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10 unexpected kitchen tricks by which you show the food who's boss


The kitchen is not just a place in the house for cooking. For many Housewives, it can be a field for expression of creativity and flight of boundless imagination. However, all of this requires certain skills. After all, such simple at first glance, manipulation of the cooking, daily workplace cleaning and storage products have many nuances. Therefore, a few simple life hacks that can facilitate the work in the kitchen will be very useful to every housewife.

Presenting the top 10 kitchen tricks will impress you with its simplicity and efficiency.

10. Spoon clean ginger

Anyone who has ever cleaned the ginger standard kitchen knife knows what this troublesome matter. During this painstaking process, you either removed together with the peel too much, or even unwittingly break the root into small pieces. Special devices for cleaning of vegetables is also inconvenient for ginger all because of its complex form.

It seems a hopeless task. However, there is a solution! Try to clean the ginger root ordinary tablespoon. Thus, the process of separation from the rind will be much easier, and you eliminate the risk of injury.

9. Store bananas separately

Few people know that the bananas in the bunch spoil much faster than the same tropical fruits that are stored separately. So if you love bananas and want them longer, does not lose its look, just keep them separated from each other.

8. The apples to potatoes

In order for the potatoes not prematurely gave germs, it must be stored together with apples. The same rule applies to other vegetables. The principle of such a successful interaction of these two cultures yet no one can explain from the scientific point of view, however, the practical experience of hundreds of owners assures that the joint storage of apples and potatoes very effectively.

7. Use the thread to cut the cake

Many Housewives complain that they can't gently slice the cake with a knife: the pieces turn out uneven, you can't make them the same, the cream lubricated.

This simple trick will help you quickly and without any discomfort to slice the cake into even and equal portions. To do this, take a thread of the required size, then attach it to the line on which you want to cut the cake, and put pressure on her. Gently push the thread through the thickness of the cake until you reach the bottom of the cake.

Using this simple method, you can also split the sponge cakes into two equal parts. For this you need to wrap the cake thread strictly parallel to the table, to cross it in front and pull through the cake in opposite direction.

6. So the greens stayed fresh longer

After 1-2 weeks storage in the fridge, your greens were fresh, you can tuck it in containers or any other suitable container, covered with an ordinary paper napkin. During the entire period of storage, the cloth will absorb excess moisture, so the greens will remain fresh and will be fresh from the garden.

5. Lemon for cleaning microwave

Such a method of purification of the beloved hosts of the microwave oven is one of the most effective. With this technique, you can without much of effort to remove not only the contaminants from the working surface, but also the odor.

To clean the microwave with lemon, take a large container and pour 400 ml of warm water. Next, cut two lemons in half and squeeze the juice from them. In the used capacity down the remains of the lemons and send the microwave. Oven to turn on for 5-15 minutes on maximum power. After the microwave turns off, you will need to wait 5 minutes and wipe all with a soft cloth. To manually remove tough stains, you should dampen a rag or sponge in the lemon solution.

In the end, the camera wipe the microwave dry with a paper towel.

4. Eggs can be replaced with a banana

One of the most important parts of any baking is eggs. Their number depends on the final structure of bakery products. But what can you do if you don't have enough eggs for making cake or pie? Experienced chefs say eggs can be replaced with bananas. A similar technique is not only will ruin the cakes, but will make it much tastier.

To replace the eggs in the dough you need at the rate of 1 egg = 1/2 banana.

3. If you want to make a cool pattern on the cake

To surprise your friends for their outstanding culinary talent and boundless imagination, use to build the pattern on the test is simple and available to every hostess items tongs, a corkscrew and a necklace. Just a walk around the edges of the future culinary masterpiece with one of these things.

The result is fantastic! Admiring this beauty, no one will ever believe that to create you spend just a few minutes.

2. How to heat food in the microwave

Many complain that heating up food in the microwave, she eventually warms up unevenly. To solve this problem without spending a lot of money to buy more advanced equipment, just put the food on the edges of the plates. It is proved that in this way possible to achieve the most uniform heating of food.

1. Clip Board storage sponge

You don't know how to keep a sponge for washing dishes so that it was missing a little more than two dishes? No matter how carefully you squeeze, still its structure remains a considerable amount of moisture, and this, in turn, is a favorable environment for the development of various bacteria and fungi.

Wet sponge gradually begins to exude a very unpleasant smell and gradually becomes very unattractive. Economical Housewives before using this sponge for a long time and carefully washed it with the use of a large volume of detergent, and disgust are just thrown away.

To prevent this, just use an ordinary paper clip storage sponge. In this case, she is in a standing position, so the water from it will drain faster, which consequently prolong the period of its use.

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