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10 unexpected facts about the life of models


For most of the inhabitants life models is presented as a series of get-togethers and photo shoots in the luxury not a job but a pleasure for which they pay fabulous fees. A young girl, enticed by the prospect of lead a way of life, decide to plunge into the modeling business, not realizing that this profession is not as simple as many people think. The workflow, which is part of the model, has many pitfalls, which need to know all those wishing to devote his life to the gloss.

10. The paparazzi are not asleep

Models can hours is under the eye of the lens when they are at work. However, after returning home, most of them wish to hide from prying eyes. Therefore, they do not enjoy the threat to be shot on regular camera of the paparazzi, hunting for the hot details of her private life. Because of this, many famous models have to adjust your life in accordance with such terms.

9. Is – is this normal

Admiring the glossy photos, it seems to us that perfect body of models is the result of continuous exhausting diets. However, in most cases, the models do not adhere to some very strict restrictions on daily diet. Moreover, as all the people they can sometimes afford absolutely unhealthy food: Burger in between filming or pie on the way home.

The last few years, experts point out that in the fashion world there is a sustainable tendency to the cultivation of female beauty, which is not covered under the Golden 90-60-90. Popular model with big Breasts, narrow waist and wide hips.

8. Shooting happen every day

Employees of creative professions always complain that they lack stability, because what happens is that two or three days of intensive work alternate months of unemployment when you're glad of the offer. And models are no exception. Sometimes they have a little on my knees begging the possibility of obtaining at least some work. Therefore, they sometimes have to take part in a rather dubious projects.

7. The photo shoot is work

Looking at the finished pictures, it seems the model is not complex it is not the coal to unload and not mine down. However, professional photo shoot, the process is fairly complex. One good picture is the result of painstaking work of model, photographer and other participants of the shooting process. In addition, the conditions in which is conducted the photo shoot may not be the best, for example, heat may have to be photographed in a fur coat, and in the cold season to demonstrate the swimsuit. Also in one shot the model is change countless outfits. We did not take into account extremely uncomfortable positions, which must be taken at the insistence of the photographer.

6. In reality, models are not as slender as the pictures

Nowadays, technology plays a significant role in the beauty industry. Retouch the finished photos obligatory stage of preparation of the picture before publishing. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that some models in real life have few similarities and different features from the pages of a glossy magazine. But many girls, after watching the beautiful shapes of their idols start to exhaust yourself diets, not realizing that this pattern is actually far from perfect and ideal proportions is the result of processing the photos, not dieting and workouts.

5. The model can be of any age

Man in the street model is a young girl with a perfect figure. In fact, now become a model at almost any age. For example, recently, a very popular 60's models , whose physical shape and professionalism are the envy of many eighteen year old girls who make the first steps in the modeling business.

4. Expectations do not have to do with reality is irrelevant

In the work of the many models there are cases when a long time girl living expectations of a photo shoot which ultimately is for her an ordeal in the harsh conditions. And that's not the worst option. Sometimes photography can just cancel, or in its place to take another candidate. Therefore, many girls engaged in this business for years are suffering from unemployment and rejoice in any opportunity to earn.

3. For shooting do not always pay

Models, making first steps in beauty industry, you usually get a quite small fee, which is a certain percentage of sales is not being promoted brands that they display. Often models become victims of fraud who do refuse to pay the girls for their work. Remember, on top of the fashion Olympus rise units of all models. The majority has throughout his modeling career to prove their right for a place under the sun.

2. Waiting is the main component of the profession

In fact, from the period of active shoot the model in front of the lens is given very little time. Basically, they wait: when the stylist will hair, make-up artist will impose makeup, the photographer will adjust the lighting. If you talk about this in a broader sense, the models depend on the demand for their services. They always live in the expectation that they will be offered more or less decent job with decent pay, which they have to prove that they are in no way inferior to their rivals.

1. Fabulously expensive things from the shows remain the designers

A common misconception that models are wearing only branded clothes from well-known fashion designer, they get a gift after every fashion show or photo shoot. In reality this happens very rarely and only with models that have already achieved certain heights in the fashion world. And girls, just starting your way to a successful career beauty Princess, buy things in ordinary shops or even on sale.

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