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10 incredible stories of survival


The human body is a unique creation of nature. He has such abilities, which no one suspects. Perhaps this is due to the proper operation of the instinct of self-preservation, but can also talk about what human capabilities are not fully explored. In history there are cases in which, in addition to not be called a miracle. Even scientists sometimes can't understand how this is possible. These 10 amazing stories of survival people will prove that human possibilities are virtually endless, and miracles exist.

10. The girl's body was kept on the heels

Seventeen-year-old Katrina Burgess after getting into a car accident and received a large number of serious injuries. Besides, she had practically no parts to assemble his bones. When she was in intensive care, her body revealed 11 pins made of titanium. They were attached to the neck, spine and leg. In addition, to maintain the neck was equipped with a special screw. Surprisingly, in just 5 months the body Katrina restored almost to its former level. Then, Katrina was able to work in a modeling Agency.

9. Surviving male after a fall 150 meters

Alseides Moreno in 2007, survived one of the worst occasions in my life. In one seemingly normal day he fell off the 47th floor. The man received injuries that are virtually incompatible with life, such as: a collapsed lung, multiple fractures and blood clots in the brain. Alseides survived thanks to the platform for which he is caught. The doctors were puzzled: how you can survive a fall from this height? This is the real miracle, since 1/2 of the people that have fallen from 4th floor dies, and the probability to die after falling from the 10th floor is 90%.

8. The man's head was pierced through with a steel bar

Phineas gage was a railroad Builder. Another change in 1848 gave a strong explosion. As a result of this incident, in Phineas's head was metre piece of iron. Moreover, the rod passed through the head Builder through and through. Doctors removed the rod, but, unfortunately, the left half of his face was paralyzed, and the mentality has undergone some changes. This shocking incident has contributed to science, making it clear to doctors that human health is directly connected with the brain.

7. The decapitated the girl survived

In result of road accident the head of Shannon Malloy was separated from spine. The situation was simplified because the spine was not damaged. Shannon remembers that awful moment when she ceased to control his head. The doctors screwed to her head and neck not only 9 screws, but the machine "halo", whose task was to ensure the immobility of the head. For a while she had problems with swallowing, besides her optic nerve was damaged, but in the end, all body functions returned to normal.

6. Cut in two the man survived

Chinese Peng Shulin once managed to escape from the clutches of death. In early 1995, the car moved and cut it into two parts. The length of the top was only 66 inches. The Peng has conducted several complex operations on skin transplantation. Peng Shulin not just was able to cheat death, but also began to move independently with the help of bionic prostheses.

5. A girl a few months lived without a heart

Since childhood have Gianna Simmons had big problems with the heart. She was only 14 years old when he needed a heart transplant. Not caught on a donor heart after the first operation was removed. The girl lived four months without a heart. The role of the heart performed two pumps. After 118 days, was carried out the second successful operation. This time on stuck in the body of the girl.

4. The blind man began to see through the tooth

Once Martin Jones very unlucky. He survived the accident, which resulted in the blind for 12 years. But after these 12 years, Martin had surgery return of vision in which the tooth was extracted and used it as a holder for the lens. After surgery, eyesight to the man gradually started to return and he finally was able to see his wife, Jill, got married where being blind.

3. Risen from the dead woman

And this is not the beginning of a horror movie but a real story from real life. Val Thomas, 59 years old when she survived two heart attacks. For seventeen hours her brain showed no signs of life, in addition, there was a complete absence of a pulse and the beginning of rigor Mortis. The vital functions of its organs was supported by the ventilator. A family Shaft has already started to discuss organ donation with the doctors. And, suddenly, during the discussion, after 17 hours of absence of any signs of life, Val Thomas came into this world and began to speak. After examination, doctors did not detect any abnormalities or disorders of the body Shaft. She was totally fine.

2. Family left one twin, but they both survived

Mike and Shannon Gimbel must be born twins. And it was the happiest news in their lives if they found out that one of the kids will have to kill in order to second was able to survive. The news shocked parents. The fact that the children were connected to each other by blood vessels and one took away the life of another. But if both kids are alive, the risk of death each amount to about 90%. Family Gimbel decided to leave a stronger baby. But then a miracle happened — the doctors were able to burn through the vessels that connect kids, thereby separating the twins. After a couple of months the twins were born.

1. Super glue stabilized the human brain

Ella-grace Haniman even from a very early age suffers from a rare disease of blood vessels — aneurism. In this disease the blood vessels can leak directly into the brain. The doctors took a simple and brilliant solution to seal the holes with medical superglue. The procedure was successful and the girl is no longer suffering from the disease.

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