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10 methods nasty people use


Each person should keep in mind the light and stay good, even if it is surrounded by mean, greedy and nasty people. And such dubious characters, unfortunately, in our life many, because many are accustomed to feed on someone else's positive energy, without giving anything in return. Applying various manipulations, tricks, and suggestion, vile people will try to infiltrate your life and reshape it in their own way with only one purpose – to be fed with energy to accomplish the further destructive actions. Understand that their main desire in whatever was to get you to a negative emotion, devastate morally, and maybe even "ride your back" for the sake of his own person. And until it is satisfied to stand by you and listen to their unfair statements or... You can apply the knowledge gained from this article, and learn how to protect yourself from these types, exposing their schemes and offsetting the negative effects from communication.

Present to you a review of the classic 10 methods nasty people use in their normal life to suppress others.

10. They like to project their feelings on you

Insecure people full of complexes, envy and shortcomings, will try to transfer their negative image on you. After all, if you're "tainted", then they are in the background will not seem so bad. Ever notice that you unfairly accuse, name-calling, spreading rumors about non-existent points? So the person is projecting at you their feelings and flaws, because your positive traits resonate sharply with his negative, which causes inferiority complex, fear and sense of loss of control over the situation. Rarely a man quietly takes a moment meeting with a worthy and honest, so trying all possible ways to "remove" it from the road.

9. Even when they are telling the truth, they generalize and exaggerate it

Nasty people used to working with global concepts, not paying attention to the issues and nuances. They are not times you can hear the unpleasant phrase "you always", even if you really are "sometimes" or "occasionally". For example, once inadvertently left a tea bag on the table and thrown out, and the man says to you, that you are extremely sloppy and don't always clean up bags. Agree that such a generalization is unpleasant to hear. Moreover, the person is again stressed that he was supposedly better than you, as always bags throws. Instead of accepting you the way you are, he'll be sure to notice your small faults and inflate the scale of the universe in order to hurt the self-esteem or even to destroy it.

8. They hit on the sly

Nasty people love to act at the most inopportune moment, pouring your poison when you are at the peak of his power (that is, in a good mood). With the words "I don't want to spoil the evening, but..." or "I could remain silent, but..." begin the nasty remarks in their performance. And will they spoil your evening and certainly cannot remain silent. This can be called vile and sneak attack, because you, being in a good mood, involuntarily weaken their protection and may fall under their destructive influence.

7. They make you insecure

Another way to weaken your defense – force to doubt their abilities. This can be achieved through regular criticism of your words and actions, lies, and various kinds of manipulation, hypocrisy. If they manage to undermine your self-confidence, then they are automatically on the background look more successful, interesting and psychologically strong. Don't push, don't climb voluntarily "under the heel" of the manipulator, because your life force and enthusiasm just go on feeding the energy vampire is to help to make creative great things.

6. They elevate you to the top, and then chop off the wings

One of the biggest dirty tricks – it's blatant flattery, laced with hypocrisy. Good-natured and naive person will perceive openness and kind words of the manipulator at face value, believe in the word, and thus immediately fall under the influence. The crane can tell you with three boxes, to pour compliments and erect on a pedestal, and all in order in the most unexpected moment for you to dramatically put a "spoke in the wheel". Such people well remember the phrase that the enemy must be kept closer than other, so using the of lies will try to ingratiate himself.

5. They always try to impose on others their opinion

The authoritarian type of people – one of the most disgusting on the planet. Such people sincerely believe that they have the right to impose their worldview and attitudes, to give, in their opinion, constructive criticism, to reinterpret the plan selected, etc. Also mean "friends" like to compare you with other, furnished a case in such a way that you always lose in that comparison. So step by step, you lose their individuality and begin to truly believe that you are good for nothing, and your destiny – to listen to more "experienced and wise" friend-manipulator. And he only thing that you need to use the weakened victim for their own purposes.

4. They use you "double nonsense"

This method is one of the most insidious, because people in your environment in any case is a winner, creating for you, obviously a no-win situation and putting tricky questions. It's easy to imagine a relationship between a man and a woman. Until the spouse is unemployed, the woman complains about his idleness, lack of family money and the need for her to pull all of the webbing. Should the husband find a good job – just sprinkling accusations that money is more important to him than family, and that he did not pay attention to his wife. Understand, for people will never be "proper" situations, because they are in any of the fragrant "ointment" you will find the tar, not the spoon, but a whole pot!

3. They often try to manipulate you

Manipulation, both speech and non-verbal, found in the world of a great many. But the most common are related to the fact, to put you in the position of "man of words". You are taught that to refuse and say "no" embarrassed that others might be offended. And these brand-related gender attitudes "real man should" and "lady can't be doing this" are worth! From childhood we are taught the subordination of fictional rules to meet others ' needs. First, children build parents and grown children transferred patterns in their own families, work groups. And are born, are complemented by the new conditions of the scheme.

2. They put into words a double meaning

To say instructive parables, and metaphors is one thing, but to deliberately use a two-digit phrase is completely different. The subtext may lie not only in words but also in intonation, which is attached to them. In the result, it's very hard to give feedback since you initially can't understand the motive of the person. Imagine that you are sick, and to get a call from a colleague at work. And here he utters the phrase: "what do you see?". It can be interpreted as taking care of your health and experience on the observance of bed rest, or as a hidden envy at the fact that you have an unplanned "day off", and he piled up a part of your duties. Be careful and ask if not sure about the intentions of another person.

1. They like to break off the conversation

Vile people are the biggest egoists. They keep in touch and talk exactly to the moment, until I see personal interest or benefit. I think you are faced with such phone calls, where all the templates needs to be constructive dialogue, and the result is a monologue with a sudden good-bye. In the end you are left with a pile of unspoken words that will scroll in my head all day, finding no rest. And the other one on the wire will be complacent to rejoice, as he famously built the conversation and got what he wanted.

Unfortunately, there are vile people who need to try to identify as early as possible in communication and subsequently to avoid any contact. Appreciate your psyche, well-being and time – do not spray on maintaining relations with bad people.

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