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10 male habits that enrage women


When the relationship is just beginning, partners see each other only good. They do not pay attention to strange behavior, negative traits. Especially women, they look at their partner through rose-colored glasses. When starts life together, they suddenly notice with horror that those cute flaws that seemed minor, now derive it from themselves. The woman strongly evinces his displeasure, but nothing helps, the man just does not understand what he is doing wrong. Specifically for men, we have compiled a list of habits that enrage women.

10. Blame the woman all the chores

Since ancient times it is accepted that all the chores a woman does. Everyone had their own responsibilities: man hunted the mammoth, the woman took care of the house and children. But if you had this situation it was fine but now not. Girls have long been working equally with men, build a career, drive cars. Some women are more successful than their husbands. So why do they still have to deal with the house? In addition to life together the man once said, wore clean clothes, cleaning the apartment, even prepared. So if you don't want to offend your woman, help her at least a little. Fortunately now enough technology that make life easier. Vacuum can even the man who doesn't know anything and all my life I lived with my mom. Yes, Yes and throw it in the washing machine too.

9. Leave hair on the soap

This habit just bring your sweetheart to a white heat. Besides, if this soap is of the latest series of French and only for the delicate skin. Many men are not particularly think that lies in the bathroom and why. Therefore, taking that caught the eye. Use soap and shampoo and as a shower gel, and some even instead of washcloths. After this soap has a very unattractive appearance. If you do not want such problems, buy a shower gel. And for the future: don't all those colored bottles that are lodged in your bath tub together with your beloved. Who knows what's inside. There are many cases when men washed your hair by means of hair removal.

8. To slurp while eating

You will be surprised what your wife wants, that you have stopped smacking. To solve this problem, she scoured the Internet, asked for advice from friends and even created a thread in the female forum. Perhaps man is not annoying, but when a woman sees that a man eats sloppy, in a hurry, chomps, just goes out. It seems that this is nonsense, but it was because of her break up a family. So dear men, be careful how you eat not only in public places but also at home.

7. Pick your nose

Often, men are sure that nobody sees what they are doing such hard-hitting affair. Tube, expensive car, it is a representative man, who ... picks his nose. And if he can do it on the street, the house is really God himself commanded. It does not depend on status, level of education. And some very creative and even hide the fact that have collected in the nose under the couch or chair. In this respect, they behave like children. But you don't control yourself, and if you really really want, lock yourself in the bathroom.

6. To bail on plans

You can opt out of going to the theater an hour before the performance. Promised your beloved to spend the weekend in the city, and on Friday evening you have changed plans. In such a situation to remain calm, the woman is unlikely. She was prepared, I bought a bathing suit or went in a beauty salon. It is logical that the girl would get upset, and you will get full. In addition, if you behave with all the people around you, you will soon no longer be trusted. "Seven Fridays of the week" — so will say about you familiar. And will be treated as an unreliable person.

5. Sniff clothing before you wear it

To check the freshness of underwear men prefer to smell. A rather strange ritual. Women he brings into a frenzy. They hate, and in the head and they go "Why?!". I especially love men to smell their socks. Can be so they want to throw their competitor? Anyway, don't bother your beloved, even if it is watching such a sight as little as possible.

4. Leave in the sink dirty dishes

Probably 99% of men do. Maybe they hope that there will be fairy dirty dishes and wipe everything to a Shine? Likely the fairy, your wife, and she will be very unhappy after returning from work, to find in the sink the debris of dirty dishes. Even if your fiancee is not obsessed with cleanliness, with time it will begin to irritate. Remember the rule: eat – clean after yourself. Wash one dish will not take much effort, but a clean sink is very please your wife. This applies not only dishes, but also scattered things.

3. Drunk

There is a difference, if you will drink or get drunk to a deranged condition. Especially if it happens in a public place. If you regularly get drunk, scandals in the cafe, drop and break the dishes, sending of the guard, hurt his girlfriend, it is not surprising if soon you all will run away. Trust me, your girlfriend doesn't want to blush for you. The more you justify to parents or friends. Even if she accepts this situation, then it is long. So the behavior you discredit not only yourself but her. Remember this and behave yourself. And if you want pobezobraznichat, gather with close friends who know what you can expect.

2. Sit long in the toilet

Women often do not understand that so long you can do in the bathroom. They must not realize that's where you completely relax. Someone is texting with her friends, someone plays the "Tanchiki", and someone is watching YouTube. You do not think that at this point WC need someone else? You can relax in the room. The toilet is intended absolutely for other purposes. Besides, your wife may have a suspicion that you are hiding something. She experiences the urge to check your phone and e-mail. Women are very insecure, she'll blame you, not only in the long toilet seat, but also in correspondence with his mistress.

1. To stare at other women

It's very frustrating, believe me, if you're in the presence of his lady, head turned to every passing girl. Don't ever do that. This you can really hurt your favorite, no matter you are together six months or twenty years. Even more upsetting to her your comments about the other women. Evaluate the charm of beauties in the company of friends, but do not allow yourself too much in the presence of his lady. You will not believe it, but the girl will be offended even if you say too much about the figure of the actress of the film, which, together look. A woman should be sure that you only admire her. Only then she will be happy.

Now you know what men's most annoying habits of women. You can of course think that even if she accepts you the way you are. If you value the relationship, maybe, for a little change yourself? In return you will get calm loving woman, and your house will be less scandals over small things.

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