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Men's 10 signs he good in bed


I'm sure many girls know the situation, when, having become acquainted with the sultry hottie that they look forward to a night of love. Imagine beautiful pictures, Yes like from an erotic film, expect sex of something big. But the reality is much more prosaic, pumped up and tanned macho is a very mediocre lover. Indeed, a survey was conducted among girls. In the result, the lovers were not handsome. So from what depend the sexual abilities of men? Below is a list of signs that will tell you whether your new friend to the category of amazing lovers.

10. The ability to control your body

If a man moves well, dances well, he has a sense of rhythm, confidence in movements, most likely he will not disappoint you. It suffices to observe him in the gym, the pool or on the dance floor, and we can draw first conclusions about his abilities. If a man owns his body, in dance or sports, he's doing it in other situations. This also applies to bed. If he twitches ridiculous or even worth a post, don't expect great sexual exploits. It's no wonder the level of intimacy the dance is compared to sex.

9. Pleasant smell

Every person in the world a unique smell. People perceive each other by smell, unconsciously. That is why beautiful, smart, educated, wealthy, but ... no. Between you didn't work "chemistry." And no matter how hard he will not be able to give you great fun. This situation was created by the nature. For strong and healthy offspring it is necessary that the immune system of the parents were compatible. Finding the right partner takes place at the level of instincts, like animals. So even now, when people are able to get into the brain, carry out operations, make experiments, to alter nature, they are not.

8. Love to make surprises

If a man loves surprises, he will be able to please you in bed. He's not interested in romance, he is able to surprise. The most important partner he perceives not as a device to meet their physiological needs, but as a real woman. His adventurous nature, and with it you will hardly get bored. He is prone to surprises and in love Affairs. Do not worry, such a man can not cause you harm or hurt them. But prepare yourself to sensual pleasures and experiments in bed.

7. Increased hairiness

According to statistics hairy lovers have a great temperament than not hairy. These statements close to the truth. And here again tried nature. Unfortunately, this applies only to the groin area. A large number of hair "there" indicates that men in excess sex hormone – testosterone. Excessive hairiness of other parts of the body can say how heredity and pathology of the adrenal glands. But not the fact that the temperamental man will become the perfect lover. Sexuality is formed under the influence of various factors: education, health and physical fitness.

6. Confidence

Confident people are sure about that. He knows what he's doing. If your partner has it, it is unlikely that he will have a good sexual ability. First, with a hesitant fan of the case to the sex may not be reached. Second, his behavior during the process will be more feminine. He will be afraid of you, to be ashamed of. What here pleasure? If you really like him, you have to take things into their own hands. Well, if you are very active person, then this man is for you. In any case, think before you decide on this, whether you want to play the role of a leader not only in bed but also in other spheres of life.

5. Carelessness while eating

In the old days, when choosing the employee, first asked him to eat. By the way he ate and determine how it will work. This theory works in sex. If your boy is eating greedily, carelessly, that his behavior and in the process of lovemaking will be the same. He loves sex, but in bed, he will hurry. It will act as if you have just half an hour before the end of the world. And in that half hour you need to catch a lot. It will be very hot, but if you have time for it, is another question. If a man relishes every morsel of food, and in bed he will enjoy the process. Look at your chosen one during lunch, and you will no longer have to guess about his sexual abilities.

4. The ability to kiss

If a man is a good kisser, it is likely he knows a lot about everything else. The aggressive way you kiss evidence of incontinence your partner in sex. If the kisses are gentle and nice, his lips relaxed, be confident in bed, he does not disappoint. Dry kisses, as if by force, saying that to waste time on this man just does not. Unless of course you like sex. Because it either is not interested in this side of life, or he wants you to do something else. Well, to be honest, if you don't like to kiss a man, it is unlikely that you will allow him something more.

3. Big feet

Many believe that a man of 45 feet tireless in bed. Also spread the myth that the bigger the foot size, the more impressive his dignity. All to exactly the opposite. Men, whose legs are shorter in comparison with the torso of a very strong temperament, they are able to withstand prolonged sexual marathon. This is due to the abundance of androgens. In adolescence because of their excess of growth of tubular bones is suspended while the body continues to grow. Therefore, although short-legged men, and inferior to the long-legged beauty in sex, they will give them a head start.

2. Small fullness

It would seem that sports inflated macho man is a better lover than a short, obese man. And here and there. If your lover is of average height, stocky, he might have a few extra pounds, but he is inimitable in love. He has a high libido that will not fade even after 50. A pattern determined genetics. They even made a portrait of the ideal lover. He has a short stature, broad shoulders and chest. Perhaps knowing this, you will have mercy, and take your courtship colleagues from another Department that has all these features.

1. Generosity

Here it is not about finances, though it is worth paying attention to. If a man is generous with good words, deeds, emotions, you see his willingness to please you, he and sex will be the same. He will not spare you for caresses, kisses, and compliments in your ear. With him you get into a story and get such pleasure about which not even dreamed of. A discreet man is sparing of emotions, and it is unlikely you will be able with him to heavenly bliss. Watch your man, a good lover is generous not only with you. So you will be able to distinguish "fake" generosity. When a man with a crush on you, it is logical that he will do the job for you.

Now you know what features has the perfect lover. Look for a new friend, perhaps you will notice a similar "symptoms". But don't get hung up on one sex. If a man loves you, he will do everything in his power to give you pleasure.

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