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10 non-standard applications tooth brush when grooming


Modern beauty invest in your appearance a very-small amount. They buy all kinds of cosmetic products, various accessories for eyelash, nails, hands and feet. But you can save significantly, using the means at hand. For example, a great helper will be the toothbrush. It can be used in various cosmetic purposes. Admit it, you're never about what similar did not think. Use all the features of this device. Of course, for such purposes do not use a brush, which I use every day, buy a new and better one. Especially for you, top 10 custom applications tooth brush when grooming.

10. To create a creative manicure

Try using a toothbrush to create a creative manicure. If you're doing a manicure in the salon, you can save a lot and learn to do it yourself. With the help of a tooth brush can achieve different effects. The easiest way: swipe brush on just-painted nails, can continuous lines or taps. You will be surprised what interesting relief manicure you get. For the second method, apply to the nails base color, will look best bright shades. Bristle toothbrush dipped in colored lacquer, and touch them to the nail, it will remain colored dots. Varnish is better to use different colors. After each use remember to clean the brush. Get a manicure with the effect of "confetti", a very bright and festive. Don't be afraid to experiment!

9. To soften cuticles

Expanding the cuticle does not look very neat. To struggle very hard. Some girls prefer it trimmed, but that it is faster growing. Try a different method. Every day soften the cuticles. Often do baths for hands and then use the toothbrush. First apply the nail cosmetic oil or cream. And then RUB them with a brush, try to push the dead skin toward the palms. After a while you will notice that the cuticle had almost ceased to grow, and your hands look perfect. Similarly, you can use a toothbrush and pedicure. Some mistresses use for this purpose an old electric toothbrush, they say that the result is not worse than in the cabin.

8. Instead of lip scrub

Brush can easily replace the lip scrub. RUB her lips around in a circular motion. Do not RUB hard lip skin is very sensitive, it is easy to damage. Pre-lips can be spread with petroleum jelly or a special softening agent. Choose a brush with soft bristles. The result will not keep itself waiting long, the lips will become soft. In very advanced cases when it is necessary urgently to put in order your lips, you can use toothpaste, but definitely minty. A couple of minutes of this "massage" will be enough to remove dead skin cells. After the procedure, cover the lips with a thick layer of hygienic lipstick or balm.

7. For hair coloring

Hair toothbrush is a reliable assistant. Of course, if your hair is thick and long, the toothbrush will not work. In this case it is better to purchase a wide brush. But if you want to tint the roots, better brush fixture is not found. In addition, you can use it to make highlights or to paint individual strands in the desired color. Perhaps you find it difficult, but the Internet is very much a training video where everything is explained in detail. Try, you must succeed.

6. To remove bronzer

Many girls choose a bronzer, it does not harm the skin, gives a beautiful and even tone. Just need to pick up a quality tool that will suit you. And we will show you how to avoid rough spots on the palms, elbows and other parts of the body. You will need a toothbrush. One only has to RUB much okrasilsja areas. You can optionally use a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. If the bronzer is not washed off the hands if stained nails, use whitening toothpaste. Simply apply to hands and nails and RUB the paste with a toothbrush these areas. Part of the bronzer will go down with them.

5. For styling eyebrows

More recently, fashion was thin eyebrows-threads. Now it is in the past and back into fashion naturalness. They should be wide and well maintained. Your eyebrows won't listen to you, all while sticking the hairs that you actively pull out, you risk being left with no eyebrows at all. Protruding hairs you need to trim with a trimmer and every day to do styling. Of course, using a toothbrush. Apply eyebrow gel or hair spray, comb them upwards, then sideways. Many girls instead of cosmetic products apply the mixture of castor oil with beeswax, and even regular hand soap. But the last option works well if you need to freshen up and cosmetics at all. Because unruly brows are in need of daily care.

4. For spectacular bouffant

Recently again become a popular hairstyle with fleece. But how to make it at home, if the small comb you don't have? Its easy to replace toothbrush. You will be surprised, but a professional brush used by hairdressers to create hairstyles that are very similar to dental. Just spray lacquer strand of hair at the roots and necesita. You have a wonderful hairstyle.

3. For priglazhivanija stray hairs

Toothbrushes essential for creating hairstyles. If you love sleek hairstyles with swept-back hair, you probably notice that spoil the whole picture out short hairs. You comb them with a comb, smooth, but nothing helps. Take a toothbrush, spray the hair lacquer and comb them back. In addition it is very convenient to style the bangs, especially if it is smooth and straight, with a brush you'll be able to style her hair to hair. Essential brush in an emergency, when you need to use dry shampoo. Its particles remain on the hair, comb can't handle them, brush will remedy this situation.

2. For combing eyelashes

Of course in order to tidy the eyelashes, there are special brushes. But the fact remains, toothbrush cope with this mission is much better the most expensive fixtures. Toothbrush bristles are very thin. Taking advantage of her, you will be able to comb my lashes, as well as to solve the problem of stuck together lashes. Moreover, the toothbrush is not so expensive, and the house almost always has a spare. Try this method and you'll never have to buy a special brush for eyelashes.

1. To clean combs for hair

To clean the combs is very easy. Especially if you regularly dye your hair a dark color, you know how difficult it is to clean the small comb from dirt and paint. Toothbrush to help you. It will clean the combs, barrettes. Brush able to save from contaminants even your Hairdryer, easily cleared of dust and hair in the grille and the filter. Of course, in this case, use only a dry brush.

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