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10 outfits this summer, which is ideal if you are invited to a wedding


Summer is the season of weddings. Heat on the street, every day the sun is shining and the weather is good, and on the street blooms a variety of colors that perfectly complement this celebration. But what to wear if you're not a traditional bride and a white dress you don't have to try in the near future? With this problem, will help top 10 outfits for wedding that you can wear in the summer. Among these outfits every girl can find something for themselves. The main thing is not to look too beautiful and not to outshine the bride herself.

10. Dress with corset

The simplest version of the festive dresses for the summer that can be worn to prom, and wedding dress with corset. Such a dress should be concise and not too fluffy. When selecting special attention should be paid to the skirt of the dress. It should not be like a tutu type dresses ballerina. Otherwise you risk to look like a graduate of a rural vocational school. To give preference to preferably simple cut of the skirt from moving tissue. So you will look feminine and romantic. The fabric of the dress can be floral print, pastel or muted shades. These colors are a perfect fit for the wedding.

9. Quinceanera dresses-cylinder

Dress-cylinder more suitable for slender and very skinny girls. Girls who are overweight, it is better to choose another style. Dress will be even more to add extra weight, not to hide flaws, as many women think. Dress-a fitted tank top and skirt has the characteristic of the Assembly, as would raise the hem of her skirt and wrenched him inside. This style is called so because of the peculiarities of the skirt. At the center, she takes a rounded shape and really resembles a cylinder. In the summer it is better to prefer a light flying fabrics and styles, which will not hamper movement. Again, it is better to choose pastel shades.

8. Turquoise dress

If you are invited to the wedding, nothing to wear, versatile option would be a neat turquoise dress. This option will suit any girl with any complexion and body type. Turquoise color goes well with greenery and flowers, and summer wedding that is plenty. Wearing a chiffon or silk turquoise dress, you will look perfect in all the wedding photos and look no worse than the bride herself. Dense fabric is better not to choose, that was not too hot. Dress should be moderately open and simple. Because this color already speaks for itself and the extra details will only spoil the look. This dress is perfect open toe sandals white color and minimalist decoration.

7. Jumpsuit c sandals

Traditionally, women in all the celebrations are accustomed to wear dresses. But if you don't like this tradition and in my heart you are a rebel, you are perfect jumpsuit with sandals. Wearing a jumpsuit, you will be the center of attention, because with certainty you can assume that you on the triumph will be the only one who dared to wear it. If it's too hot, as a variant of the overalls can be used Romper. Romper is cropped short overalls. In this outfit you will look very stylish and beautiful. Jumpsuit or Romper is a great way to tell everyone that not only dress can look festive.

6. Top with MIDI skirt

Another non-standard outfit that you can wear to a wedding is a halter top with a skirt to the ankles. This image will give you a feminine, but at the same time will show you as a bold person who dared to break tradition and instead of dresses wear a skirt. For this image it is better to use crop-top with bare shoulders. These tops are similar to bustiers. Or fully enclosed top with long sleeves made of thin fabric. The skirt can be any, as narrow in the style of Kim Kardashian and skirt. In a tight skirt, you will look more sexy and flared the image will be more romantic and tender. Shoes suitable shoes or sandals. Importantly, they did not have the ankle strap to visually reduce your height.

5. Trapeze dress with sports shoes

A trapeze dress with sport shoes – for extreme and extraordinary persons. For a wedding decided to wear a beautiful dress and always heels. But why wear uncomfortable heels when you have comfortable shoes? And who said sports shoes can be put on only for sports? World fashion has long sought to ensure not only casual, but festive clothing was comfortable. The more dress with sneakers is a trend that has been relevant for several years. But there is little nuance. The image looked really perfect running shoes should be a well-known brand and is made from quality materials. For example, it is Nike, Adidas or Puma. Cheap sneakers from the market in this case, only all will spoil.

4. T-shirt dress with sneakers

To create a trend you need to draw attention to the fact in which appear images of models in fashion shows. One of these images will be a t-shirt dress and sneakers. This is a very bold outfit, especially for going to the wedding. But selecting this way you will really be the center of attention. Some guests may not understand your way, but who cares, right? Picking up things to it along it is important again to pay attention to the shoes. It should be of high quality. Probably many have seen the sneaker from the Puma brand, which several years ago released Rihanna. Ordinary Slippers with faux fur trim. They have become so trend thing that many ladies began to walk in Slippers on the street.

3. Crop top with pants

The crop top will look good not only with a long skirt but also with trousers. For example, tight-fitting crop-top and pants-Palazzo. It is this style of pants where the leg is very wide. These pants sew chiffon or satin. But it looks this way just fine. And perfect for the wedding in Italian style.

2. Bright costume

Pantsuits have long won the love of fashionistas around the world. And wear they were not only in everyday life but also for the celebrations. Easy pant suits suitable for summer. And that costume did not seem gray and boring, and looked more festive, it is desirable to give preference to bright colors. For example, it can be red, blue, yellow or green tint. To suit suitable shoes or sandals. And for the daring ladies fit white sneakers. And this way you will look like the model on the cover of magazines.

1. Purple dress

Most recently, the purple color became the most fashionable tint. Some designers gave preference to the purple hue in their collections. Especially true this shade will look when choosing a dress for the wedding. This is a beautiful deep color that suits most women, because there are many shades of purple. Therefore, a purple dress will be most welcome at the ceremony. Styles of dress can be anything. Slip-dress, short cocktail dress or floor-length dresses. Whatever the style of your choice had not fallen, in any case you will look great.

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