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10 ugly Hollywood stars who have achieved success despite their appearance


Hollywood stars we love for their talent and popularity, the ability to present themselves to the public and capture a crowd's attention. Not all actors and singers became famous thanks to a luxurious body, bright appearance, relations or famous parents. Some people nature has given fresh or even repulsive appearance, but instead of despair, they made an image for the highlight and still achieved success.

Appearance is very subjective, so there will always be detractors and envious with a specific taste. And various world races closer in appearance to their relatives, so they just can not understand the beauty of a standardized Hollywood idols.

Present the TOP 10 ugly celebrities who hid away the complexes of inferiority and proved to the world that their main merit is talent.

10. Steve Buscemi

Not the most attractive man cares little that does not fall in the ratings stars sexy and desirable men. He did more than three decades of his career, a list of his known roles is impressive – what else need proof? I wonder what Steve because of the modest external data did not give the main roles, but the man was successfully turned into a variety of characters and inspired his game. The leading role in "boardwalk Empire" was loved by the audience that the character of the actor did not pay attention.

9. Tilda Swinton

A woman always gets in journalistic reviews and Tops unattractive celebrities. Yes, its appearance is very specific and do not fit into the imposed standards of beauty. Androgynous appearance makes a woman more like a guy, and cropped white hair give it charm and gloss. However, the actress demonstrates a stage in the game, skillfully playing characters of various genders and even angels. Tilde is not upset that her often recognize a man, and refers to a situation with a healthy sense of humor. And then sad, because lady Matilda from an ancient noble family already has in the record of the Oscar and Golden globe.

8. Cate Blanchett

And this girl is very contradictory thoughts about their appearance. Yes, in today's "plastic" standards of Hollywood, it does not fit, do not abuse cosmetics and extravagant services of hairdressers, not shocking the audience provocative outfits. But in the film world there are the true connoisseurs of beauty, which saw talented actress famous elf from Lord of the rings. Neat facial features, healthy and beautiful hair, fine mill and high growth – but the girl is a born model, who would not say that!

7. Ron Perlman

Yes, actor sexy man, and a kidnapper of women's hearts no one believes. Even in elite tuxedo on the red carpet he looks so modestly, and casually, and some even resembles a hard worker, not burdened with intelligence. The lack of beauty Perlman was a little worried, because it demonstrates top performance and flexibility. Colleagues in the scene and officers set assure that working with a good Executive man is a pleasure. And how could've done without the courageous appearance Perlman such a powerful role as "Hellboy". Someone should be able to play the bad guys, monsters, sacrificing many admirers who see in man only the external data.

6. Benedict Cumberbatch

And this man is so unusual in its appearance and behavior on screen that makes one skeptical chuckle over crooked teeth, and the other burst into enthusiastic shouts. Brilliant theater actor played roles in films and remained inconspicuous because of the dull appearance. But the role of detective Holmes changed everything – blond by nature, he became a guy with brown hair and dramatically acquired a manly and expressive features. Ben all of a sudden started to fall in the ratings of beautiful and successful men, although he identifies himself more with the otter. Journalists and then throw out pictures of the star, where it shows the curve of "fence" their English teeth. But women are not scary – they're head over heels in mannerism, the gloom and coldness of this man.

5. Willem Dafoe

The modest actor has no illusions about his appearance. He was even expressed in an interview with the assumption that it is because of the lack of good natural abilities, he is not getting leading roles. Yes, quiet and calm most of the actor spoils his smile, which turns man into a "maniac".

4. Jonah Hill

Here who are overweight, extensions and everyday appearance help to a very "juicy" role. Chubby boy ironically refers to her appearance and uses it for the benefit of a career playing in the youth comedies. One role in "Macho and the nerd" is worth. John can manage his weight, which constantly adheres to a strict diet and can't ignore a visit to the gym. Of course, the more beautiful it becomes – still chubby and awkward. Charismatic comedian, it seems, had not attach much importance to a passing female admiration, so for the sake of the cult role in "Guys with guns" safely gained a couple dozen pounds and was weighing 115 kg. Exactly it and like the true fans.

3. Lena Dunham

A versatile woman who acts as the producer and screenwriter, and one of the main Actresses of the series "Girls" can boast of model looks. Sometimes it seems that the actress is so not care about his appearance that she isn't trying to hide imperfections. Paparazzi repeatedly caught the girl in a very unfavorable light with the saggy belly, thick cellulite legs, pimply skin and unkempt hair. And fans this way stars impressed, because many see themselves in it – the common man with its own advantages and disadvantages. But the main advantage of the actress should be the ability to transform into his character.

2. Kelly Osbourne

The famous singer had little chance to be born a beauty, after all, the legendary and terrible at the same time daddy Ozzy Osbourne gave her their genes. The girl is not trying to escape from reality and beneficial uses his unconventional appearance in show business, do not hesitate to experiment with the specific images, custom fashion and colorful hairstyles. Until recently, Kelly was still overweight, but not bothered to build a great career. And yet the younger Osborn decided to radically lose weight, continues to improve the shape and even resorted to laser removal of tattoos rashly made after alcohol consumption.

1. Hilary Swank

"Million dollar baby" in my life looks so expensive and impressive. The girl rough masculine facial features, massive jaw, not very pretty nose. Hilary is not shy about their appearance and often experimenting in search of his style. She even accepted that the most successful are the ones her role, where she looks completely not feminine (for example, the character transsexual or female boxer). However, this did not prevent unsympathetic swank to an Oscar for his natural talent.

Most celebrities – ordinary people with their vices, defects, and specific external data. Someone suffering from a natural injustice and abuse of plastic. Other stoked inferiority complexes in alcohol and drugs. While the current review was able to overcome the uncertainty and to realize in show business.

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