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10 unbearable celebrities with whom nobody wants to work


Celebrities are public people who just need to show the fans good manners and taste, knowledge of etiquette, friendliness and kindness. Star ready to "bestow" the attention of any of the fans then that for the life remember the moments of happiness. But this veneer of openness and positivity is nothing more than a role aimed at creating a favorable image.

In life, our colleagues from the employees of the set (behind the scenes) to the partners (other actors, singers in the group, etc.), see a celebrity at a glance. And its a bad habit, and fabulous requirements, and feisty character and disgusting manners. Whimsical stars are so bloated with self-importance and popularity that trying to manipulate others and forced to perform their sometimes absurd requests.

Look at the 10 popular names that have long been "flaunt" in the black list of show business.

10. Jennifer Lopez

I can not believe that a simple girl making her way from dance class star life, you may forget about humanity. Jenny requires extremely high fees for their concerts, as well as the specific rider. Dressing room before performances must have white walls and furniture, the same color of candles and flowers (choice of lilies or roses). On the set of J. Lo also gives Royal orders. For example, in the interval between successive takes of she did not wish to engage in dialogue, to see she was not allowed to get out of the way. Interestingly, all wishes can be passed through the assistants to the stars that, in spite of a good salary (65K a year), the posts do not stay. Still, for cooperation with Mrs. Lopez takes a lot of stress.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Modest cute girls that we remember the movie "Freaky Friday" in life is actually there. Especially after addiction to drug and alcohol substances has reached its peak. The last time Lindsay more shocking the public with scandals and antics than productive work. Former assistants of the actress and singer recall that on the set of "anger Management" the girl from the first day slowed the workflow, if not disrupted. For example, could simply come out of his trailer during the day or to break away and leave early, to attend a concert buddy. I think the extra difficulties were created and bad habits Lohan, which she often fell into rehab, then in jail.

8. Edward Norton

The actor demonstrates their competence beyond measure. Instructs colleagues on the court how to play their role, while editing the script (episodes can alter) and monitoring the work of the Director. Wonder how Eddie actually chose the profession of actor, when it turns out to be a universal consultant. Unfortunate perfectionism prevents the actor to pay attention to his game and a terribly annoying colleagues. I recall that after the filming of "the Incredible Hulk" Norton is to participate in the mounting of films, and received insulting, but fair refusal.

7. Sharon Stone

Do not be fooled by the actress that plays the young, charming and sensual role. In the life of a woman is sensitive and softness, although this is natural, because it is really hard "plow" to your image. Stone very particular about their appearance and the game, but a solid requirements and to the environment. Former assistants stars can't hardly stand her presence for several months, and some remember the experience with hatred. It is known that the stone has tortured all his needs and whims, constantly raises his voice and scandals, and sometimes offends human dignity. It looks like the actress it is time to remove the "crown", because the peak of its popularity has long passed, it is time to learn women's wisdom and ability to find approach to each person, even if it's just a hard worker.

6. Bruce Willis

Popular again in life proved that he was really "die hard". And don't be fooled by a charming smile and soft eyes evil eyes. In the life of Bruce vengeance emphasizes their star status, so allows himself to whims – refuses the terms of the contract, asks for huge fees. The star can easily fail to appear for the scheduled interview, the shooting of the promo and photo shoot. A former colleague at the workshop, directed by Kevin Smith, in his speech, not showing gratitude, a popular actor, and even calling him a "complete asshole". We suspect this nickname Willis got absolutely deserved.

5. Katherine Heigl

The actress had to play confident women, and convincing roles, you can say it in life is capricious lady. Many people don't want to work with Heigl because of the fact that it simply does not pay the requested fees, despite the good looks and talented game. Every year Kathy takes place in the ranking of overrated Hollywood stars compiled by Forbes magazine. In addition to the economic disadvantages of working with the actress, colleagues say scandal of her character: can be locked in the dressing room, to sulk, to demand change the style of her character and regularly update the costumes. Also Heigl is often criticized film, which is removed, teammates, writers, stylists.

4. Russell Crowe

This is Russell has more than 10 years ago managed to scratch the face of the staff members only for the reason that could not take advantage of a bad international connection. As of November 2002, remembered that the actor started a fight with the producer directly inside one of the English restaurant. It seems that the people of this profession, the man doesn't like it, because in the same year, he accused the producer of the BAFTA award for what he edited acceptance speech stars. The constant uproars and scandals could cost the actor his career. Probably Russell on the decline of popularity has appealed to psychologists, as is now trying to restore the image and reputation.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Do not be fooled by a baby face and wide-eyed, Gwennie, as in the life of the actress and singer is a piece of work. To work it fits so fastidiously and meticulously that it would fit the profession of auditor. Requirements stars often look strange, for example, shower in the room needs to be completely dry. Also the woman is very arrogant and haughty in relation to other stars, maybe even ask such a schedule so as not to intersect with the hated partners in the set (as was the case with Scarlett Johansson in the film "Iron man"). In interviews, Gwyneth reviled the other Actresses, for instance, the talented Reese Witherspoon, which in our rankings.

2. Beyonce

A can announce that international star can afford to be arrogant and capricious. The singer used his position in full, in an effort to demonstrate absolutely everyone luxury star life, well, just a real Empress. It will ask for a baby cot in the dressing room for 22 thousand dollars, her husband will order alcohol and cigars to the amount of 6 thousand $. And lady b has a strange temperature "quirk" she requires in her room accommodation was exactly 26°C and served mineral water is 21°. And the latter should be supplied with a tube of titanium alloy in the amount of $ 900. Also in Ryder stars include clothing of 100% cotton, completely replaced the toilet in my room and red toilet paper.

1. Julia Roberts

"Pretty woman" Julia gained its popularity not so much due to the talent and productive work, how many scandalous nature on the court. Bitchy actress showed character right and left, equating disgust against Directors and assistants. You may notice the malicious little eyes and crooked grin that such features were accompanied by Roberts birth. What a pity that the success and love of the public not to re flighty diva.

Some stars demonstrate the character only in order to "pass" a scandalous person. Because the black PR in many opinions is the best advertising star. Others simply can't temper the natural heat and lack of manners, and this is complexes since childhood. In any case, we, as the audience, it is important to see the end result, and with the antics of celebrities even understand colleagues.

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