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10 autumn books that warm the heart and inspire


Autumn is best suited to do creative work and to read interesting books. There is nothing surprising in the fact that many writers inspiration overtakes at this atmospheric time of year. In autumn you want warmth, comfort, but at the same time – interesting stories with a twisted plot. This time of year catches up with a special mood that you need to find relevant literature. After reading this article, you'll learn about which books are particularly pleased to read in the fall.

10. Zelazny "a Night in lonesome October"

Halloween October night, full of mystery and secrets. Writer Roger Zelazny makes it even more mysterious. When the full moon coincides with Halloween, the boundary between real and supernatural worlds is blurred even more. The ancient trying to be a part of this world. The Game starts, focus which help assistants – animals who have intelligence. The story is on behalf of one of these assistants. Opening and closing must accumulate artifacts and to get as many forces to finally have their chance to win: the losers will be very sad.

9. Lihan "Give me your hand, darkness"

This is an interesting Thriller with a gripping detective story. Private detectives are beginning to work, which is very dangerous. Because of this difficult case may end not only career, but life. The psychiatrist and her child in danger from Irish criminals, and the case of a serial killer who is in prison, continues violent maniac. This whole story is so interesting that it did not get off until the very last page.

8. Coetzee's "Autumn in St. Petersburg"

Judging by the book of Joseph Coetzee, we can assume that he liked the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It tells the story of how this Russian writer arrives in Saint Petersburg from abroad and meets with the heroes of their own books written and yet to be established. This original story will capture from the beginning and will not allow to fall in the autumn Blues.

7. Graendal "Silence in October"

This book is metaphorical, elegant, delicate and a little nervous. It is possible to find all accents fall, lyricism, anguish, melancholy. The story is both unusual and very ordinary: a philosophical history, but it primarily focuses on relationships between people. Thanks to this original approach writer from Europe made their way to the USA, which confirmed its success.

6. Klein's "Diary of a butterfly"

It's pretty rare at the present time neo-Gothic, which also has a very high quality. Writing this book, Rachel Klein, to some extent, bringing himself closer to Anne rice, Anne Radcliffe, and other masters of the genre. The student of a private school sixteen years, and she has a great interest in Ernesse is a very mysterious girl. She has mysterious eyes and charming skin, has a strong pallor. Young and sexy Ernessa attracted to its unusual behavior. It turns out that the school she came not to learn.

5. Kesey "Over the cuckoo's nest"

This book tells the story of how insane become quite ordinary people who find themselves among the crazy. However, they show great fortitude, very endure the blows of fate. The hero of the book Kesey suddenly falls into a madhouse, but still remains true to himself and his beliefs. It is not possible to deprive yourself of individuality and unwilling to bend to social norms. The character of this man continues to be a very bright and interesting.

4. Bradbury "all Hallows Eve"

Bradbury remarkably able to create memorable, vivid, very interesting stories, but his stories are still instructive. In the book "all Hallows Eve" tells the story of how mysteriously disappears one boy in the company of guys. Something dragged him right in front of everyone. In the end, it turns out that to cope with the challenges children are no worse than adults – perhaps even better. To find his friends, the boys go on a dangerous, but very exciting journey. They combine interesting and informative, a pleasure to use.

3. Jansson "At the end of November"

Nobody wants to be lonely in the late fall. Alone will have to face the friends of Moomin: the members of the family can find fun in the journey and therefore unable to give them proper attention. Snusmumrik, hemul and other inhabitants of Moomin valley don't know what to do to each other not to quarrel. It turned out that unattended Moomins, they are very difficult to find a common language. But still they find a way to keep the relations with each other, learn about very important things and then leaves the valley, ready to return to fun family.

2. Ruiz Savona "the shadow of the wind"

This book can be called perfect for reading in the autumn time of year. Lost in her head, you won't notice any unhappy faces, no bad weather. Ruiz, Savona is a very talented writer, which many compare to popular Umberto Eco. So, the action starts in Barcelona. A little boy finds a strange book and for many years has figured her secret. "The shadow of the wind" book, which tells the story of destined meetings, terrible curses, beautiful women, exciting events.

1. Lipskerov "Autumn will never happen"

The book "Autumn will never be" magical realism. This story connects with the unreal real, and very naturally and smoothly, like it should be. On drinking artist from Russia, no one knows at home, but abroad from his work all in absolute awe. Athlete of the Soviet Union, almost the champion of the Olympic games – and here it already destroys rats, she becomes a rat! Lipskerova possible to include in one book that it is impossible to combine, and he does it with consummate skill.

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