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10 thoughts Stephen fry about love, depression and the meaning of life


The diversity of the individual Stephen fry is known to many. He is a true scholar, a fighter for the rights of citizens, he is considered an educator, TV presenter, documentarist and modern writer. About the rise and fall of soul Steven knows a lot. He was imprisoned, he used cocaine, tried to commit suicide, he has bipolar affective disorder.

We have collected the main ideas of Stephen fry who experienced a dizzying rise and spiritual decline in the various expressions. Below is a selection of the major ones.

10. The greatness of kindness

I believe and even know that people in society need to value kindness, not just successes. When the world around us the people around good and funny, the world becomes a better, kinder. And loud statements about the truth with incomparable goodness, her greatness and importance.

9. Interested in others, use your eyes to look at the world around you, not yourself

Need to quit finding out about what similar successful people, it is necessary to pay attention to what United all failed. The first two words become "I need". The beginning of this phrase shows the lack of love. Because people are not receiving because of the wailing "I need" to the Interest of other people, don't be self-centered, look at the world around you. Do not turn on your ego to be interesting, you need to show mutual interest in other people, their successes and failures.

8. How much power I possess

Often when I touch my hand to your chest to feel the work of my heart, to the lungs, it amazes me what an enormous power in me. And she's not magical, but natural is the force of life, of resistance to obstacles. It seemed enough, however I feel that in me there is strength and creativity, enhancement, joy, life itself, forces entertainment.

7. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and you'll be happy

In my life was when I almost have everything set to manual with some tips. After the purchase many with surprise beheld in it an empty content. The beginning would have contained the inscription: "do Not pity yourself, and you'll be a happy man!". The rest of the content would be the area to various illustrations and creative ideas. This benefit can be called the epitome of the real true thoughts of man. However, in ordinary everyday life, people are all the time feeling sorry for myself and continue to do so.

6. As we accept the weather, so have to put up with what sometimes seems life

I often compare the mood and emotion with the weather conditions. Some examples are obvious: the rain outside the window you can not change the sun, only want that. When it gets dark and starts raining, it happens, it is impossible to subdue his desire. At some point there will come a Sunny day. I can't speed this up, but the sun is sure to be, it will come.

Same thing with mood, I think. It is wrong to assume that the emotions we ourselves are just an illusion, it is the same reality as the weather. Every day we accept its position in life, as well as the weather conditions outside.

5. Some believe that their fulfillment all the way

A lot of people think that self-actualization does not give any root cause: migrants in the UK from other countries, the Royal government, a large amount of traffic on the streets, inadequate trade Union movement, the infinity of accusations of employer, horrific working conditions, disgusting medicine does not help to be healthy – all aspects which can come to mind, besides the unwillingness something to begin to do to change your life.

4. We apologize for to apologize, no one should

There is a theory that I created that most of our troubles happen because of the daily pardons for petty things at the wrong moments and the lack of an apology in necessary situation. Need to apologize for a lie, a cruel attitude with disdain, meanness with conceited behavior, but no real inspiration coming from himself.

Better late to regret emotional expression feel feelings for their actions, and sometimes someone curse in a fit of anger, to send the Mat, however, apologize for not caused unacceptable damage to anyone. Traditional skill to apologize for things that are not the fault of ourselves, more suitable to the definitions of tyranny.

3. Self-hatred is one of the main symptoms of clinical narcissism

Paradoxically, the fact that we hate ourselves, it is one of the main features of manifestations artistidega relationship. Only telling himself and us that a strong self-hatred gnawing at us, we will provide your ego a stream of boasting and admiration, which, in our opinion, we deserve it.

2. To be able to feel more important than how I feel

Often we are forced to admit that no doubt would change their current happy life to the poor, nervous desperate life of 16-year-old themselves. May we be evil, absurd, disturbing sediment on the heart, but alive. Feelings test emotional tides have much greater value, compared with our present state of health. Necrosis of the soul can be a criminal act which cannot be forgiven ourselves. Happiness has only one feature: hide stale, not prone to emotion feelings.

1. Love has no purpose — it makes it so majestic

Let's think about what love really has no purpose, and this fact makes her so great. The main objectives lie in making love as discharge, sometimes for the sake of posterity, but love, in fact, and other forms of art, is unnecessary. It is the useless things that make life worth living, filled with threats: alcohol, different types of love. Without it life will be safe and at the same time useless.

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