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10 unnecessary things that we spend a lot of money, and could save


Advertising is a method of covert control in what people are interested in holders of large corporations and industries. Every minute we are given the promise that without this or that thing, our life will not be complete or happy, embellishing it funny ritmoplastika, memorable music and colorful visuals. And that's zombie man, looking at the smiling is a successful careerist with Coca-Cola or happy laughing family on the new mattress, rushing to the nearest supermarket for new clothes. Still, because it is designed to make him happy.

What we get after the fact. From items that have come to an end, to wear out and even disappear, we do not become happier. But the money that could be spent on emotions (stay with you for life in all circumstances), disappeared. And a lot of money.

Consider a typical 10 "fallacies" that we don't really need too, but without fail continue to eat the budget.

10. Jewelry

Does the average person that the margin on natural and available resources (gold and gems) is from 100 to 1000%! The jewelry business is one of the most vile and therefore profitable in the world. Of course, gave birth to a female child – it is a cross of gold, and her souvenir, but otherwise, do everything. Engagement? Well, of course, an engagement ring, and even with stones. And then 2 pieces of similar rings on the wedding itself. 18 years old – quickly to the jewelry store, where the girl buy the ring or bracelet, and the guy in the chain. The cycle continues ad infinitum despite the fact that the price of gold and other metals is very changeable. Therefore, the justification for "invest in gold, not lost" not confirmed. Often decorating a dead weight settle on the bodies and continue to not be exchanged for money for profit.

9. Extended warranty

How often in Technomarket smiling consultants sell us the extended warranty. Not only that, you are going to give money for a few extra inches of diagonal or senseless an additional attachment, and purchase the service, which are statistically most likely you will never use. Let's see what this guarantee additionally covers – flooded with product water or burn under the sunlight? How often does that happen in life with a particular product? But the cost of the extended warranty can range from 10 to 70% of the price (from different countries and manufacturers the ratio changes).

8. Insurance

As useless as extended warranties. Look at the insurance company, how quickly they thrive and expand branches, increase the staff of workers. Probably contribute crazy revenues from people that never need the services of insurance against floods, theft, hijacking and accidents. Of course, if the "cardboard" house has twice suffered from a tornado, the meaning of the insurance can be. But if you want to buy a package dictated by the usual panic and advice from other people, then think twice. Most people manage to save up the required amount to restore damage precisely because every year is not "fed up" insurers, and even good over remains.

7. Branded items

Modern people have forgotten about the true purpose of things and objects. It turns out that value is determined not by the convenience and functionality, and recognition of the brand and fashion signs like icons and colors. It is made of the same materials and technologies, and some "unbranded" firms even better, but people persist in sponsoring global companies, thus further expanding their power over the minds. In the end a good sleep in a winter jacket you can buy for a monthly salary, while the demi leatherette thing with the crocodile in the area will cost the man a year and more earnings. Do not forget that brands are subject to fashion, and in a month your glam bag in the circles of fashion will be "from last season, Fi".

6. Extra living space

A sense of personal space makes people to acquire extra square meters of housing, which nowadays cost how much hoo. It does not matter whether you're shooting a flat (house) or buy permanently. A lot of money is spent on the interest on the loan, the maintenance of the grounds, repairs to a particular room, utilities and, of course, on the interior, because you do not want to wander through the spacious but completely empty. The large space makes a person a slave, as over time he realizes that he's a one room and kitchen, but the appearance of prosperity must be maintained throughout the house.

5. Water

Interestingly, this natural liquid is considered the most available biological resource on the planet, and oxygen. However, the air to sell for money, we do not try and water very well. Then see, whether it is the cleanup took place, the gases of incredible mineral springs were filled, it contains a unique vitamins. And, again yielding to "soft liquid" in advertising, people in every walk buys mineral water, and house puts the kegs with purified water, spending money (a lot) and Tara. Although natural springs give the man a chance to get water as much as needed. But if they are too lazy to go, it is much cheaper to buy the filter nozzle on the faucet.

4. Restaurants

Fast food outlets, cafes and convenience food that can be ordered by phone, "milked" human wallet rapidly. The mark-up on ready meals in the standard is from 100 to 300%. Rescues only that it is really tasty. But creates masterpieces the average person, so you can also learn to do similar things, though not so beautiful, but tasty and, most importantly, useful. All restaurants are interested in maximum profit, so the quality and cost of products trying to reduce the cost. You can afford to select really fresh fish at the market, firm and ripe vegetables, natural herbs and cottage cheese.

3. Medication

Who would have thought, but the mark-up on drugs exceeds the inherent value of any other consumer goods. How much the government struggled with these rates, but pharmacological magnates are lobbying the most ruthless to the population laws. It is advantageous that the man was sick, to not let the body to cope with the simplest of ailments in the form of a cold or runny nose. Note the ad unit – most often on the positive and Arco advertising drugs with catchy slogans. If we consider the cost of chemical ingredients in the product, then we are forced to overpay for the active substance on 200-5000% more! And is exorbitant and often unaffordable sum, pounding the proletariat in the pharmaceutical slavery.

2. Entertainment

Corporations are not beneficial to real live emotions that can only give other people, mother nature and a healthy lifestyle. They instill in us the idea that leisure is a truly diversify just a trip to the cinema (with popcorn), a rollercoaster (and hot dog), concerts (always beer) and various quest-rooms. And that instead of swimming in the river, to fry sausages on a free campfire with friends, ride free bikes or take a hike in the mountains. There are so many live and exciting entertainment, so the cost of a dull pastime among crowds of zombie, we do not need.

1. Tobacco

Bad habits, especially tobacco, sucking out all human: health, time, vitality and, of course, Finance. We are convinced that without cigarettes is impossible to look manly, you don't have to cope with their emotions. Screens movie famous people produced beautiful smoke and hookah furnish as true Khan's Palace. Not beneficial to anyone to demonstrate the ill-fated figures about cancer, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal tract, pathologies of newborns. But even more beneficial to show how dependent people daily "procurenet" hard-earned money.

Every year we sell more unnecessary things and services, it would seem, without which well in any way it is impossible to live. But this raises a logical question, and how they lived 10 years before that? A 100? Judging from the literary heritage, the people managed to get happiness and comfort from simple things. We urgently need to restore forgotten knowledge and save yourself from the enslavement of the world "masters".

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