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10 ordinary people who are very similar to celebrities


Nature is such a Kidder who can create twins and even triplets. But even more surprising to find very similar or almost identical external actors at a distance of hundreds or even thousands of miles from each other. It turns out that you can have a real and irrefutable similarities in people of different age, race and even gender. Especially interesting to watch the celebrity doubles which are located in different parts of the world. Someone is trying to further emulate using a similar style of clothing, hairstyle, and maybe makeup. But others, on the contrary, not doing anything and are not even aware of its similarity to the star. Perhaps the burden of being in the shadow of another is also a burden, because they lose their individuality.

In any case, the fans are always fun to find among the ordinary folk of doubles of celebrities, and then to identify and to analyze differences. Than today we are going to do. Presenting the TOP-10 of people from different parts of the world that are very similar to popular personalities of Hollywood and show business.

10. Jim Carrey

Looking at this ordinary Russians have, Willy-nilly amazed at how much it looks like the famous comedian and the Joker. It is also funny close-cropped in almost a "pot" as Kerry on the set of the film "Dumb and dumber" has the same moving and funny facial expressions, small expressive eyes. What's more interesting is the same whether it is popular in the circles of their loved ones, whether to cheer the audience with an amazing grimace, an unusual sound or a funny gesture? Rumor has it that Kerry was very happy the double and appreciated the joke of nature. Still – Jim was always friendly with humor and could laugh at a sober situation, and on themselves.

9. Kanye West

Famous American rapper continues to blow up dance floors popular performances and vivid performance, so do not know his appearance very difficult. However, some disoriented fans took one of the Egyptian guys behind star, began talking about a possible kinship. The boy is really very similar to the American artist, but the eyes are more kind and gentle, because he, unlike the West, were not involved in questionable stories and dirty events of the night life. He even good-naturedly forgives friends attempt to compare him to Kanye. And after the last guy came up with the nickname "Kanye East" as the antithesis of the famous singer.

8. George Clooney

One of the charming and gorgeous man is good, two is even better. In the world there is a very realistic DoppelgangeR of Hollywood actor, which probably also dream of a woman. But for many a simple man can become a not so impossible dream. Men-double different eye color and some minor features, but it also looks better than its age, is fit and exudes a charm (at least on comparative photos). A simple Turkish man without unnecessary gloss and pathos rides the subway, but it remains as attractive as Clooney with his bleached teeth and expensive suits.

7. Ryan Gosling

Imagine how happy many young female fans of Gosling, because now his world has become "one more". The guy himself found one posting on the social network photo with the rhetorical thinking on the subject of why he's still single. But really – the double Ryan rebound should not be from women. It looks attractive and impressive, and at first glance has even advantages in comparison with a star, for example, a thick mustache and beard that give him masculinity.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

Let Radcliffe more on theater and less is removed in the quality of the films, we will always remember his amazing role of boy wizard Potter. To refresh your memory, we helped one Russian from Krasnoyarsk, posting your photo. Round glasses and thick eyebrows, he is very similar to Radcliffe last movie about Harry. Lacking only more chaos on the head (a double cut close) and the recognizable scar on his forehead (not a problem, the makeup will correct it). Soulful bright eyes and thin lips characterize intelligent appearance of an Englishman, so all the more curious that the guy is a native Russian.

5. Morgan Freeman

This actor is very peculiar appearance – dark skin and gray hair strands, combined with a beautiful mustache and kind eyes. It is surprising that such a person may have at least one double, and they were numbered two. One of them is the guard who tired to fend off the people with their conjectures about its origin. The second chef from Mexico. It is so like Freeman, that fans have even almost believe that the actor abandoned his craft and decided to earn a new "calling" to prepare for people tasty tacos.

4. Kit Harington

On the background of the popularity of the cult TV series "Game of thrones" in the world began to appear certain counterparts of the main characters. Not surprisingly, the people rushed EN masse to imitate your favorite actors, because everybody wants to grab a piece of attention and admiration. Don't know what was the purpose of Steve guy, but he's in the race twins John snow would have bypassed all the other candidates. Fits all curly hair, suspicious, narrow eyes, sparse mustache and goatee. The producers of the project should pay attention to the young man, because if the snow will begin to "swing right" – it's easy and no loss can be replaced by understudy. Especially Keith, frankly, is not fully disclose his acting potential, but sometimes his character seems altogether childish and boring.

3. Danny DeVito

To find a twin of that actor would be quite difficult, because it has a specific characteristic appearance, a lovely temple and a very small growth. Recently, DeVito still glasses not shy to wear. And then, out of nowhere, catches well, very similar people – same bulbous nose, glasses, a shiny bald head with Islands of gray hair on the sides and, of course, short stature. Coincidence or a man so respect the work Danny decided to imitate him in everything. Living double in Brazil where he acquired no less popular than the "original", as vengeance is photographed with fans and fans, capitalizing on the image of DeVito.

2. Julia Roberts

The girl Julia was like two drops of water similar to the famous "Pretty woman". The girls have a neat, pointed nose, big smile with a non-standard shape of the upper lip, deep-set eyes, a feminine wavy hair. If Julia is aware of his power, because once Ms. Roberts due to its external data received a very interesting and memorable role.

1. Matthew Perry

We all remember Perry's last period as a failed actor, who burns through life, hardly appeared in the pictures, abusing illegal substances, and excessively fattening. Every year Perry less and less fans, but they soon and all will run to it a young, ambitious and attractive double. Charming guy shares that he is often stopped on the street, by Matt Ala Chandler in the first seasons. Oh yeah, at the time, Perry was still very even nothing, and the eternal skeptic, and barbs brings flavor to the show. Well, let's see what you will be able to achieve his charismatic DoppelgangeR, because he has a whole life ahead.

Here's a fresh review of ordinary people who Willy-nilly became a real doubles of celebrities. I only hope that against the background of these similarities they will not develop complexes and traumas, because many people like to keep their individuality.

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