, irrigating the soil around. It is noteworthy that the geyser is growing every year. This unusual phenomenon is on private property, so before you approach him closer, you must ask permission from the owner of the ranch.

8. Yellowstone, WY

This national Park can be called the real land of wonders. Covered with white-capped mountains abut their tops in the clouds. Their height is about 3000 meters. Valley Park, Yellowstone has hundreds of geysers that beat the hot stream of water. Unusual multi-coloured lake is one of the favorite attractions among tourists. The color of this lake is fascinating for its depth and diversity. Near the shore it has yellow and green shades, thanks to a unique bacteria – the inhabitants of this pond. In Yellowstone Park is the largest super volcano is surrounded by a huge Caldera, the width of which reaches 70 km.

7. The Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Mammoth cave got its name because of the huge size. Today it is the longest system of multi-level underground labyrinths, its length more than 627 thousand meters. No one has to go through all passages, corridors and halls. Here year round to maintain a stable temperature of 12. Tours of the cave can last from 1 to 6 hours. Numerous rivers and lakes are inhabited by an amazing eyeless fish, transparent crabs and shrimp albinos. Tourists are offered to look at the Frozen Niagara falls – cascades of stalactites and stalagmites, tending towards each other, and leave your mark in the hall of records where there is a special wall of remembrance. The first inscription on it was made in 1890.

6. Niagara falls, new York

Three streams, each with its original name, form Niagara falls. Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil, – all the waters of the Niagara river, which with a height of 50 meters fall into lake Ontario. The rate of fall of powerful streams 5 700 000 liters per second. Niagara literally translated as roaring water. Especially attractive is the waterfall looks during the night. Illuminated with colorful spotlights, it attracts tourists the phenomenon of the lunar rainbow. Surprisingly, Niagara falls is sometimes partially frozen at the edges. There have been two cases, when the falling water of Niagara falls froze completely. It happened in 1911 and 2014.

5. Moraine Lake, Canada

Glacial lake, especially if hidden from prying eyes by a ring of mountain ranges and dense forests. The road to it is difficult, but at the end of the road, tourists get a worthy reward. A magnificent view of the reservoir, whose waters shimmer in the sun all shades of blue, like a precious stone sapphire. At one time the Canadians released the banknotes with the image of lake moraine. This is a small but beautiful wonder of the world is located in the valley of the Ten peaks. Glacial water flowing into it from the mountain tops. The deep lake is in June. Swimming in it is forbidden, and hardly someone will want to swim in the icy water. But here arrange guided canoe trips, fishing.

4. Caves Mendenhall, Alaska

Caves of Mendenhall hidden in the heart of a glacier in Alaska, and reach a length of 19 km. from inside, a feeling crystal dome overhead, through which sunlight struggles. Due to the fact that glaciers are constantly melting and moving, color and size of the caves all the time. This place is designed for real extremists. To get to the entrance to the cave is possible only by water in the kayak. Tourists is important to remember that the glacier is in quite fragile, so trips through the maze Minghella threat. At any moment the ceiling may start falling blocks of ice, and the cave could completely destroyed.

3. Thor's Well, Oregon

One of the most mysterious places on the planet, which is popularly called the gates of hell. To come near him, dangerous if you do not know the schedule of the ebb and flow of ocean waters. At a time when the ocean recedes before the eyes of a tourist appears in the land of the gaping hole, the depth of which is equal to 6 meters, the bottom covered with mussels. But at high tide, the real show begins. The ocean at breakneck speed to fall in an earthen funnel. Overflowing her, they break out a six-meter fountain, which once again sucked into a mysterious well. According to one version the name of the well was named after the God Thor.

2. Blooming desert of Anza Borrego, CA

On the border of USA and Mexico is an amazing place – the blooming desert. Most of the time it is a regular cracked from the sun the earth, however, after hibernation and heavy rains, it comes alive, covered with a colorful carpet of plants. Here you can see flowers such as agave and Yucca, flowering cactus, verbena, primrose, sunflower, Lily of the desert. Bloom the desert begins in March. And the more rain, the more abundant and more colorful it looks. Just a few a few months reigns on dry ground floral splendor. Interest to tourists are the desert places such as split mountain, eroded caves and pumpkin valley.

1. Sequoia Park, CA

The Park, which grow giant trees. Here is the General Sherman Tree is the largest on earth. This tree received its name by the name of the leader of the Cherokee Indians. The average value of the tree is amazing. Trunks rushes into the sky to a height of 100 meters. To embrace such a tree is unlikely, as the girth of the trunk is 11 feet. The tree lives long enough, over 4 thousand years. Surprisingly, the thick fibrous bark of redwoods is not lit. The attraction of the Park is fallen on the road tree trunk in the middle of which is cut a small tunnel for cars.

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