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10 Soviet new year's cartoons, which break so far


Before the New year remains very little. Decorated streets, glittering shop Windows, festive Christmas tree, lights, tinsel – all of this contributes to the fact that a person begins to wait for a holiday, to prepare for it. Indeed, there are few people who don't like New year. But if this year you simply can not find their festive mood, or something is not going well at work and in your personal life, to plunge into the Christmas mess will help you ... cartoons. Remember yourself in childhood. Children are waiting for the New year is not in order to sit at a table at home or in the restaurant. They look forward to a miracle, hope that their most cherished desires will be fulfilled. They love to watch good stories about the New year, father Frost and the snow maiden. Try it and you plunge into childhood, you will be surprised how it will change your mood. If you have kids, see the best Christmas cartoons together.

10. Three from Prostokvashino (1978)

The third series of the famous cartoon "Three from Buttermilk". Buttermilk winter has come, Christmas holidays are just around the corner. But before the New year the cat and dog Matroskin Ball fight. The cat sees the new Ball buy impractical, because he bought a Shoe, despite the fact that the street snow and subzero temperatures. Pechkin tries to reconcile them. Dad and Cindy are going to celebrate the holiday in the village, and mom is on the Blue light, so it remains in the city. Dad and uncle Fyodor barely get to the Buttermilk, they begin preparing for the New year, but they have one problem – a broken TV. How can you celebrate the holiday without television? All ends well, comes my mom, the whole family to gather, the event was a success. Good and positive cartoon, loved by many since childhood.

9. The snow Queen (1957)

The most famous animated film in the Soviet Union. The plot the story of a boy Kai and girl Gerda. They lived in the same neighborhood, were friends. One day the boy angered the Snow Queen, and she enchanted his heart, turning it to ice. Kai became angry and indifferent. After some time he left the Queen in her icy Palace. But Gerda wasn't offended by the other, she decided to help him. Her love for him melted the boy's heart, he again became the same as before. The snow Queen disappeared. It's just a story, but so kind and sincere, that people are willing to revise it more than once. The cartoon was popular not only in the USSR but also abroad.

8. Puck! Puck! (1964)

The cartoon will be interesting even to those who are not interested in hockey. Cartoon of a hockey game between the two teams. "Meteor" is a team that plays long and not just triumphed, experienced players, but too conceited. Their opponents Vympel — beginners. Of course, luck smiles on them, and they win. The cartoon is considered the best work of Director Boris Dezhkina. By the way, the sound and music of the cartoon were not recorded specifically, but simply took records from a real hockey game.

7. Twelve months (1956)

The tale that evil will always be punished and good will triumph. The young Queen dreams of snowdrops and issued a decree, according to which the one who brings her a basket of flowers in January, will receive a large cash award. The evil stepmother sends her stepdaughter to the plants. The girl meets in the forest 12 months, then they help her. The Queen receives flowers, but do not stop there. Now she needs to know where the flowers grow. At the end of cartoon good girl receives gifts from months, and the stepmother and her daughter turn into dogs. Instructive cartoon look with pleasure not only children but also adults.

6. Snegovik-mailer (1955)

This story will definitely appeal to young children. This is a story about the adventures of a snowman. The children have fashioned it in order to fulfill their assignment. He must deliver a letter to Santa Claus. In the letter they ask for elegant Christmas tree. With the approach of night, the snowman comes to life and goes to look for his Grandfather. In the forest, he faces hostile to him animals, but only thanks to the good bear, the Snowman manages to reach the goal. The children go for a walk, and outside there is a Snowman and a decorated Christmas tree.

5. Father frost and the summer (1969)

A touching story about the adventures of Santa Claus. He always wanted to know what summer, but for a long time could not decide. He even had a dream about summer time. Then Grandpa goes on a journey in summer. He sacrificed his health, but the dream is more important to him. Children struggling to help loved frost to survive the summer day. This cartoon is unfairly forgotten, it is rarely shown on TV, but the song "Of summer" was a real hit.

4. The night before Christmas (1951)

This cartoon will be of interest to adults. It tells about the misadventures of a young blacksmith Vakula. Beautiful Oksana sends him Slippers like the Queen wears. Vakula with the hell gets to Petersburg, gets to the Queen and asks for her Slippers. Meanwhile, Oksana understands that doesn't need any shoes, just her favorite was alive. This cartoon is very popular with the older children, toddlers are unlikely to understand what was going on. And if your girl on New year's asking for too many gifts, organize a viewing of "Night before Christmas".

3. A Christmas story (1972)

This cartoon is instructive. It teaches children to be good to others, follow the rules of etiquette. In the forest there is a hut of the Goblin, and beside it grows a tree. Students are preparing for the holiday. They need a Christmas tree. First one boy goes behind a tree, beginning to chop it. The devil gets mad and blows away the boy back to the village. The second daredevil befalls the same fate. When the tree is a girl, it all turns out. The fact that she respectfully asks the devil for a favor. The devil not only gives a girl a tree and sent to the holiday. He settled in a hut at school and no longer scares children.

2. Frost I. (1981)

And again, a story with meaning. Two sisters Dunyasha and Malasha live with my grandmother. Dunyasha works tirelessly, never sits idle. Malasha, on the contrary, likes to relax and tries to avoid any work. When Moroz Ivanovich saw it, was very unhappy. Spelled it well, and when the girls went to fetch water, fell into it and appeared in the Palace. Dunyasha began, as Malasha would have taken nothing she couldn't do it. When the frost of Ivanovich decided to let the sisters home, he gave them gifts for their efforts. Only necklace that was donated to the Malasha, soon melted. The girl realized that she was acting improperly and ran to work. The cartoon is a bit naive, but kind and interesting.

1. Santa Claus and Grey wolf (1978)

New year in the forest. Santa Claus prepared gifts for all of its inhabitants, but the evil crow and the angry wolf want to steal rabbits. To do this, they steal the outfit of his Grandfather, and along with a sack of gifts. Meanwhile, Papa rabbit and Mama-zaychiha go for the tree and punish the kids the door nobody open. But it does not open when Santa Claus? Leverets climb into the sack, the wolf and the crow carry them. They do not notice that the little Bunny was hiding. Parents-hares run to Santa Claus for help. In the woods in lock down. All ends well. Animals celebrate the New year, and villains are punished.

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