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10 skills that will become mandatory when applying for work after 5 years


Times are changing, and the latest technology very quickly replaced by other, more elaborate. In the future a significant portion of important works will be done by machines, but this does not mean that it will no longer be valued the work of people. After reading this article, you will learn about what quality employees are valued by employers in 5 years. The list was announced in Davos at the world economic forum. Judging by this list, we can say that the future is more for freelancers and entrepreneurs, but not for office and factory workers.

10. The flexibility of the mind

Become someone – not only the ability but also the ability. This ability is a sign that the person is capable of empathy, which is very important in social interactions. Communicating with specific source, you will need to focus on behavior, mood and depending on it to adjust their style of communication. After 5 years employees will be able to quickly switch its attention from one problem to another, consider a few questions at a time.

9. Critical thinking

A person who thinks critically, not accepting on faith all information available to him, because it is not always a fact. Always be sure that the information is accurate. Critical should be treated even to their own convictions: this problem arise in many people, but this quality is very useful, not only in the work. It helps a person to grow, to gain experience, to discard all old and unnecessary.

8. The ability to speak

This ability can help not only at work but also in life. It will definitely need in case your activity is connected with the holding of meetings, presentations. People working in the lab or in the office, the ability to speak helps to quickly adapt in the workplace. The man, who kept sullenly silent, is unlikely to achieve great success: you need to be able to find a common language with people. Remember that you need to be able not to interrupt and to listen carefully to the interlocutor, a friendly smile, to Express himself clearly.

7. Confidence and perseverance

Some people think that persistence and confidence – traits that are innate. However, such qualities can be developed, the key is to persevere and not to stop halfway. The head is usually all the same whether the worker is self-confident, the main thing – to have a good job. However, without confidence it is very difficult to move up the career ladder. It was not arrogance, otherwise the chances of success are greatly reduced.

6. Proper disposal of his time

Productivity is very much dependent on how well the worker is able to manage their time. Even if a particular work is not very interesting, to implement its will, and to do this you will need to correctly plan their activities. Usually people spend a lot of time on social networks, talking on the phone, and it has a negative effect on productivity. Of course, the results depend not only on the ability to plan the process, however, it still plays a very important role.

5. Understanding of technologies

Even now, it is assumed that in the art understand almost everything, but it is not. Problems with modern technology can cause delays in moving up the career ladder. Of course, it is not necessary to be a computer genius, but know important to work the basics you need. So you'll feel more freely and confidently. Will not need to constantly call for help more versed in technique colleagues.

4. Interaction with people

You must be able to work in a team. Interaction with other people is not only verbal but also nonverbal communication. To achieve success, you will need to learn to answer to others for their actions, to cooperate, to negotiate, to adapt quickly to new people in the team. Communication with colleagues is complicated by traits such as conflict, excessive modesty, arrogance. Mobility, tolerance, emptiest contribute to the improvement of interaction with other people.

3. Negotiation skills

To be able to negotiate is important not only at work but also in other spheres of life. Having learned this, will be much faster to achieve their goals. Very important to be able to offer compromises to settle disagreements between the negotiating parties. It should not be confused with sales. Selling something, you cease to communicate with customers, and negotiation is usually the beginning of business interaction, which will largely depend on the effectiveness of cooperation. To learn how to negotiate, you need to understand their intricacies and train regularly.

2. Solving problems

The solution to the problems should be complex. After 5 years, employers will need employees aren't just cogs, chain links in the system. The working place will give the person who will be able to identify causes of problems (not always obvious at first glance) to look for optimal ways of their solution. To succeed, you need to be able to look at things from an unusual angle, quickly find a way out of difficult situations, focusing not only on instruction.

1. Creativity

Creative are a variety of successful people: from artists to businessmen. It is the ability to see what does not yet exist, an unusual approach to the working process. Creative should not only those people whose activities are connected with this most direct way. This quality allows achieving a lot in sales and in numerous other areas. Creativity should be used not as an occasional impulse, but as a technique to develop this quality by using special methods.

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