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10 unexpected things that dragged the actors from the set


Movie world is mysterious and attractive for any viewer. What we see in theaters and what really is the life of the actors on the set are two totally different things. Great story, intriguing twists and unexpected denouement – this is the most common work for the stars of the screen. Castles and Grand houses — this scenery, good friends and loved ones for their partners on stage, and all these is headed by a chief Director, who sets the time, day, handing out assignments and instructions for scenes. However, for actors this is not just a job, and a big part of life. And they really want to leave something for memory. This article presents the 10 most unusual things that the stars took from the set

10. Emma Watson and magical things

British actress who became famous throughout the world thanks to roles in a series of films about Harry Potter, carefully working on his reputation. Her PR agent gets a lot of money for what would be the image of Hermione Granger remained with Emma Watson and outside the set. Always calm and perfect, she leads an active social life, fighting for women's rights and even the UN Ambassador. Nevertheless she's got secrets. So, after the filming of movies about the young wizard, the actress allowed herself a small prank. She took me to remember things like a magic wand, a chess figure from the third film, treasures from the stash of Bellatrix Lestrange cloak and his own heroine. Perhaps this is the big catch from our list.

9. Robert Pattinson and underwear

It would seem, on the set of any film, there are many things in the Arsenal of actors who they wanted to grab at the memory. But as a character of the Saga about vampires, starring Robert Pattinson a very extraordinary person, judging by what had appealed to him. He stole from the set of the usual underwear. No, it is not dear to him as memory, and not monies worth after to sell it in hard times on any auction. As commented by the actor at a press conference about the release of the last film, he did it because "they have the best underwear, and I have no idea where they take it, they have no tag". It is hoped that this is not just a PR stunt, and costume designers shared with actor information about the brand of underwear.

8. Andrew Garfield and spider-man

Unknown, would Andrew Garfield be a real superhero or just so used to the way spider-man, but, anyway, the suit got to him. Apparently, suggesting a possible force majeure with the suit, the Studio immediately put their more than 25 pieces and some of them went to Andrew's home in the diaper bag. However, it was by an incredible chance, judging by the comments of the actor in an interview with a radio station: "You know, they wouldn't let me take a memento suit, but maybe you can find one in my backpack in the car. Nothing is impossible"

7. Rupert Grint – the Golden egg and sign with house number Dursleys

About the atrocities the actor said himself, in a conversation about the tourist attraction. Saying that London Studio is planning to the smallest detail to restore the scenery to the film series, he admitted that one part will still not get it. Signs house number 4, where the Dursleys lived. Actor unscrewed it from the door and left a souvenir. But with the other props from the filming did not go over well. The actor was caught trying to steal his collection the Golden egg relatively large size, which he was forced to return. Well, the prank failed.

6. Kristen Stewart and wedding ring

Definitely not shy with his antics, so is Kristen Stewart. The actress, who played Bella Swan, at the end of the filming we decided to take all of the decorations character from the film. Did not hesitate, Kristen, told reporters he does not think that the decorations are real, and moreover, this fact she likes the most. It does not prevent it refers to jewelry as real diamonds. In defense of the actress we can say that one of the rings she was really expensive because it was for her a symbol of friendship with the first Director of the Saga, Catherine Hardwicke. And do the producers took Kristen to the meeting and was allowed to take the decorations officially.

5. Aaron Paul and hat Mr. Heisenberg

Aaron Paul was an avid collector of props from the set of the popular series "breaking bad". Among the things that left the actor, there is the famous pink bear, car license plate of his hero Jesse, and even bullet-riddled doors of the truck. Even Aaron begged for a long time the door from the house on wheels, but the actor never received. But received no less memorable thing that has generated a lot of debate – hat Mr. Heisenberg. Originally got it himself Bryan Cranston, who played a major role, but it turned out that among the props of these two hats, and the second went to Aaron. The actors even argued about whose hat is real. Won, of course, Cranston. Aaron also continues to collect doors from the shooting.

4. Dakota Johnson and a leather whip

Another popular actress, as it turned out, was not averse to take underwear from the film. Dakota Johnson also decided to steal a couple of kits, and she knew exactly what stamp belongs to its trophies. But it was not enough. The star of the acclaimed film "50 shades of grey" though shy of this incredibly successful film, and even still forbids her to see their parents, but do not mind to leave a memory nothing like a leather whip. Although, according to the actress, Flogger it for its intended purpose uses, he has long been gathering dust in her garage.

3. Norman Reedus and beard nick Grimes

No matter how serious heroes on television – in real life they are ordinary people who love to joke and sometimes have a very unusual sense of humor. So, colleagues at the filming of the television series "the Walking dead" Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln has long been known to the press his peculiar jokes. For example, Norman, in an interview said that Andrew loves so much that even stores its DNA in your freezer. And he speaks about the partner's beard, which he shaved off for filming, and that Nick put together in a bag and took him from the set. Andrew is not averse to support the joke, and when the actor asked where his beard, he says – "Norman in the fridge."

2. David Tennant and sonic screwdriver

The actor, who plays the Tenth Doctor in the British television series "Doctor Who" took a memory of what the dreams of everyone who ever watched that show. In addition to the TARDIS, fans are willing to give all the treasures of the world for Sonic. And David Tennant could not pass. As a young boy, the actor have loved to watch on TV the adventures of the Doctor, and dreamed that someday I will be able to play this extraordinary character. And, of course, when the role went to him, he allowed himself to capture the memory of this valuable props.

1. Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool suit

Another actor wanting to play his most famous role is Ryan Reynolds. His main dream was the role of superhero comics, and after a series of not grossing films, he finally decided — it will be Deadpool. Long 11 years, the actor went to his dream and one day it came true. Of course, he could not resist the temptation to grab a souvenir character costume. According to Ryan, when he came from the set, the costume designer asked him if he wanted to keep the suit. What Ryan said, "And you try to force it" and just left.

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