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10 dangerous things that were previously considered the norm


Sometimes you look at the modern world, and it seems that he was turned on its head. People allow themselves the unthinkable, it is absolutely unwilling to bear responsibility for the actions. Well at least that law remains on guard of justice and restricts, inhibits the desire of people I don't know what to do.

Unfortunately, long before the reign of justice in our history have managed to accumulate many examples of negative experiences. The fact of the matter is, some countries, regions or specific people practiced forbidden things in their work. Toys with high levels of radiation, the cells for the "content" of infants, life-threatening medicine and the Frank treatment of drugs – all this not so long ago it was common and even mundane for humanity.

We present you TOP 10 amazing and unpleasant things in the old days was considered the norm and it wasn't a surprise.

10. Garden hermits

What hasn't changed over the years, so it's moodiness, giddiness and eccentric behavior of the rich. People in power and with money are the trend setters, who, at times, exploit the interests of others. For example, in the 18th century the elite were able to afford to settle in a garden or Park personal "hermit", who was forced to wear rags and look like a true wise man in search of truth. Man could not care for themselves and perform basic hygiene, and home to him were the grotto, created by hand. So alive "scenery" wealthy owners showed our guests that allegedly helped to emphasize the status and power.

9. Questionable methods of treatment

Medicine a few centuries ago is so different from the modern, which often sickened patients, not treated. For symptoms or diseases were allowed experimentation and the unexpected solutions, ranging from bloodletting (helped to clean the blood from pathogens) to electro-shock therapy. For the treatment of psychological diseases common method was considered the lobotomy, which disrupt the brain and make the patient a "vegetable." As stuttering and other speech problems actively used the cutting or circumcision language. The famous orthopedic surgeon Sayre some operations on the musculoskeletal system often ended in death.

8. "Leisure trips" in the insane asylums

Now the YouTube people to enjoy watching the various "freaks" and their crazy adventures. Believe me, before uneducated people, who loved to kill time, entertained no less perversely. For example, normal has been entertaining a trip to the mental hospital, where it was possible to look at crazy people for a fee. Patients were treated abominably – used physical force fed, force-fed experimental drugs tested methods of electroshock and lobotomy, despite the fact that the stay was paid for by relatives. The owners of the clinics decided to start a business on sick people, offering for a fee to gawk at them to tourists and even to poke a stick in animals.

7. Treatment cocaine

Now this substance is considered to be one of the most serious drug that produces a devastating impact on the psyche of man, his inner system and brain, creates a strong dependence. But even a century ago, cocaine was not only harmless, but also healing, therefore, sold free access to the pharmacy. It can be purchased over-the-counter and give even the kids that helped to calm the nervous system and help me sleep, get rid of nervousness and crying. Cocaine allegedly helped to eliminate the pain and even cure a cough. Various drugs, solutions and drops containing the drug was widely advertised to the public.

6. Collecting body parts

Collecting something is a pretty healthy hobby that develops the individual, makes him more attentive to detail, makes you learn new things and to seek additional information about the desired object. But what do you say about a man who consciously decides to collect human body parts? A psychopath? Nevertheless, once such a hobby was common and even fashionable among the elite circles. Gentlemen and ladies were organized in mansions real Cabinet of curiosities, collecting "Frankenstein" or just amusing exhibits (bodies, body parts, embryos, etc.). Soldiers with military campaigns dragged into the house of the skull of the enemy.

5. Human zoos

Many have heard about the famous "Circus freaks", where the money of the audience showed people with physical injury, strange pathologies, manners and habits. Such entertainment is valued not only among elites but also common people. Additionally was invented and the human zoos, where uneducated people as curios were offered to Asians and Africans are different race and appearance. Often they are exhibited along with the monkeys, which allowed supposedly to prove Darwin's theory. It is noteworthy that such a shameful practice remained unchanged until 1958.

4. Shipment kids by email

Now the grandmother on the benches criticize young mothers who don't follow running kid, don't blow on broken knee and not wipe my hands from the sand. What would they say on "baby mail", which was relevant and widespread in the States at the beginning of last century? Parents could absolutely legally and officially send the baby to relatives in the mail, paying an affordable price – 15 cents. Surprisingly, the child were treated like cargo, because "crossing" taken the kids with a certain weight corresponding to a standard package.

3. Radioactive toy

Continuing the childhood theme, we will mention about the unhealthy toys, which quietly sold in the store. In the 50-ies of the last century the true essence and intricacies of radiation was not significantly studied, so the danger, as such, she was not. The children were offered a mini-lab and a special "atomic" toys, which were meant to raise a child in future researcher or the researcher. Popular sets contain the real radioactive substances – uranium and polonium, albeit in micro-doses.

2. Smoking during pregnancy on doctor's orders

The doctors of the past did not consider that Smoking is so harmful to the expectant mother that she should immediately quit the habit. Just seven decades ago, the notorious American scientists advise pregnant Smoking, as prevention of constipation and other unpleasant consequences of "interesting situation." Thus gave birth to the woman calmly smoked right in the chamber without causing irritation from doctors or other moms. "But what about the lactation?", – you will ask. In fact, Americans were so busy planting tobacco culture and the degeneration of the nation that these "little things" they didn't even care.

1. Window cages for babies

Attitude towards children as the cargo is only "the tip of the iceberg". Very humane event for parents was to keep their own babies "in custody". In 30 years in England at the Windows and balconies of the installed wire cages, where planting for babies "walk" in the fresh air. Children sunbathe and play with their favorite toys, while parents are doing household chores.

Here are some interesting facts of history were a few centuries ago. This again confirms the idea that the only healthy information and comprehensive development of each person can really promote the culture and save the nation from degeneration.

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