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10 unconventional ways to use the dishwasher


Unlike the manual method, washing dishes, the dishwasher allows a more accurate pick up and then to maintain the temperature of the cleaning medium. A powerful liquid jet, in turn surrounding objects from different angles, they effectively remove dirt. Overall, washing dishes at the mistress takes less time.

Why not take advantage of these benefits for cleaning not only the dishes? Let's see what unconventional applications can be found the dishwasher.

10. Shelf of the refrigerator

Plastic containers and glass shelves of the refrigerator are contaminated by food in just a week. The dirt on transparent shelves is not only unhygienic, but also spoils the view.

Hands is quite difficult to reach all the corners of plastic containers. And glass shelves so afraid to break in the sink. Upload them to the grid of the dishwasher and turn on a soft diet, 35 to 45°C — this will prevent the glass from cracking.

Of course, before you put the drawers and shelves from the refrigerator to the dishwasher, it is necessary to give these details to warm up to room temperature.

9. Kitchen sponges and washcloths

They are literally a breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms. Hands is quite troublesome to bring the sponge in clean, and wash in tepid water ineffective.

In the dishwasher, you can set the temperature of the washing liquid is higher. Hands would not tolerate such boiling water, but the sponges with the sponge bath from 60 to 90 degrees will only benefit.

Items should be stacked so that small items did not get washed out in the sink. To use the "steaming" is undesirable. Modern sponges are made of synthetic materials, and hot steam can lead them to disrepair.

8. Shoes

Slippers"flip flops" it is easier to put on the top shelf. This will allow the sand and dirt faster to get away directly under the water pressure.

Along with "flip-flops" in the larger compartment of the dishwasher can be put, and rubber boots. Preferably a pre-rinse them to "recapture" the biggest clumps of dirt.

Shoes made of natural materials — leather and suede — in the machine it is better not to wash. Even decorative wooden inserts can crack, leading shoes in disrepair.

7. Figurines

It is very difficult to thoroughly clean numerous hollows and zawitoski ornamental figurines made of stone, metal or plastic. Strong water jets in a dishwasher penetrate all the nooks and crannies of objects of complex shape.

Wash metal figurines in the dishwasher makes it easier to keep thin layers of oxides on their surface. Unlike manual cleaning with brushes and brushes, water jets do not erase the patina from the metal surface. Cleaned in the dishwasher statuettes longer retain their original appearance.

6. Hair bands and jewelry

Small jewelry, like statues, literally consists of hard-to-reach holes, hollows and rods. And gum and does not understand how to hand to take something to wash.

All the small things add up in a mesh bag so they are not scattered around the washing chamber and sailed in the sewers. Select average temperature (from 45 to 70 degrees Celsius). It is better not to dry the machine itself, but in the air.

5. The grill

That in the dishwasher perfectly cleaned the dirtiest pans, quickly make sure any hostess. But the kitchen has the same "scary" objects, although they are not considered to be utensils.

Grille grill pans; FFF grille ventilation... All this in a remarkable way can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Moreover, the barbecue grill generally polluted very much — but not afraid of boiling water or hot steam. Hands to clean them is not easy, but the dishwasher will be fine.

4. Combs and brushes for makeup

In order not to clog drains, first remove from the combs and brushes hair remains. Small and delicate objects are best put to the Department for tableware or packaging in a mesh bag.

Bristle and plastic, used in hairdressing tools, not very well tolerate high temperatures. The optimal temperature of washing liquid from 45 to 70 degrees. Cleaners fit almost any.

To dry make-up brushes and combs are better on the air. Wooden combs and brushes made of natural hair it is better to clean and wash by hand.

3. Toys

As plastic and soft fabric toys are very easy to wash in the dishwasher and not in the washing machine. To small toys or designer items are not scattered on the machine and not lost in the sewers, wash their best placing in a tied mesh for washing small things.

Jets of water from all sides will clean dirt from the most inaccessible nooks of toys. Soft toys will not lose its shape.

Plastic toys are durable and can easily withstand all modes of washing the dishes. But for confidence it is better to use a gentle mode.

2. Caps

Attempt to wash a headdress in a regular washing machine, it ends in complete frustration. Mercilessly scrolled in the drum, the hat loses the shape and appearance.

Dishwasher water jets to gently wash the fixed objects from different angles. This allows you to successfully erase hats.

Hats, caps and baseball caps in the dishwasher to put on the top shelf and include a delicate cycle wash. It is better to dry them separately. Hats for drying should be put on "fool", which you can use a rubber ball or a large glass jar.

1. Fruits and vegetables

In the dishwasher to wash fruits and vegetables. The main thing — to choose the mode with not too high temperature and not to lay detergent. Then our vegetables or fruits are cooked and will not spoil the taste. By the way, the skin of vegetables after the wash is removed much easier.

Pre-rinse your vegetables and place them in the grids in one layer. Set a moderate temperature of 30 to 40 degrees is enough. In as mode, set the "wash with subsequent rinsing with cold water."

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