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10 simple but quite effective ways to speed up the metabolism


In the pursuit of slimness for many women, and men too, often forget about their health. Fasting days diet, exhausting workout. To lose weight is not as easy as it seems. Everyone knows that if you reduce caloric intake, as hateful pounds will disappear. But no permanent restriction in food under force to units, and in case of failure the figure becomes worse. To lose weight, not necessarily starve yourself, you just need to eat right and try to get the metabolism. You must have noticed that some people in what does not deny, however, remain slim. They just have good metabolism. And to speed it up anyone can. But do not expect a magic pill for weight loss you will not be offered. Ready to work hard for the benefit of a beautiful figure? This will help you 10 simple, but quite effective ways to speed up your metabolism.

10. Sleep

People who regularly do not get enough sleep, it is much more likely to have problems with excess weight. Lack of sleep negatively affects the production of leptin. It is the hormone that controls the saturation. The level of this hormone falls, the person feels satiety. But it raises the level of another hormone, which is responsible for the manifestation of hunger. Want to lose weight — get enough sleep. This is perhaps the easiest way to speed up the metabolism. Only sleep should be of high quality. Sleep better go to bed early. If every day you go to bed long after midnight, the benefits of such a dream will not. In warm time of year sleep with an open window, in the cold – be sure to ventilate the room before bedtime.

9. Douche

This method also will not take a lot of time and effort, but the habit this procedure may not seem very pleasant. However, it is well affects the blood vessels that occurs in their first expansion, then contraction. Improves blood circulation, are excreted from the body harmful substances. Plus a contrast shower will be the skin elasticity, it perfectly fights cellulite. Besides, it has a beneficial effect on the whole body, enhances immunity. To take a contrast shower should not be more than 10 minutes, but this result should aim gradually.

8. Eat often, but small portions

When losing weight it is very important not to break and not allow yourself too much. If you have difficulty with hunger, eat often, every 2 – 3 hours. It is easier to avoid overeating. The blood sugar level throughout the day remains approximately on the same level. Break between meals should not exceed 6 hours. Smaller meals is good for metabolism and speeds it up. Losing weight easier with this power system, even if the portions are tiny. After 2 hours again to eat. This system has one drawback – working people, most of them will not be able to afford so often to go on a break. In any case do not exceed the daily amount of calories.

7. Protein

With the help of protein in the body to form new cells and old updated. Protein is essential to everyone, regardless of age and gender. He gives a lot of energy, it does not turn into fat. A huge benefit of protein is its filling properties. After the protein lunch or snack for a long time not hungry. People who decide to lose weight, be sure to control the amount of protein in your diet. It depends on the weight losing weight, but should not be less than 60 – 70 grams per day. This method will only be effective if you don't add proteins fat. Do not use oil when cooking, cook, bake, cook for a couple.

6. Lovemaking

This is perhaps the most enjoyable way of losing weight. But most people would agree that the method is effective. Indeed, having sex a lot, but the shapes aren't all perfect. If the process to look from the point of view of a fitness trainer, you can see loads for all muscle groups. Sex can be easily replaced by training. Effect weight loss many do not because they eat wrong. Even if you regularly go to the gym and eat a lot, the extra pounds will not go away. Also with sex. Besides, an orgasm helps to improve metabolism. That's just to have sex should be at least 40 minutes. You also need to comply with one condition – variety of poses. From those two or three poses that you used will have no effect.

5. Physical activity

If you have no one to have sex or your partner is not willing to turn lovemaking into a workout, you have to exercise. Physical exercise will help to burn calories, accelerate metabolism. Those who dream about the ideal figure without sport is not enough. After regular training, the body becomes fit and attractive. You need to choose a power sports or aerobic exercise. You can do in the gym, on the street, at home. If you have no opportunity to attend the gym and classes at home is not for you, just increase your physical activity. As much as possible walk, walk.

4. Water

If the person drinks enough, it will affect his metabolism. Water reduces appetite, burned fat deposits. It cleanses the body of toxins and other harmful substances. Daily drink 2 litres of clean water. Do not count tea, juices, coffee and other liquids. Only pure water. Some nutritionists suggest drinking cold water can raise your metabolism by 30%. But the use of too cold water can have a negative impact on your health. Angina is not a very pleasant disease. Although the plus is: if your throat is really sore, is you can't.

3. Massage

Massage will also help you to disperse the metabolism. No matter what it will be anti-cellulite or relaxing, any kind of positive effect on the circulatory system. For weight loss it is better to choose vacuum or cellulite. You will not only lose weight, but also make the body beautiful. Cellulite disappears, the skin becomes elastic and beautiful. Use the services of a specialist or conduct the sessions independently at home. If you have no skills in massage, it is best to consult a doctor. So vacuum massage is contraindicated for varicose veins extension. Can replace a regular massage by rubbing the body with a dry brush.

2. Fresh air

The use of fresh air to the human body is invaluable. It improves health, and improves mood. Oxygen starts the process of burning fat, a positive effect on metabolism. Walk often, but try not to sit on the bench, and walking. An excellent solution to the problem would be to sport in the fresh air. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, skiing, skating. These classes help strengthen family relationships, and of course, help to lose weight. For those who don't need to lose weight, they will help to develop strength and endurance and just have a good time.

1. Lemon

Lemon contains substances that accelerate the metabolism. If lemon is too sour for you, you can replace it with grapefruit. Add lemon to green tea, only drink it without sugar. The usual Cup of coffee, replace mineral water with lemon. Generally get yourself a habit to drink water with lemon. Especially useful to drink it in the morning, immediately after waking up. It not only boost metabolism, but also purify the intestines. Replace water with lemon all sweet drinks and juices. Soon those extra pounds will go.

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