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10 unknown facts about "Game of thrones"


Sensational series "Game of thrones", based on "a Song of Ice and fire", gathered a lot of fans around the world. The fantasy world of the continent of Essos to reach the hearts of all his fan: mystical creatures, and non-existent languages, and Royal intrigue, and magic, and the aesthetics of the human body. Hits record the series and number of deaths – sophisticated, bloodthirsty, and wild. Star cast is matched so well that the once unknown English (mostly) the actors quickly inspired the audience and caused a flurry of imitators and cosplay.

In the media and then pop up new information about "Game of thrones", which can surprise and inspire a multinational audience. Today we offer you a selection of the 10 unknown facts that will pique interest in the cult series.

10. The dothraki language now exists

Fans of the series is so fond of beautiful, coarse and florid language of the nomadic people of warriors, they began to study the individual turns and words. One American publisher picked up the idea of society and plans to release the conversational course of the language. By the way, invented it specifically for filming well-known linguist Peterson. Now in the dictionary dothraki is more than 3 thousand words. Even the position of the Queen in dothraki "khaleesi" has became a household name for some baby girls. It is planned to launch the app on your smartphone, which will teach fans and grammatical structures and new words otracina. While Peterson is once again actively involved in the development of the program. The tutorial will be available initially to owners of the IPhone and the IPad.

9. "The grayscale" is based on real diseases

Many viewers could not help but notice the similarities of the clinical signs of the proverbial "gray sickness" with the historic leprosy. The leather is also covered with scales, becoming pale grayish hue, and the person automatically becomes a pariah. Author George Martin does not deny that it was partially "inspired" by the leprosy to create a type of sores. But there is another real disease "fibrodysplasia". The patient is disturbed regeneration of bone tissue, resulting in soft tissue and muscles harden, almost turning it into a "stone statue". This condition rarely happens and is irreversible. A well – known case, a male died at the age of 39 years, and the disease is so conquered the body, that the patient could only move my lips.

8. Many actors have not read the book

In fact, the cast does not have to read the book, because is adapted, compressed and convenient script. And if fans of "swallowed" a work of unusual excitement, then the staff crew and all of the actors never even touched the book. A comment that I'm afraid of spoilers regarding the fate of your character. Still, who likes to know in advance that after a few months of filming, you "kill" on the screen. On the other hand, some actors started reading the books after the start of filming in order to fully disclose the nature of his character and better get used to the role.

7. The role of Arya stark was the first to Maisie Williams

The young actress as a teenager and had not yet debut in the film at the time of filming. With 10 years she diligently "puffed" in the choreographic school and are generally planned for himself a career as a professional dancer. Also, she has studied and is studying vocals – you never know what you will need in life for the realization of talent. Now the grown up girl says that the role of Arya was her first – many people dream of such a powerful debut, after the actress went to one of the main roles in the cult series. It is noteworthy that Arya survived to the 7th season, what can not boast of other powerful characters (Robb stark, Prince Joffrey, Khal Drogo, etc.).

6. Daenerys dragons were inspired by geese

It would seem that concepts of various dragons from movies and books are a dime a dozen, but no, the creators of monsters and special effects in the series went the hard way. To create a prototype inspired them cats, bats and Pets, geese. With the last drawn nature of the movement of the dragons on land, but the flight was borrowed from the "mice". Fire-breathing, Viserion, Drogon and Raehal owe their existence to birds that could play the wings, being deprived of the ability to fly.

5. At this point in the series 150 966 deadly scenes

One of the fans of the series from Hong Kong are not lazy and created a twenty-minute video, where he collected all the scenes of murders and deaths in "Game of thrones". It also included acts of killing of unnamed heroes of the second and third plan (for example, soldiers of the Lannisters), and animals (pigeons, Lytvynov, horses, etc.). Only the author of the video Leon Andrew Reason have collected nearly 151 thousand deaths. The guy is not lazy to "build" the corpses in chronological order with names (if possible), and annotations. Producer Benioff has hinted stimulated the audience that the seventh season could break his own record of the serial number burned characters, which massively involved the stunt.

4. Heart is for the khaleesi

Actress Emilia Clarke, who plays the role of the Queen of the khalasar, in one scene had to eat a horse heart in front of people – so passed her initiation. Of course, the real body of the girl is not necessary, but colleagues on the set of suggested edible "dummy" of solidified jam, the consistency resembling chewing gum, and even covered with artificial blood. In addition to the unappetizing appearance, the taste pseudo-heart also left much to be desired. Emilia describes it as a mixture of undercooked macaroni with bleach. Restraining retching girlfriend for doubles had 28 such models. There was always a faithful "companion" bucket for throwing up.

3. The iron throne was supposed to be much more

One of the women at the auction purchased the famous Iron Throne life-size. However, the media leaked the news – a real throne, according to the product of "a Song of Ice and fire", was supposed to be bigger. The Creator of the fantasy world George Martin worked directly with the artist series Simonetti and tried to describe the size, appearance famous attribute. But the outcome was not what the tandem made up. The author of the book saw the throne really huge, asymmetrical and ugly, and among the forging had to be traced to a part of broken swords taken from the corpses of vanquished enemies.

2. This is the steal series in the world

Site data TorrentFreak indicate that the series of illegal save on the computer many times more often than other franchises. 6 years ago counts have recorded as many as BitTorrent of 4.28 million downloads with one of the series. And according to the 3-year-old world piracy of "Game of thrones" compared to the 2014 year has increased almost in 2 times.

1. The series has helped the farmer to save rare breed pigs

Agriculture is one of the areas in Northern Ireland where they film the series, was on the brink of extinction and is extremely profitable. But then the team set needed "special" pigs. Local farmer Kenny Gracey just had such a rare breed, and even provided for shooting chickens, goats and sheep. Received for participation funds saved farming that has existed for hundreds of years, from ruin.

Here are fun facts about the cult TV series we've presented today. Look forward to next season, to replenish the publication of the fresh new "highlights".

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