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10 useful things, which can not do without in the kitchen


Most people make food on their own. Novice cooks is difficult to determine the choice of kitchen utensils. Now in stores you can see the following items whose appointment will not guess even the most experienced hostess. Therefore, a cost that is. Although some of them can greatly facilitate the process of cooking, make it quick and easy. Again, some of the advertised devices will be used not more often than once a month and take a lot of space. Besides, their price is often unreasonably high. A revision in the kitchen, see what you are missing and go to the store for what is really necessary. And to help you with this list of 10 useful things, which can not do without in the kitchen.

10. Blender

Blender – universal thing. It will not take much space, its cost is not too high. With a blender you can whisk the egg whites or stir batter for pancakes, make mashed potatoes, mince, chop vegetables. It is indispensable for anyone who grows vegetables and loves to preserve them. You don't have to RUB on a vegetable grater, you'll delight your loved ones squash or potato pancakes. You should not even doubt that blender will be useful for every owner, it will greatly facilitate your life. Choose a quality thing to six months you will not have to buy a new one. But do not overpay for functions that you do not need. The more additional elements, the higher the price.

9. Cutting Board

While cooking is not to do without a cutting Board. Probably there is no hostess, which does not use cutting boards. Kitchens, public food outlets they are generally not less than 20. For each group of products – their own. The same rule must comply with the good housekeeper. Of course, 20 boards is too much, but at least 3 should be in every kitchen. The first is for meat and fish, one for bread, the third for fruits, vegetables and prepared foods. If possible, keep a separate little Board for cutting onions and garlic. Then the germs and bacteria from meat and fish will not be on finished products, and the cooking smells will not mix.

8. Tongs

But this fixture is unjustly deprived their attention many Housewives. They are indispensable when roasting meat and chicken, when cooking meat in the oven. Pliers designed in order to turn pieces of meat during cooking, they are very convenient to use. If you think that they can be easily replaced with an ordinary shovel, you're wrong. You probably often burned in the cooking process, when I tried to flip the pieces of meat with a spatula to get the chicken out of the hot broth. So with forceps this will not happen. You can use them for other products. Using tongs easily get boiled eggs, put the spaghetti.

7. Silicone spatula

Some Housewives wary of the silicone blades. But, contrary to popular belief, do not emit any harmful substances. Silicone spatula is much easier wooden or plastic. It is easier to wash, unlike wood, to which all adhere tightly. Plastic blades tend to melt. Silicone spatula will not damage non-stick frying pan, it will not absorb odors. You will be able to use it when mixing the dough, it is very convenient to scrub out the remnants of the cooked product from the vessel walls.

6. A good knife

A good knife does not have to be expensive. And indeed the concept of "good knife" is quite subjective. If the knife is comfortable for one person, another may not like it. For men it is better to choose a knife with a length of 20 to 25 inches, for women – from 13 to 16. It is very important to choose the right knife along the length, then it will be convenient to work with. Material – stainless steel. If you pick up the right knife, you can run them up to 80% of all kitchen work: cutting, beat, shred, shred. But still get a couple different knives, one you will not be enough.

5. Food containers

Even if you don't treat those "lucky" ones each morning, carrying lunch to work in jars and boxes, still purchase food containers. In a tightly closed container you can store leftovers, it's much easier than to put in the fridge the pot or pan. It will not take much space on the shelf, it is convenient to heat. If you have a child, you this thing is very useful. Put in a container for lunch, he will be able to heat it in the microwave. It is safer than heat on the stove. In containers you can put the surplus formed in the preparation. The next day, when cooking, you will not need again to cut onions or carrots.

4. Utensils for mixing

A good set of bowls will never become superfluous in the kitchen. To mix products, to postpone chopped, make dressing for the salad is not all the actions you can perform with a bowl for mixing. It is best to buy a set of plastic bowls, they are easy to use, easy to clean. They can also be used for the grinding of food immersion blender. Only choose a quality cookware that will not crack or deteriorate after your culinary exploits. An indispensable item in the kitchen are bowls with lids, keep the rest of the products or use them as containers for food.

3. Knife for cleaning of vegetables

A regular chef's knife for cleaning of vegetables will not do. Knife for cleaning of vegetables is a more comfortable handle and blade length. It should not exceed 10 centimeters. A sharp knife will easily cope with soft fruits and vegetables: kiwi, tomatoes. Also with the help of it you can easily peel the carrots, beets and other hard vegetables and fruit. Recently, a very popular peeler. She looks nothing like a knife, and not every woman can accommodate. However, those women who have got it, clean vegetables in seconds and will never exchange it for a normal knife.

2. Grille for cooling baking

If you like to treat your family with delicious pies or cakes of her own making, an irreplaceable thing would be grate for baking. You will be able to cool cakes, biscuits, fresh bread. Thanks to the good air circulation will remain the optimum level of drying. Cakes will not mold, will retain its fluffiness. Can not do without a grating in the preparation of biscuit. Purchase wire rack baking, it will become your indispensable assistant.

1. Foil or baking paper

Not do in the kitchen without foil or baking paper. Of course, you can cook meat or fish on an open baking sheet, but be prepared for the fact that the products can burn and the oven is pretty dirty. If you have foil, to cook dinner will not be easy. RUB the pieces of fish or meat with salt and spices, wrap in foil and place in oven. Thanks to the baking paper, you'll never have to scrub pans from sweet jam or soggy cheese. You can wrap in foil and left after lunch or dinner products. She will help you out if you don't have special boxes for keeping tea, coffee and spices.

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