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10 non-obvious signals that our light is not all right


The lungs provide us with the breath on a reflex level, due to the lack of nerve endings we can't recognize that they are not okay. Pain and there is no signal, so we do not think about possible violations. But be aware of the signals that have us excited – it is necessary not to delay treatment to the doctor. Because many lung diseases can lead to disability and even worse – death. So, in this article you will learn about the signals that should alert you.

10. Swelling of the legs

Swelling of the feet from heat or physical exertion is normal. But the frequent swelling, moreover, accompanied by pain, may indicate the presence of serious diseases of internal organs, broken lung function. The lack of oxygen affects the lymphatic and circulatory system, causing the fluid circulates not as active. In addition, a lack of oxygen prevents the penetration of the required amount of blood to such organs as the kidneys and liver. As a result, they are unable to rid the body of unwanted fluid and toxins, and therefore there is swelling

9. Weight gain

You should alert your weight, that is added, even if you're on a diet or eat very little. By the way, if you're on hormones, it is they can lead to obesity. You should begin to worry if the addition of extra pounds is not the only problem, and there are frequent fatigue, heavy breathing and shortness of breath – says it all about the pulmonary diseases. Increases in lung fluid, which increases the weight. This signal cannot be ignored – make an appointment to see the doctor as soon as possible.

8. Weight loss

Weight loss is a symptom that cannot be ignored. If you have not started a diet, and continued to follow the same diet as before, in General nothing has changed, but noticed that they began to lose weight – it can speak about the disease COPD. The disease develops as a result of inflammatory reaction to the action of any stimuli in the external environment. COPD ranks fourth among causes of death, so a trip to the doctor just don't discuss.

7. Causeless or for too long shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a very unpleasant condition, usually it is accompanied by symptoms: the patient feels that he does not have enough air, and he was going to suffocate, breathing becomes frequent and noisier than usual. Shortness of breath suggests that light is not all good. The shortness of breath can cause diseases such: COPD, asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, etc. Asthma, for example, is always characterized by attacks of breathlessness, but if the breath is disturbed, even from a small load and its restoration takes a long time – you need to visit a doctor.

6. Sleep problems

If you don't drink alcohol and your problem is not psychosomatic, but you, going to bed, again think of the discomfort you will feel at night – it does not mean anything good. Frequent waking up at night, shortness and difficulty breathing, discomfort that you feel, regardless of what side you lay down – signal problems with light. If at night, you jolt awake, and prefer to sit, not lie down, cough, have shortness of breath or frequent urination – always make an appointment with the doctor.

5. Constant fatigue

If the light is not all right, then, fatigue comes faster. If your peers all kinds of things, and you wonder why they have taken so much energy, and you tire quickly is alarming. Cause of fatigue can be a disease COPD – it makes breathing difficult, thereby affecting the energy level of the person, so you feel tired all the time. Research 50-70% of people who suffer from COPD experience severe fatigue and it is more difficult to do the things others do with ease.

4. Shoulder pain

Before going to the doctor, make sure that you did not injure the shoulder muscles or spine. If you have shoulder pain: aching or bursting – it is still possible to endure, but sometimes the pain can be compared to tooth – shoulder hurts so much that you can't sleep or eat. The presence of lung tumors does not determine, because the pain is not felt, but it appears once the tumor invades the pleura. Usually a tumor of the pleura gives chest pain that does not resolve pain, and may radiate to the shoulder. To disease does not progress – it is better to consult a doctor.

3. Change the color of lips and nails

If you look in the mirror at my lips, I noticed that they changed their color began to turn blue, like nails, is a very dangerous signal. Lips go blue for the reason that in the blood not enough oxygen, and it is supersaturated with carbon dioxide. Can join the symptoms: consciousness disorder, fatigue for no reason, severe headaches, nausea, urination, tremor of the limbs. Hypoxia may lead to mental disorders, hallucinations, and, later, coma. And if time does not raise the alarm – can be fatal.

2. Headaches in the morning

If you are overtired or have had a good time at night, headache is normal. But if it brings discomfort every morning for no reason, it says that you lack oxygen. Because of this, the body produces toxins, which react on nocireceptors blood vessels. The cause of the pain can be COPD – the disease hinders the flow of oxygen in the body and dispose of carbon dioxide. This combination leads to pain.

1. Chronic cough

Smokers cough is always present, because cigarette smoke irritates the lung tissue. But if you don't smoke and cough occur without cause is a serious reason to go to the doctor. Prolonged cough may be a signal that you have problems with the respiratory system. Cough lasting more than two months can be called chronic, which should make you understanding that no doctor can not do. But if the cough can Wake you up in the middle of the night and is accompanied by expectoration, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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