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10 incredible architectural masterpieces from around the world


Our world boasts not only natural beauty, but also architectural. To date, worldwide there is a huge number of incredible architectural structures that capture the attention with its grandeur. And each in its own way a masterpiece. Architectural works reflect the culture and life of the peoples living in this territory, show the genius of the architect. After looking at them, comes the understanding that some architects are geniuses, artists who create their next masterpiece. About 10 such masterpieces from around the world everyone needs to know right now.

10. Golden Temple Golden Sahib (Amritsar, India)

This wonder of the world is a small provincial town called Amritsar. He is very lively and, meanwhile, very distant. The city was founded on the sacred lake, in the center and built the Golden Temple — the holiest Shrine of the Sikhs. The lake in ancient times was a place of meditation for sages and Askerov. The name Golden temple was given no chance. Its roof is covered with plates, which, in turn, is plated. The temple is a marble bridge, which symbolizes the journey of the soul after leaving the body. Beautiful designs and inlays of precious stones adorn the walls of this building. To visit this miracle can be anyone, regardless of religion.

9. The Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)

This Grand Church is the personification of the whole of Spain. Besides, this attraction has the highest tourist traffic in this country (over 3 million tourists a year). The crypt of the Church facade Christmas in 2005 was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in the section "Creations of Anton Gaudi". Striking attention to the fact that the temple is built and to this day, beginning in 1882. After much debate, the construction of the temple was commissioned Gaudi, who, incidentally, lived in its territory and has devoted the whole life to this. In this structure, it fully reflects the strength of your faith. The structure of the temple is a mix of geometric shapes. For was based on natural forms.

8. Amusement Park Ferrari World (Yas Island, Abu Dhabi)

Amusement Park, located in Abu Dhabi, looks very unusual. It primarily attracts the tourists. Inside this building is no less interesting. The main element of the facility is a giant glass tunnel, where there is a variety of attractions. Very popular Formula 1 simulation. For lovers of extreme sports there is a "G-Force" -attraction is a capsule which is fired from the roof to a height of 62 meters. The fastest rollercoaster in the world "Formula Rossa" is the "pearl" of the Park. Their maximum speed is 240 km/h. Also, in addition to rides, the Park offers a huge number of services and entertainment. Hungry visitor will not remain by the Italian chefs.

7. Taj Mahal (Agra, India)

One of the New seven wonders of the world is Taj Mahal. On the orders of Shah Jahan it was built in the XVII century, in honor of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. In the translation of Taj Mahal means "great Palace." The building has five domes and four minarets at the corners. Also, due to the peculiarities of the material, the mosque can change color. At night, the mosque in silver color, day white color, and at dawn, and all pink. For 12 years was built this Palace. For this they invited 20 thousand craftsmen and simple workers from all over the Empire. Front of the Palace is trehsotmetrovoy garden and marble fountains. But attention, in the first place, attracts a large white dome lined, like the walls, made of marble. Every year Taj Mahal attracts more number of tourists. In our days only one day this facility is visited by thousands of tourists.

6. White temple (Chiang Rai, Thailand)

This incredible temple is located in the North of Thailand. It attracts a very large number of tourists, many of whom go only for this facility. The temple and the whole idea belongs Chalermchai Kositpipat. It is the embodiment of his dreams. The white temple is in a very beautiful territory, which is a pond with fish, fountains and sculptures of unusual creatures. Besides the temple, there are 2 buildings: the Golden building and art gallery. The owners plan to build 6 more buildings. At the facility there are souvenir shops and cafes. Great attention is given that no similar structure exists in the world.

5. Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE)

Burj Khalifa the tallest building on the planet, located in Dubai. The height of the building is 828 meters. Outwardly the building looks like a stalagmite. The construction is still in the development phase was planned as the tallest building on the planet, with its height kept. Burj Khalifa is a "city within a city". It is so huge, that in itself contains several offices, apartments, hotels, shopping centers, gyms, swimming pools, a Jacuzzi and observation areas. Here is the highest in the world the restaurant "Atmosphere". The Burj Khalifa has its own ecosystem. The skyscraper is located near the musical fountain, the height of the jet reaches 150 meters.

4. The Tiger's Nest Monastery (Bhutan)

Buddhist Tiger's Nest monastery located in Bhutan. Tiger's nest is simply amazing with its beauty and solitude. The monastery is very popular among tourists. But not everyone gets there because the building is going through a hard and long road. And this is one of the few Buddhist monasteries, fully open to tourists. Tiger's nest was founded in 1692, but unfortunately, it was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1998 and was restored only in 2005. The legend says that one day a great Guru on the mountain slope brought on the back of a tigress. Guru Rinpoche meditated, spent several months in a cave and then all of the evil entity is gone from there, and this place became sacred.

3. Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon, Myanmar)

Mapusa and balika, as stated in the legend, brought from India 8 oxen from the Buddha himself. The place for construction of the pagoda was chosen by the God of heaven by Sacca. So there was this unique building. Externally the building is an "inverted glass" gold color. The pagoda contains a lot of layers, which decrease with increasing height. The stupa is divided into eight parts, symbolizing the eight days of the week (Wednesday is split in 2 parts) and 8 stars. Around the base are many smaller pagodas, sphinxes and lions. At the slightest breeze the little bells ring, located on the spire.

2. Lotus Temple (New Delhi, India)

Near the Indian capital new Delhi stands the legendary Lotus Temple. Its territory was formerly a small settlement of Bach PUR, which translates as "home of Bach". Shah Akbar wanted this Church to unite all peoples under a single faith. Built this temple architect Fariborz Sahba. In importance it is on the seventh place in the Bahai religion. The structure is open to all visitors, regardless of their faith. Working at the temple volunteers who have a lot of responsibilities. The outside structure looks like an unopened Lotus flower. Inside is a huge hall. The building has a very unusual natural ventilation system.

1. Resurrection Cathedral (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

The Cathedral is located in Saint Petersburg. It was founded on the assassination site of Tsar Alexander II in 1881 by order of his son, Alexander III. Hence the name — Savior on the Blood. Money gathered all the Slavic countries and Russian provinces. This explains the presence of the bell tower coats of arms of different provinces. On the cross of the bell tower is located the Royal crown as a sign of gratitude. The temple is surrounded by an iron fence with a beautiful pattern. Since 1997, the temple is open as a Museum, inviting visitors to watch a huge number of icons, which is more than 7 thousand square meters.

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