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10 new Russian films that you will not be disappointed


Gone are the days when Russia was filming bad movies. Of course, and now missing the "horror" Comedy with flat jokes and terrible melodramas about women, which took up arms against the whole world. So, in the recent time among the new products are more quality movies. Interesting stories, great special effects, great acting. Now the phrase "Russian film" does not mean "bad movie". If you are still skeptical against Russian cinema, just read our article. In this list of new Russian films, you will definitely find something to your taste. And after watching one film, might want to look through the rest. Promise that you will not be disappointed.

10. Dovlatov

Director Alexey Herman-younger. The plot story writer Dovlatov. Described only a few days of his life. 70 years, each Dovlatov is going to emigrate, and Sergei care about absolutely other problems. He writes stories, but don't want to print and do not accept in the Soviet Union of writers. Accordingly, he is no one. In the film funny stories follow a sad. Perfectly conveys the atmosphere of that time. Talented people could not get, all lived under the decree, no one was supposed to stand out. The film without the dynamic plot keeps in suspense from beginning to end. In addition, the actors matched perfectly, they have perfectly played their roles.

9. Acid

Debut Director Alexander Gorchilin. This film is about the people, who yesterday turned 20. They are young and bezbashenny. Sasha and Peter are engaged in music, performing at parties, argue with others and with each other. In their life there is no place for boredom, but they somehow always feel alone. Soon their views on current changes, they see things through different eyes. An interesting film, it shows the problems of young people. Young people motion picture will help you to understand yourself, and the older generation to understand what dream of for their children.

8. The heart of the world

A joint project of Russia and Lithuania, directed by Natalia meshchaniniv. This is the story of a common vet. He is working on the training station for hunting dogs. Here lives the owner with his family. The station is located in the middle of nowhere, and communicate in addition to clients and their dogs no one else. The vet Egor wants to become a part of the family of his master, he would do anything to achieve his goal. Critics praised the film. They noted that the film was shot so that it seems as if the camera simply recorded the life, that it is not staged and not acting. Very good story.

7. Summer

The Director Kirill Serebrennikov. This author's work about the formation of Russian rock. The main characters – Victor Tsoy, member of the popular band Mike and his wife Natalia. Here, you'll find the answers to the questions, where did Russian rock, and where it went. But it will help to know how to relate to the rock musicians themselves. Movie called a little odd, it lives up to its name. Bright, chaotic, but unusual. It is called the standard biographical movie. Of course, it is not designed for a mass audience and will not please everyone. Definitely worth it to watch people age, they feel nostalgia. Old songs, the Leningrad is a great reason to remember his youth.

6. It's about love. Adult only

The joint work of several Directors. The film is several stories of different people. Above each had one Director, a total of 7. People are looking for the answer to the question: "Where can I find love and how to preserve it?". The film is rather good-natured, funny. Nor Swingers, nor BDSM, nor worried men or women, who had never had sex, doesn't make it vulgar. It has no deep meaning, but to see its worth. Because modern people have forgotten what love is. Yes, they dream about the second half, to see her several years pass and they no longer appreciate each other. And someone did not dare to take a step to meet his destiny. Each can gain from the film something useful for yourself. By the way, marked "adults Only" — it's not just the title, the film really has an age limit.

5. Upward movement

The Director Anton Megerdichev. This sports drama was a runaway success. The plot competition in basketball. The USSR national team defeats team USA for the Olympic games in Munich. The film is based on real events. In General, the film received positive reviews, he liked to many famous people. Really events that capture so much that even people far from the sport, will keep my fingers crossed for the national team of the USSR. In the film there are moments when it is impossible to hold back the tears. "Moving up" was named the most grossing in Russia, but to see it is not so. The film is not only about basketball, it's about people, about good and about a miracle.

4. The tightness

Film Kantemir Balagova. The plot the story of a family. The film takes place in Nalchik, and this is no accident. This story is real, it happened there. The younger son along with his bride is kidnapped. The kidnappers demand a ransom to be paid a large sum of money. Parents do all in their power, but are unable to raise the necessary amount. Only the eldest daughter can help them. For my brother she would do anything. The film received many awards and nominations, including at the Cannes film festival. However, the movie is not for everyone, it is quite difficult to understand. Despite the fact that the film is about human feelings, not everyone can understand them. Those who are accustomed to action, "Overcrowding" will seem dull and boring film.

3. Hostages

Film the Russian-Georgian. Director Rezo Gigineishvili. And again, the film is based on real events. It describes a case that occurred in Georgia. Young people, the "Golden youth" steal a plane to leave the Union. Because here they feel unfree. They easily solved the case, I hope that the plan will work. But things did not go as I wanted. Several people were killed and several seriously injured. By the way, the hostages – not just the ones who captured the young people, but they are also hostages. They became hostages of their fear and the situation. Heavy film, after viewing a desire to think about life.

2. Anna Karenina

The Story Of Vronsky. A Film By Karen Shakhnazarov. Is the Russo-Japanese war. To the hospital, where the son Karenina, bring officer. Sergei finds out that this officer caused the death of his mother and father. Karenin decides to ask questions that have long plagued Vronsky. That, in turn, shares her story with Sergei. However its history is quite unlike the story of Anne. "Each person has his own truth," he says. And indeed it is. The film provides an amazing opportunity to look at a familiar story from the other side.

1. The man who surprised everyone

Film Directors Natasha Merkulova and Alexey Chupov. The plot of the story of the huntsman from the village to Siberia. He learns that they have cancer and will die soon. Help nobody can. Impotent doctors and even healers and shamans shrug. Then the huntsman is a plan. He is cheating death, pretending to be a completely different person. The picture is literally saturated with a sense of hopelessness. Movie heavy, but strikes a human thirst for life. The film is quite complex, it just will not do, but apparently the Russian filmmakers want to make not only a fun Comedy. But again it will be an occasion to think about life.

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