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Top 10 foods rich in protein


Proteins are absolutely necessary for the body to build new cells connections. Amino acids within proteins involved in the growth and development of tissues, regeneration, building muscle and musculoskeletal.

In our diet proteins one way or another there necessarily. They can be of plant origin (mainly beans, nuts, mushrooms, soybeans and cereals) and animal (meat, fish and poultry, milk, etc.). For a set of muscle mass it is better to consume vegetable proteins, so as not to add extra pounds at the expense of carbohydrates and lipids, but the children development requires animal proteins, therefore, to put them to vegetarianism from a young age is unacceptable.

The average woman during the day to 50 g proteins, and the man received more than 55. This is the optimal rule, which meets the needs of the body in maintaining the muscle corset. With the shortage of component can occur atrophy of tissues and associated weakness, lethargy, aching muscles and joints. In this case, dieticians prescribe the patient a diet in protein.

Consider the TOP 10 products that are a real storehouse of protein and allow a short time to fill the natural need of the body.

10. Fish

Depending on the kind of the meat of sea and river fish can contain from 15 to 25% of pure protein. It quickly finds a body, does not weigh down the digestive tract, so you can eat even during dinner, not worrying about the extra pounds. Most proteins contain mullet, sardines, tuna, Pollock, salmon, and anchovies. River inhabitants is rich in protein carp, perch and pike. Also to proteins of fish include valuable amino acid methionine.

Value is not only fish, but also various by-products, namely, caviar. It can contain more than 30% proteins, as well as rare trace elements and minerals (potassium, phosphorus), fat-soluble vitamins.

9. Meat

To lose weight and restore the health of the meat is very nice, because it is tasty and nutritious. If you are losing weight, and want to quickly fill the need for protein, then have a look for beef that contains them to 25%. But the meat of poultry (Turkey, quail, chicken) is more appropriate for the "drying" of the body – up to 20% of proteins with low calorie and fat. Animal protein is best absorbed in the steam, braised or boiled, it is desirable that the age of the animal or bird was small. In addition to classic options for red meat are advised to pay attention to the rabbit and nutria – diet meals contain about 22% pure protein and valuable vitamins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. Up to 20% protein also contains horse meat, and the fat of meat muscled animal is small – only 4%.

8. Cheese

All milk and milk products are rich in animal protein, but the cheese stands out especially to 14%. It also contains valuable protein casein, which can effectively deal with intracellular fat. Caloric content of cheese the average ranges from 80 to 100 kcal per 100 g of product, which makes it a valuable dietary properties. Cheese with no fillers, cream and sugar is the perfect meal for athletes who want to lose fat mass and gain lean muscle. But for better absorption and stronger effect, mix the cottage cheese, you can tan, yogurt, Bifidok or homemade unsweetened yogurt.

7. Legumes

These crops contain valuable protein, which is very well absorbed by the body and is absolutely not lead to the recruitment of extra pounds. Rapid assimilation component promotes fiber, which triggers the motility of the stomach and intestines, activates the process of absorption. For a healthy diet suitable young peas, beans of different varieties, the beans and lentils and soybeans. For reference, the peas contain 23% protein, beans 22%, and soya and all 34%. Therefore, soy cheese, meat and milk is very useful for those who want to quickly fill the shortage of protein.

6. Eggs

The proteins in the composition of these byproducts is particularly valuable, as contain rare essential amino acids. The product is notable for the fact that you can easily separate whites from yolks and use a higher dose of protein. Of course, care must be taken as pure egg protein is a strong allergen and can cause acute food reaction until angioedema. Ordinary chicken eggs (100 g) containing 17% proteins, but quail is more valuable in chemical composition. Nutritionists recommend to lean on these ingredients after a workout to enhance muscle mass development and of satisfying the natural needs glucose after a exercise.

5. Cheese

This dairy product has been out of competition among animal proteins – up to 30% in 100 g. But do not forget that and hard, and soft cheeses are very fatty and high in calories that are not beneficial impact on the figure. Sports people are recommended to eat cheese before a workout that will allow you to burn excess calories. But for dinner to get involved in undesirable ingredient – for a long time to digest, can cause fermentation in the gut and bad breath in the morning. Athletes are praised string cheese as a protein effective "Sneek" up to 24% protein with 240 calories.

4. Cereals

Here is another source that is vegetable proteins, and for dietary permitted. Cereals on average contain 12% protein, quickly digested, and the valuable food fibers promote digestion and quick absorption of products. Nutritionists recommend possible to replace cereals and other side dishes, such as pasta or potatoes. The protein cereals – quinoa (up to 18% protein), but rice contains not more than 6%. Averages have Pshenko (11,5%), semolina (about 11%), oatmeal (11%) and buckwheat (less than 12%). Cereals suitable as an evening snack and light Breakfast, they can be fused with a mixture of nuts to get a real protein "boom".

3. Liver

Again, the byproducts occupy a leading position in the top 25% of proteins contain the liver. Very recommend to use it in steam, stewed and boiled, as well as homemade pate. Liver also is a storehouse of valuable vitamins and iron, which prevents anaemia. Plus in the liver in the fact that it costs much less than meat or fish, so the "protein" treatment is available for all budgets. Calories ingredient moderate – to 180 kcal per 100 g steamed product.

2. Nuts

Oatmeal or baking with nuts makes it easy to fill protein requirements. Nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pistachios and others) contain vegetable protein, valuable unsaturated fatty acids, which allow you to put in order the skin and hair. Walnuts are also good due to the fact that available in financial terms – in many cities, neglected trees, so you can replenish your protein reserves for the winter. Just a handful of nuts a day will allow you to develop muscle mass and maintain musculoskeletal.

1. Oysters

These clams contain a lot of nutrients – essential fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and protein. The last one in the Pacific oyster, approximately 4.7 grams, a calorie of one thing is not greater than 41 kcal. Exotic mollusk is perfect as a dinner nourishes the body, eliminates the feeling of hunger, and absolutely not deposited on the sides excess weight.

If there is a need in filling protein, don't despair, this diet is considered one of the most simple, because the products available in the market at various prices. In addition, they are all different by nature, therefore, satisfy the specific dietary or vegetarian requirements.

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