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10 unusual facts about the Zodiac sign Pisces


People born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, very mysterious. They are not like the others, they are difficult to understand. Some even believe that they are from another planet. However, often the Fish have a wrong impression. All around perceive them as lazy and unnecessary, which are only able to drift. Another widely known fact is a dreamy Pisces, their isolation from earthly life. But that's not all the secrets of the representatives of this zodiac sign. If you have friends born under this Constellation, and perhaps you have proven yourself as such, then this article will be very useful. Here are revealed all the traits of the Fish, their mystery and strangeness. After reading it, you will learn the most unusual facts about this zodiac sign.

10. Promises to Fish don't mean anything

Many of the people born under this sign will never fulfill their promises. So if the Fish you promised to do this and that, do not expect that it will. At the crucial moment just laugh it off or pretend that I forgot. Although this is not the case when promises are not kept due to forgetfulness. That is their nature, they themselves can't explain why. Fish annoying to have to answer for their words, especially if you need to meet the deadlines. This can be explained only by the fact that they do not suffer when they are responsible. Moreover, Fish are not able to fulfill the promises made to themselves.

9. Fish does not help anyone — they just sympathize

Fish often refuse to help in difficult situations. This does not mean that they are cruel and cold heart. Fish will listen to you, you will regret, will be able to comment on the situation, but help them not wait. They just don't know how we can help. Council to ask also useless. Fish can not imagine how would have behaved in a given situation. Moreover, as noted above, they do not like to take responsibility, especially for someone else's life. They don't want to then they were charged for the "wrong" advice or assistance, such that they were expected to. Fish often do not know how to solve their problems, the more they will not deal with strangers. But if you want to be spared, then best companion you can find.

8. Fish can turn into a nightmare any house

Fish never was a pathological craving for purity. Yes, they may have washed the floor, rubbed the dust, but the feeling of chaos in the apartment disappears. All because they can't return things back to their seats. They don't belong to those people who have everything laid out on shelves. But because of its sentimentality they accumulate unnecessary things that it is very difficult to leave. They keep old letters, tickets for the concert a decade ago, school notebooks and many such things. If Fish can get rid of all this, then maybe they will be able to restore order in the house.

7. Instability in the emotional and energy plan

Fish and stability concepts are absolutely incompatible. This is especially true of their emotional state. They can be very upset for nothing: bad weather, broken Cup. Fish are able to be offended over nothing and break up of a relationship that lasted quite a long time. It doesn't matter that later will regret. They notice the small things, which for other people is irrelevant. Fish is very important the surrounding emotional atmosphere, they feel it. If they are in a hostile environment, it is very difficult morally, because they are emotionally unstable and pay attention to absolutely everything.

6. They are always busy

Fish are often busy, but no one can say what. They are not inclined to sit still always find a deal. Most of the Fish – creative people, creative work they can do indefinitely. The main thing for them – to find his calling, to do something for the soul. So the Fish is never free time. But very often such activity put on. It's just the appearance of intense activity. May Fish do so, they were not assigned new cases or ask for help.

5. Pisces is the sign of the Zodiac-addict

Among the Fish a lot of alcoholics and drug addicts. They can't explain this craving for perverse lifestyle, but and deal with it, too, can not. Fish exposed to the influence of their weaknesses. It's hard for her to refuse to itself in pleasures. Most of them smoke and are unable to say goodbye to this harmful habit. Fish can not imagine their life without alcohol. By the way, this was also noticed and other water signs. They do not know the steps and can't say to yourself, "stop." Of course, this does not mean that all Fish without exception alcoholics and drug addicts. But among all people suffering from these addictions, Fishes most.

4. These people know how to joke

Fish are able to joke and have a good sense of humor. They are ready to showcase their talents in noisy companies, but sometimes can't stop and hurt by their jokes of other people. Even if the Fish prefer to sit quietly in the corner and not going to entertain friends and acquaintances, still her laughter so contagious that it's impossible not to smile. But if you know Fish should not make fun of their feelings, religious beliefs, loved ones. It may be very hard to offend.

3. Constantly putting off something for later, or decide to do everything at once and save yourself from the torment

Fish avoid any liability. It is difficult to gather my thoughts and make a case that they should have done the day before yesterday. Procrastination is their favorite pastime, they constantly save it all for tomorrow. Representatives of this sign are very lazy. But their conscience does not give them rest. Then the Fish decide to do everything at once, so the pangs of conscience no longer bothered them. When they begin to do the work, she captures them entirely. In this case, the Fish will finish it to the end, and if you remain dissatisfied with the result, even be undone.

2. Think about suicide but do not follow through

In the difficult moments of your life Pisces often dream to commit suicide. However, further thoughts are usually not going. Fish generally like to be sad and worry because of minor reasons. Unrequited love or a fight with a loved one could be the reason why they are willing to take his own life. But Pisces is compassionate personality. They immediately begin to feel sorry for yourself. Regret they and their loved ones: mom, dad, children, husband, wife. Stop the Fish, even a pet that in the event of her death will remain hungry. The fish is long to present the scenes of his death. But the fear still wins. Still, they understand that it is impossible to solve their problems in this way.

1. Fish live fantasies

Well, all the relatives and friends of Pisces know that they live in a dream world. They love to dream, they have a rich imagination. This trait is inherent in childhood. So the Fish life is so hard. Because as a child they feel different from other children fine mental organization. In any situation, they begin to dream, but often their dreams do not come true. They give people qualities which they never possessed. Then the Fish disappointed in the people around, life and even yourself. Because of this, they may develop depression. So Fish it is best to choose activities which will allow them to realize their fantasies.

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