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10 cartoon like "Zeropolis"


In 2016, Disney gives the world a new animated masterpiece – "Zeropolis". Everyone in the audience appreciated the picture. Preschoolers laughed at the charming miss Barashki, parents are imbued with the mood that Zeropolis can all be whoever we want.

Charming and funny for children, satirical and believable for adults. Cartoon for the whole family – definitely. It is about dreams and believing in yourself.

If "Zeropolis" and didn't leave you indifferent – we offer you a selection of similar-themed cartoons.

How are they similar? Believe me, not only talking animals.

10. Madagascar2005


Not "Mada-what", and "-gaskar".

The painting, after "Shrek" proved that cartoons can be done not only for children. The review promises the viewer of the adventures of friends in the wild Africa but is everything so simple?

"Madagascar" is not about fiddling of the characters and the silly situations in which they find themselves. "Madagascar" is about freedom, about the house.

Cartoon about escaping from the oppressive routine in the vast African expanse. But do we need heroes freedom, if not near those whom they love?

"Madagascar" is funny and light, but it will impress any adult with depth and seriousness.

9. Fantastic Mr. Fox2009

"If you dig – a life unparalleled"

The cartoon is different from other puppet animation and a riot of bright colors. It's about peerless cunning Fox that was stealing chickens, but tied to criminal activity, when life presented him with a gorgeous wife and son. Only after a while the Fox is developing a plan of robbing three rich farmers.

This is a story about family and its values, the relation of fathers and children and the place of each in this world. Cartoon with subtle English humour which adults will smile lovers. With charming characters, and comic situations that appeal to the young audience.

8. Volt2008

"No house is better than his, because your home belongs to you"

Animated version of "the Truman Show" with Jimma Kerry in the lead role. In this film around the main character built a world with the scenery: his best friends, family, fellow actors, and Truman himself is unaware of things happening around the theatre.

Volt – our painted Truman. Confident in the super-power cats-villains and that his beloved owner penny is in mortal danger. Once the hero gets into the real world without cameras, statisticians and computer effects laser eye.

Volt understands that his life is a sham, created by the crew. But really, love girls penny is just acting?

"Volts" is not another "cartoon about a dog", the Volt is about love. About the faith not for his own ego, but for the sake of friends. About overcoming difficulties just to be near his person.

7. Cats don't dance1997

"Funny friends trying to break into show business"

"Zeropolis" dream and the destruction of social stereotypes.

"Cats don't dance" too.

Picture about a cat named Danny who wants to play in Hollywood. But he's a cat! Let him know his place and meowing from under the bench. Hollywood – for people and cats don't dance.

You've already grasped the main point of the picture? All can be achieved with a sufficient persistence and diligence. Danny is not giving up, comes up with a plan and brings together friends in front of the surrounding danger.

And most importantly all this is happening under the fiery music and dancing. Cartoon-musical – what could be better?

6. Robin Hood1973

"Greetings from your tax inspector!"

The story of the courageous and brave Fox the robber and his best friend Little Joe. However, it is very difficult to call our hero – robber.

After all, he's charming, and was, by the way, the prototype for nick from "Zeropolis". Robin hood pet of the viewer.

And what is he a robber, when the bad guys, the guards, officials and a capricious ruler? A caricature of the political system, corruption and disregard for the middle class: in this picture you're either rich or hopelessly poor.

Cosy animation, vibrant characters and subtle satire – you will be fascinated by this cartoon.

5. Chicken Little2005

"Tomorrow is a new day!"

Cartoon story reminds well-known parable about the boy who cried "Wolf". However, Chick in fact, the sky fell on his head, but city residents did not believe. Chicken recorded in the losers. And so imposed on the image fused with the Chicken that even my own father lost faith in his own son.

Funny, a good cartoon, with characters so charming that you even villains fall in love. But again, the adult sad and ambiguous: the child's desire to earn a parent's love and prove its relevance.

And to prove chick will be through adventure: aliens, explosions and falling skies.

4. Monsters University2013

"The worst University in the world"

A prequel to "monsters, Inc." about friends Sally and Mike. It not only give a warm feeling of nostalgia for the first part, but let me remind you that studying at school or University can be interesting, useful and fun.

Monsters University is the same as ours: with the big boys, their friends, and bent on learning characters. A lot of references to modern education and the students ' everyday life. And the story about how a mutual dislike can grow into strong friendship.

3. Rango2011

"I have to go to the other side of the road"

A story about a chameleon who fancies himself a hero, but heroism to prove he did not get. Bright and beautiful animation, with a meticulous portrayal of the grit and of the entourage of the Wild West.

Feature cartoon are many references to westerns, such as "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas", "Arizona dream", "the Quick and the dead", "Sleepy hollow," "Chinatown" and "One day in the Wild West".

Cartoon again about finding your place in life, shown through the adventures of the charismatic chameleon.

2. Zveroboy2016

"Dad, I'm sorry, but I don't want to be a gangster I want to be a singer"

Animation about the adventurer-Koala Bundy, who is trying to keep the theater doors open for spectators. He organized a singing contest, hoping that the show will allow him to realize what you want. But the selected path is based on deception and tricks, and the viewer until the very end in tension: how the Koala will solve the problem.

Bundy is definitely not the Central character, the audience will recognize everyone. And pig-a housewife with an absorbing routine, and the hijacker-a gorilla with uncomprehending father.

Crazy story accompanied by the hits of Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Beyonce, Seal, Crazy Town, and even provocative Mickey Minaj frame found.

Recommended to music lovers and fans of cartoon musicals.

1. The secret life of Pets2016

"I think they're waiting for us at the doorstep all day?"

I think when you close the door, your poodle with sad eyes sits at the window awaiting the master's arrival from work? And the cat at this time sleeping peacefully on a cushion? A parrot sways in silence on a wooden perch? As it is not so! Your animal – secret life you'll never know!

Although, if you look recommended the cartoon – learn.

The story may not be new, childishly bright and quirky-funny. With familiar characters, clear conflict and a touch of humor. This cartoon little ones will love simplicity, and simplicity.

And adults will be fascinated by the secrets of Pets, certainly not thinking to break away from the screen.

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