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10 unproven things that people still believe


One of the most important laws of modern life – all the facts needed to be verified. Media and portals, TV and cinema, art and stars are actively promoting ordered someone's ideas and personal interests, and many of them are associated with intoxication of the mind of an ordinary person. Why is it necessary? In order to stop his personal development, strengthen a culture of endless consumption of useless things and products that implement it function management, where the customer is the master, and an ordinary person – an obedient artist (modern slave, if you will).

Surprisingly, one of the most effective weapons of information warfare are astrology, mysticism and religion. Suggestible people can be easily put in mind a certain idea, as it occurs with the separation of faith for Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Is a common faith in something bright and high that gave us the soul, people are clear images of people and thinkers who ascribe to non-existent statements for management. For example, Mohammed, if you believe the Islamic texts and translations, promotes bloodshed between brothers and physical punishment, and Jesus the Evangelist, encourages usury and the banking system. The same applies to other mystical facts.

Our task today is to present to you the TOP 10 controversial issues that still do not have irrefutable empirical evidence.

10. The cryptids

These mysterious creatures – supposedly surviving aquatic dinosaurs, an idea which began to spread simultaneously with the mention of Bigfoot, ghosts, mysticism of the pyramids, etc, that can offer science to prove the existence of the Loch ness monster – Amateur pictures and confused eyewitnesses. However, the remains of such creatures were found, like eggs, other traces of life. But the media is beneficial to support this myth is to distort the history of the formation of living beings on the planet, the development of the theory of Darwinism, which in recent years has been debunked evidence base to smithereens.

9. Astrology and the art of divination

Astrology as a science has a place, as the position of the stars and planets in the Solar system, says a lot about the chronology, changing some processes on the Earth's surface, etc. Proved that the moon phases affect the tides, growth of vegetation used by farmers in their livelihoods. As for horoscopes and astrology – there remains only to take people at their word. The fulfillment of the predictions of astrologers we see regularly, only maybe we are not talking about esoteric abilities, and competent psychology and political science, the understanding of global processes. As for the horoscopes – you can't say for sure because not enough facts. And certainly don't believe that the stars determine the nature and destiny of man.

8. The law of karma

This law is evident in many religious teachings, ancient teachings, and our everyday life (remember the phrase: "as you sow, so shall you reap"). In fact, the idea is the place to be if only because of the fact that everything in this life is subject to causal relations. He created evil, with high probability we will receive evil from the source in response, the formation of our character today will affect what kind of person we will become tomorrow. Whether it is connected with mysticism, past lives and working off the karma of the parents – you decide. Clear evidence of the existing scheme is not given yet.

7. Afterlife

Here we are talking about the work of mediums who allegedly provide the connection with the dead living in the underworld and afterlife worlds. In fact, during these sessions there are different techniques, e.g., hypnotic (pendulum system, a measured, monotonous voice), trance (rhythmic music, the puffing of specific herbs and other substances), psychological (techniques thin man climbs into your soul, and creates the effect as if "relieved"). The real existence of mysticism and connection with people from the afterlife is not confirmed by any statistics or studies or experiments.

6. Aliens exist

Are there really flying saucers, or is it hidden projects of the paramilitary and testing of new weapons? Whether on the Ground landed strange creatures and other life forms, or is it just gossip, photo montage and bribed journalists? And these recorded space sounds – whether they indicate the source of extraterrestrial civilizations? Of course, to believe in such an opportunity like that, would explain many of the processes occurring on our planet.

5. Religious texts

Between religion and faith actually has little in common. The latter involves trust in the Highest mind in any form. Teachings about God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna and other deities to foster the confidence of printed or oral sources, which are not evidence, but is able to control the crowds. Have you ever noticed moments in the Bible that contradict the teachings of Christ and calling for bloodshed or, on the contrary, painful pacifism? And all this is because of the Revelation have nothing to do with the book, which was created by the priests of Egypt to control the people. And what about the Greek mystical treatises, telling about the Gods, able to defeat death, to control the elements, change the thinking. Perhaps the ancients thus represented existing at the time a highly developed civilization in which people really learned to control the weather, he found a way to prolong life and developed the psychology – because we are surely closer to this. But the subordination of the icons, made-up faces, the churches with monotone TRANS sermons and regular donations "to the temple" – isn't that the way world bosses to fill up their "army" gullible performers?

4. Different fates

Another controversial issue, which is closely intertwined with religion, astrology, horoscopes and concepts of "karma". The realization that a person has ordained fate, makes it limp by her, deprived of will, of mind, analytical thinking and ability to act productively. In fact, in all circumstances of life a person has choices that can change throughout life according to his state of consciousness. So do not go into mysticism, but it is better to learn to think strategically, which will allow to reliably determine their "fate" in the future without any magical interventions.

3. Scary ghosts

Scientists claim that any mystical phenomena of ghosts and signs are often associated with unstable state of mind of the witness, because in moments of fear, despair or trance, our brain can draw any picture that is in science called "hallucinations". Here they are just well researched, proven facts and experiments, statistics. Hallucinations about ghosts and souls from the underworld are a symptom of disorders of the Central nervous system and require correction by the therapist, psychologist, and neurologist. Those pictures that were published in magazines, are Linden created using special mirrors and lighting techniques. The undisputed material existence of ghosts is still not proven.

2. The Hand Of God

To believe God or not is a choice each individual according to his inner attitude and Outlook, the depth of the spiritual quest and self-determination in the world. Icons, books, Church, and the grandmother-the wise women are in no way evidence base of the existence of a Higher Intelligence, the Divine Finger, of the hand of God. Empirical data on the question of the existence of divine power is not given, at least not yet. So the question remains open and leaves the option for the personality.

1. The intuition of the person

The sixth sense is the connection with the inner self, the ability of powerful forecasting, strategic planning, clear vision many processes on Earth. If we consider intuition as a mystical phenomenon, which occurs suddenly something to prove this process, science is not able. But if the sixth sense is the development of thinking and consciousness, the ability to intelligently determine the consequences of certain actions, that is quite a confirmed by psychology and has a logical explanation.

Each person is important right for self-determination in life, to have a clear mind and the ability to analyze is happening in the world. Even the facts from this article needs to be rechecked and passed through the prism of their own worldview, because only then can you be protected from information management.

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