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10 natural remedies to boost hemoglobin


Autumn came, and with it the population begin to develop different types of hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis on the background of the lack of useful components for body functioning. The lack of iron, derived from the many seasonal products, leads to development of anemia (pathology, in which the concentration of red blood cells decreases). This reduces the level of hemoglobin, which gives blood red color and transportorul oxygen to the tissues and cells. Healthy levels of hemoglobin important for the regulation of redox processes in the body, energy metabolism.

It is important to know which 10 foods have iron in composition, and increase their weight in the menu in order to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

10. Buckwheat

Many have already tired of the taste and smell of porridge. And in fact it, a cheap for its value, is one of the products-the leaders of plant origin for iron content. In addition to the mineral you get a number of vitamins (including b group), minerals (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus), as well as valuable dietary fiber that is required for motility. We recommend you to use buckwheat in two forms: ready boiled or steamed porridge, and drink of kefir and buckwheat. Before cooking buckwheat need a good wash. Recommended daily dose for the prevention of loss of haemoglobin – 3 tablespoons dry raw materials. You can use buckwheat flour for making delicious and healthy home baking.

9. Honey with walnuts and cranberries

Wonderful drug can be prepared from honey, dried or fresh cranberries and any nuts. All the ingredients are available in any season, and even turn into a really delicious product. You can mix equal proportion of these ingredients for small snacks, and you can prepare a whole jar of that in the morning on an empty stomach take a tablespoon of tasty medicine. If you can't find cranberries, you can replace it ground buckwheat. Then the recipe is: 200 g of dry powdered cereals, 1 glass of liquid honey and the same of walnuts. Means stir and eat a day for a couple of tablespoons in the prevention.

8. Carrot juice

Fresh orange fruit is prescribed for several diseases: it and vision is good, and cholesterol will decrease, and the metabolism will run, and protein-hemoglobin will rise. The doctors say that the greatest effect is achieved by the use of the drink in the amount of 3-4 glasses a week. Of course, the process of obtaining the nectar is time-consuming, if you have no juicer or blender, because you need to squeeze the liquid of 500 g of carrots per serving. If tired as prevention is to drink fresh, you can combine it with the juice of beet and radish. It is best to drink carrot drink immediately after cooking, adding a teaspoon of vegetable oil (for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins). Recommend to store in a dark glass container in the refrigerator for several hours.

7. Chyawanprash

Indian Ayurvedic agent has long been used in folk medicine to improve blood flow and structure of blood. It allows you to normalize the rheological properties of plasma, to increase hemoglobin, cleanse the blood from toxins. Chyawanprash is a combination of various spices and herbs. Make a home remedy in the prevention of anemia requires daily (1 time), washed down with warm milk.

6. Herbal

If for some reason the composition chavanprash you do not like, you can try herbal remedy of the familiar herbs growing in our latitudes. Take 2 tablespoons of fresh or dry leaves (nettle and BlackBerry) and 3 spoons of inflorescences (chamomile and St. John's wort). Raw chop, mix thoroughly and pour 0.7 liters of boiling water. Move the broth into a thermos and leave for 20-30 minutes. Received herbal beverage, it is advisable to use to raise the hemoglobin three times per day.

5. Beets

Not everyone likes soup, especially raw beets separately, but in vain, as the red vegetable concentrates a huge amount of iron. Grated beet, or fresh out of it better able to meet the daily demand of body for iron. Of course, the fruit of abuse is undesirable, as it can cause swelling of the stomach, heartburn, colic and flatulence. In addition to iron the body receives valuable minerals, amino acids, trace minerals and b vitamins (including folic acid). A day is enough to drink a glass of beet juice, seizing a square of bitter dark chocolate for maximum absorption of vitamins. Gastroenterologists suggest to drink cold fresh within hours.

4. Dried apricots and other dried fruits

Drying are available to us year-round, and also it can prepare yourself and sdelalki banks to increase hemoglobin in the "off-season". Iron concentrate practically all the dried fruit and nuts, while the contents even more than in raw fruits and berries. Suggest to focus on dried apricots, prunes and raisins, you can add in helpful of porridge (for example, the same buckwheat) eat them or drink instead of sugar. A day only a couple of tablespoons of dried fruit to saturate the body with iron. Wise decision to mix is scrolled in a blender or grinder dried fruit with liquid honey and walnuts. This mixture should be eaten several times a day (6 scoops) to strengthen the circulatory system and immunity.

3. Eggs

This by-product contains enough iron to meet the body's needs. Of course, it is advisable to choose homemade chicken or quail eggs (the yolk is bright orange the intense color). It is known that 100 g of the yolk can contain approximately 1.2 mg of iron. Keep in mind that the daily rate for an adult is of the order of 8-15 mg, and pregnant women have increased to 20. So many eggs do not eat because they are strong allergens. In addition, when menu planning, keep in mind that the quail eggs contain iron about 3 times more than chicken. And they can be consumed raw, as there is no risk of contamination with Salmonella.

2. Dark green and red vegetables, fruits and berries

For the compilation of the preventive menu, you can use any seasonal vegetables and fruits, and garden herbs. In summer it can be spinach, arugula, cilantro, parsley, dill, mint, Basil, asparagus, green peas, celery stem. Berry iron more total currant, cranberry and strawberry. Autumn and winter to fill the need to trace, you can use grapes, green apples, Bulgarian pepper, cabbage, dried rose hips, pomegranate, beans and common in supermarkets kelp. To enhance summer salads keep in mind the dandelion greens and nettles.

1. The drink from a dogrose with honey

The fruit of a shrub is essential for immunity because of the ascorbic acid. They also contain enough iron to increase the concentration of the protein that transports oxygen. Brew briar preferably in a thermos (to keep a couple of hours), and honey added in warm liquid before use. Per day to prevent anemia adult put 1 Cup of the drink, and the kids 100 ml.

Not in a hurry to meet the pharmacy pharmaceutical companies giving money for synthetic iron supplements. A component that is required to raise the hemoglobin present in many simple and affordable products that we have the opportunity to eat every day regardless of the season.

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