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10 fall films that will create a cozy


Soul is still full of impressions bold and hot summer, and the autumn is in a hurry to surprise and please with its bright colors and to tell that it is not so bad, wearing a favorite sweater, poshurshat leaves in the Park, a walk along the seafront to watch flocks of birds gathering in the far country, or to stay home and watch the stories about the best of the country to mourn and reflect in a calm and cozy atmosphere. Take a warm blanket and a Cup of chocolate and timid under the patter of rain outside the window, immerse yourself in the world of romance, sadness and subtle humor: select a movie for everyone.

10. The lake house (2006)

She, Kate, in your 2006, leaving a nice house at the lake, he, Alex, in your 2004, and its visitors. The heroine throws in Inbox welcome letter to the new owner, and miraculously, it falls into the hands of the protagonist, in the past. Between the young people strike up a correspondence that develops into a warm and trusting relationship in which they understand that they are separated by two years and have the opportunity to meet in common for them next year, but Alex does not come. The heroine decides to leave all these ridiculous hopes for illusory happiness and return to real life. But one day she sees a figure similar house and learns that his author, Alex, was killed in an accident in 2006. Kate was a witness to this incident and realizes that it was her friend. The heroine is in despair, he writes a new letter, warning Alex about the danger, and with the hope of throwing the letter into the box At the end both characters meet in the lake house.

Drama with elements of fantasy and a wonderful and bright autumn Keanu Reeves and Sandra bullock.

9. Sleepy hollow (1999)

Ichabod crane investigates crimes and finds all purely scientific and rational explanation. Innovator sent to a small village to investigate a sinister and mysterious crimes: several villagers were beheaded. Arriving, he learns the legend of a cruel mercenary, who was caught and deprived of the head, now it appears in the image of the headless Horseman seeks revenge. Ichabod begins to look for a logical explanation for what is happening, but the behavior of the locals, and seen with my own eyes, not susceptible to normal explanation, and the hero starts to suspect everyone, including the girl he loved, Katrina. She is the daughter of a banker, in whose house stayed the main character. Icabod managed to untangle the case and find the culprit – it was Katrina's stepmother, Mary, once issued mercenary and now running it in the desire to obtain the inheritance. In the end the spirit of the headless Horseman gets his head back, he takes with him Mary and disappears. Ichabod and Katrina leave the sinister place forever.

Work on the mysteries, intrigue, investigation was entrusted to the charismatic johnny Depp.

8. Sweet November (2001)

What happens if you meet a typical ambitious and carefree, charming girl? Of course the love. Nelson's life changes drastically when his path intersects with Sarah. It breaks the monotonous course of his life, introducing his very unusual circle of friends, making strange, but quite endearing and cute actions, forcing him to look at the world differently. And even a contract for a month communication is not frustrating character, because Sarah finally also fell in love for real. Unfortunately, one day she'll paint his world in dark colors, when the hero discovers that his beloved is terminally ill. Parting is inevitable, because the heroine wants to remain forever in the memory of the dear man beautiful and strong.

Beautiful and sad story for two, narrated by Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.

7. Autumn Sonata (1978)

The history of relations between mothers and daughters. The mother, Charlotte, a talented pianist, comes to visit his daughter ava. They had not seen for seven years. The life of the mother has developed a great career of a brilliant musician, fame, multiple marriages. Eva lives modestly and quietly, she's married to a pastor, a large wound on the heart death of a young son, can not let go the woman. Eva cares for his sister, who suffers from paralysis. It so happened that the mother in favor of their own ambitions, left no children of his father, and the girls did not receive adequate care and attention. Now it's time to meet and figure out the relationship. Mother and daughter have waged a long conversation, expressing mutual resentment and accusations. Charlotte's heart still deaf to the pleas and requests of the daughters of the drop of love. Unable to endure the oppressive atmosphere at home, his mother leaves. Daughter writes a letter hoping to correct the situation, because the love of a mother still lives in her heart.

Director Bergman saw a mother and daughter just them: Ingrid Bergman and Liv Ullmann.

