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Top 10 psychological thrillers


Movies in the genre of psychological Thriller is always popular with spectators, as reveal secrets of the human soul and shed on it the light.

The top 10 psychological thrillers includes only the best paintings of this genre.

10. A walk among the tombstones2014

Opens the ten best psychological pictures a walk among the tombstones (2014). Wife authoritative drug dealer kill a violent perverts, but her body return to pieces. A man decides to seek the assistance of ex-COP named Skater. He little thought, agrees to take the case. The closer the COP to the solution, the for him to open up more incredible facts associated with a series of such crimes.

9. Buried2010

Psychological Thriller Buried (2010) is located in ninth place. The main character Paul comes to life and discovers that she is in enclosed space. After some time he realizes what is in the coffin. In his pocket he finds a mobile phone and trying to dial loved ones. But this time he dials the man with Arabic accent. Paul finds out that became a victim of terrorists who want to ransom him. The terrorists demanded that the victim made a video on the phone. In this case, they will only be able to get the money. The young man realizes that doomed to death alive, but not going to give up and attempts to dial the public service.

8. 24 hours2002

The eighth position is a psychological Thriller 24 hours (2002). Professional criminals and robbers of other people's happiness – the couple Hickey, Cheryl and their cousin Marvin make another child abduction in order to obtain a large ransom. But in addition to profit, the kidnappers have deeper motives. A few years ago they lost their daughter due to one hospital doctors who made a medical error. Thus, they are taking revenge for the death of their child. Their victim is the daughter of a doctor, which according to their calculations and was responsible for the death. Parents have exactly one day to find the money and return the daughter.

7. Vanished2014

The disappeared (2014) occupies the seventh place ranking among the best of psychological thrillers. The couple reached the threshold of the five-year life together. He prepared a gift for his wife and rushes home. But instead the couple he finds in the house ruin and the traces of blood. She loved to make for my husband surprises and hints in the form of the notes each year in celebration day. This time without this too, was not. Only those notes now other nature, which are evidence, do not speak in favor of the men. Girl fakes her own murder and tries to blame it on her husband so he landed in jail.

6. In sleeping with the enemy1991

The sixth position among the best psychological paintings took American Thriller In sleeping with the enemy (1991). Martin was the perfect groom who care for the beautiful Laura. She immediately agrees to marry her boyfriend. But everything changes drastically after the wedding. Filled with jealous husband beats up the heroine to death. So it goes from case to case. No longer able to endure the manic antics of a spouse, Laura decides to feign his death. All goes well and the girl manages to escape. After a while she encounters a young man who will take time to earn the trust of Laura. They begin to live together. But unexpectedly, the former husband learns that his wife is not dead and begins the hunt for her

5. Eyes wide shut1999

At the fifth position among the best psychological thrillers is the film eyes wide shut (1999). Married couple Alice and bill Harford at first glance give the impression of the perfect family. But the relationship between them is not as smooth as they seem from the outside. The characters are in search of new sensations, of giving vent to his erotic fantasies. Bill makes a fatal step, as they fell into the abyss of a sophisticated reality. He would be happy to return to their seats, but it's too late, the Painting was awarded in 1999, film award at the Venice film festival.

4. Remember2000

The fourth is a psychological Thriller Remember (2000). The protagonist Leonard Shelby suffers from a rare form of amnesia, which acquired due to head injuries. He remembers everything that was before the injury, but can not hold in memory the events of fifteen minutes ago. His wife was murdered and now his main goal is to find and take revenge on the criminal. But with his illness this would be not so easy. In the life of the hero get a girlfriend like Natalie and Teddy, the man who want to help Leonardo. But Shelby is in no hurry to trust them, because they may have their own selfish motives.

3. Emergency call2013

Three of the best psychological thrillers headed by an American feature film alarm (2013). In the center of the plot, the operator of service of rescue the girl, Jordan. Her profession requires her special skills and psychological endurance. But once the heroine breaks in service receives a disturbing call from a teenager girl. She was home alone and got into the house the offender, who turned serial killer. The police are on the way to help the victim and catch the killer. And while Jordan is trying to reassure the teenager, talking on the phone. But the connection is fatally interrupted. The operator makes the mistake and calls back to the number from which the call came in. The police remains too late

2. Tell no one2006

In second place is the French psychological Thriller tell No one (2006). Eight years have passed since Alexander Beck lost his beloved wife Margot Beck. Serial criminal was caught, but he never admitted to committing the eighth murder. Alexander, remembering that tragic night, still can not accept the loss. His only support is each Helen Perkins, which helps to relive the tragedy in his life. The discovery of additional evidence causes the police to reopen the investigation of the murder far ago. These events coincide with a strange electronic mail to e-mail the hero. In the submitted file is the video recording with date. Seen Alexander deprives of rest and sleep: because there is hope that his wife is alive.

1. The silence of the lambs1991

A rating of the best psychological thrillers is headed by artistic picture silence of the lambs (1991). The plot is based on investigating a series of murders committed by a psychopath throughout Western America. The FBI is charging to it's young agent Clarice sterling. To identify the psychological motives of the perpetrator and onto him, Clarice turns for help to Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is serving time for murder and cannibalism. The prisoner agrees to participate in the investigation of the case, but with one condition: she must share with him with all the details of his personal life. The agent remains nothing how to agree. Between the prisoner and the employee of the FBI there is an invisible, close relationship, which really bothers her.

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