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10 unusual wedding traditions of the world


A wedding is not just a holiday for family and friends, which is accompanied by abundant food, alcoholic libations and Groovy dancing. For many Nations the date of creation of the family is one of the most important in human life, therefore, needs to be respect for many years, and sometimes centuries-old customs and traditions. And if in our country the young are greeted with bread and salt, towels and icons, and bless a happy marriage and are walking the wedding up to 7 days, other peoples holiday traditions that can shock. This broken pottery, and food from a toilet pot, and beating young, and spitting in the bride. Such unique traditions normally accepted in countries and even the young promise happiness, wealth, good life.

Let's consider 10 unique wedding ceremonies that our people at least surprised, and sometimes horrified.

10. Kenya – spitting

We begin with an overview of the state of the African continent, which is famous for a very unusual and repulsive wedding tradition. The people of Kenya, when the husband and wife leave his father's house, the Pope goodbye heartily spits on the chest and the head daughter. So he gives her his father's blessing for a happy family life. In our country such behavior would be considered a real insult – it would be the hearth not to communicate with relatives over the years. And the Masai tribe slap – a symbol of prosperity and good luck.

9. Greece – krevati

Moving into a more relaxed and interesting tradition. In Greece for a couple of days before the wedding family and friends gather together and prepare for the future spouses in a family neighborhood. Experienced married women filled in the marriage bed and give the groom the opportunity to assess the quality of work done. After zasilania marital bed by a sheet put on top of the money that will provide the couple prosperity and success. Also on the bed throw grains of rice that represent the "grass roots" and bless the young for the early procreation. At the end of the bed roll baby – boy or girl depending on sex of firstborn, the desired pair. After marriage, spouses have the right to be reunited with it on the bed.

8. Scotland is throwing mud

And again in the review of resonant tradition in Scotland honourable bride decided to steal, and then pollute in all possible ways. On the eve of people "for luck" throw her in sour milk, dead bodies of fish, tar, rotten food, feathers, eggs, garbage, and even excrement, pour nasty fluids. Everything else the girl is waiting for execution – her tied to a tree, and hold a series of tests. Then put a carefree night of fun like our "bachelorette party". In the country there is a belief that the more severe tests will stand future wife, the more stable will be the marital life to the troubles. It's also a way to prove the groom's family that she is ready for the rigours of family life.

7. Germany – broken pottery

Smashing crockery in comparison with the previous tradition – it is just an easy trick. Classic German guests at the wedding bring the gift of crockery, and then solemnly smashing her in the midst of the celebration. It is considered that such an act will help to ward off evil spirits from the newlyweds, make their marriage stronger and more reliable. Still not tempered, it is young people who have to clean up the broken dishes, working side by side for the benefit of future prosperity. Also polterabend (the name of the tradition) is sometimes done during a party before important day. Smashing the dishes, the guests wish the young good luck and perseverance in front of difficulties of life together.

6. France – food in the chamber pot

And again add "peppercorns" in our review. Long-standing French tradition offers to the newlyweds the day of the wedding supper of a pot to piss in (by modern standards – from the toilet). At the end of the marriage ceremony and holiday guests gather the scraps, mixed and sent to the toilet, causing accidents newly-spouse to absorb the content. And if in ancient times from a makeshift utensils had to drink the usual not quite clean water, now the bride and groom regret offering to eat chocolate or drink sparkling. But it is still unpleasant to eat a brown substance out of the urinal, you see. It is believed that this specific method young gain strength for the upcoming wedding night.

5. Romania – dancing chef

To cheer the reader offer more than a pleasant ritual. In Romania after marriage in city hall or wedding newly minted spouses spend in the restaurant, where they can expect "chicken dance". The couple are open to all guests and begin to waltz, and then the restaurant cooks do their signature dance. As a mandatory attribute for the room comes fried and beautifully decorated with chicken. The groom must agree with the chefs about the price of the festive chicken and buy it.

4. Korea – beating feet of the groom

Following tradition once again, unfortunately, involves violence. At this time, to undergo the suffering necessary to groom in Korea at the end of the day responsible his feet beaten with a big stick or a rotten fish carcass. This kind of method tests the stability of character her husband, his ability to show strength of will and spirit, an opportunity not to disappoint the wife in their marriage bed. While the Korean groom on the eve of execution does not have to wash his feet. The procedure continues, usually for 10-20 minutes. Interesting, because with dirty feet, smelling the "aroma" rotten fish, the husband went straight to the marriage bed.

3. Ireland – first dance

Amazing in Ireland, people still fear the evil witches. During the first dance of the newly made spouse of the bride shoes should not linger in the air for a second. She literally shuffle the shoes on the floor, worrying that it could steal the evil fairies, who are present at the ceremony.

2. Macedonia is a seamstress on horseback

And here and explanatory tradition, which checks the suitability of a future wife for life in marriage. The bride sews a wedding dress yourself independently, and prepares and examines a scenario of the wedding day, mastering advanced riding skill. Last she needs to, like a true knight, to win a future husband. She rides on horse to groom's house and needs to get off the ground through the fence so not to touch the stirrups or reins.

1. India – breaking the curse

Wedding ceremony in India is replete with rituals and traditions, so much so that it is possible to devote separate article. But today we see a strange belief. People believe that if a girl was born on the day of convergence of Saturn and Mars (astrological combination "manglik"), she is cursed from birth and promises her future husband's early death. But the cunning, the wise men came up with a solution – first the girl marry a banana tree and cut it down, making destined. So the girl is cleansed from the curse and can marry the chosen one.

These are fun, and sometimes cruel and hideous rites enacted in some Nations of the planet. Therefore, we will not complain when the master of ceremonies invites the bridegroom to wash his mother's feet with vodka is a small test of the possible!

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