6. Pleasantville (1998)

David, humble and introverted teenager, likes to spend the evening watching black and white TV series about the family of Parkers who all correctly and methodically. David's sister, Jennifer, the person is very daring and independent, hold different views. Once young people, thanks to the wizard-TV technician, moved to black and white America of the fifties and become children of the couple of Parkers residing in the town of Pleasantville. Here everything is perfect: husbands go to work, women run a household, children attend school, athletes regularly win matches, but the firefighters save cats because of the town's no fire, and special problems. The peace is disturbed Jennifer, when spends the night with a local boy, and in fact the city let's say a kiss. Gradually all the desires, dreams and anxiety of the residents come out, painting themselves and the world around in different colors. The life of the town is changing irrevocably. Is it good or bad to understand the main characters.

The world of Pleasantville painted actors Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon.

5. When Harry met Sally (1989)

Fate periodically confronts the heroes with each other. At the first meeting Sally at the request of a friend brings up Harry to new York. A few hours journey with a very Frank and rather arrogant young people, and Sally with relief parted with him upon arrival. Then follows a series of meetings, and the characters gradually grow closer, sharing their life, feelings and aspirations. They very well understand each other. Once they spend the night together. This circumstance confuses Harry, because friendship with Sally's important. The girl resents him. At the party Harry's friends reveals that she loves, and to understand it, it took him only twelve years old.

Relive the funny moments and moments of sadness this ageless Comedy with actors Meg Ryan and bill Crystal.

4. Penelope (2006)

The result of the curse imposed on the family, Penelope is born with a snout instead of a nose, and wear it she is bound to until the young man's a blue blood not fall in love with her. And lives unhappy girl, protect their parents, because wanting to confess my love to her no, all the princes barely escapes seeing her. Once in the house there is Max, the fake bridegroom, employed by well-wishers for the photograph. Young people communicate through the mirror and very close. The girl shows her face, but heard the click of the camera, and Penelope walks out of the room, still considering himself a monster. She secretly leaves home and begins their own journey to London, as a result, she finds friends and herself, revealing to the world the true face. Restless parent find a groom for his daughter and persuade her to marry. During the ceremony, the bride changes the decision, saying mother I like myself for who I am. Suddenly Piglet disappears and the curse is lifted. Once on the holiday, Penelope, wearing a mask, comes to max, the young man immediately recognizes her and admits his love not knowing that the curse was gone.

Pig nose in the romantic Comedy tried pretty actress Christina Ricci.

3. Duplex (2003)

Young couple Alex and Nancy dream of building a cozy nest and look for this house. Fortune smiles, and they manage to get the two-storey apartment with a small condition. In the house lives a cute harmless old lady, and to live it is not much. However, everything went wrong, and the peaceful life of the spouses gradually began to turn into hell. The grandmother suddenly began to show character, and even a hired killer has failed to cope with the witch. The spouses sell the house cheaply and move out. Our unsinkable heroine once again is celebrating successfully crank the scheme with naive youth. But not all so sad in the life of a young couple, after all, it's a Comedy, so Alex released a successful book about the misadventures in the lounge.

An unequal battle with the enterprising elderly lady were actors Ben Stiller and drew Barrymore.

2. Autumn in new York (2000)

Will Kane is very cynical about life, he is successful in business and among women. Young Charlotte was supposed to be another one of his endless series of easy victories, but the sincerity, purity and straightforwardness of the girl touches him, and here he is, a grown man, listening to her every sigh and catches your eye. As the punishment falls on the hero news that the beloved is ill, and measured her only a year. Charlotte herself was desperate, and then fight for her life comes will. It will change the world and find the doctor who dare to do the surgery, but the miracle does not occur. The main character dies.

Enjoy piercing always elegant Richard Gere and gentle of Winona Ryder.

1. If I stay (2014)

Once there was a girl MIA. And everything in her life was harmoniously: the parents, and understanding the modern young people, friends, favorite hobby – cello, and all of the other teenage adventures. But one day everything changed: the accident occurred and all the best in a moment vanished: parents died, the heroine herself is a coma, and her soul must make a difficult choice: to leave earth or stay and continue your journey. Balancing the beautiful moments of the past filled with laughter, kindness and warmth of memories, and watching the behavior of people: family, friends, loved one who are still waiting for, love and ask to return to them, MIA must make a difficult decision.

The main role in a drama performed by young and talented Chloe grace Moretz.

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