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10 mistakes in interior design that do not allow


A few decades ago, all the apartments were similar to one another. People pasted the same Wallpaper, bought the same furniture. But not so long ago people learned about interior design. The variety of styles makes happy owners of a new (or not) to make a difficult decision. The avant-garde, classic style, minimalist ... the list goes on and on. But usually people prefer to hire a designer to explain to him what you want to see the apartment and to obtain, for a fee, cool project. Only the fun is not cheap. So many people are setting up housing on their own. Here is the event of a puncture. Like and repair good and the furniture is beautiful, but the General appearance is depressing. The thing is that in design there are rules, most of which are unknown to ordinary people. We present to your attention the top 10 mistakes in interior design, which should not be tolerated.

10. Incorrect zoning

If you do not have even minimal knowledge about zoning, then you should not do it. In most cases, people fail to properly delineate the space. Someone's trying to highlight areas with color, the room becomes like a parrot. Someone creates too many zones, and it resembles a hotel for dogs, where each has its own remote corner. If you have a Studio apartment, focus on the integrity of the space. A good sofa will be the sleeper. Here you can receive guests, only get a small coffee table. The workplace can be equipped in the corner, can you think of a variant with a folding surface.

9. Props in the interior

Has long been out of fashion gold plated paintings, artificial flowers, strange sculptures and statues of stone animal heads, but some people it does not stop. They are in any way trying to decorate your home. Want the interior of your home pleasing not only you but also the guests, avoid props. No need to clutter up the space with useless and tasteless things. Also avoid materials that mimic wood or stones. Well, gold in the interior, too, will look disgusting, you have not a Palace, but you are the representative of the Royal family.

8. "Barricades" out of furniture

If the furniture in the room too much, she probably misplaced. You need to rearrange the furniture so that you don't run across the table, trying to get to the couch, and when you try to turn off the lights did not move the chair. In General, the less furniture, the better. If you live in a Studio apartment, you will be enough built-in wardrobe, sofa, small table and properly equipped workplace. You can save not only space but also money. Another plus: quick tidy, you don't have to push, dusting with numerous lockers. Vacuum and wipe the floor in 15 minutes.

7. "Empty" window

If you prefer the Scandinavian style or loft style, then you can afford Windows without curtains. If you don't know what it is, then get ready to shop for new curtains. Many people feel uncomfortable if the Windows are not curtained. But here too not all so is simple, choose ones that will blend with the color of walls, furniture and other interior items. Do not spare money, choose high-quality materials. These curtains will last you long enough. The interior will be completed and room is comfortable.

6. Too many details

There is so much stylish and lovely things that hardly anyone leaves without buying. Vases, figurines, paintings, cute knick-knacks. And what are the gifts of family and colleagues! They, too, need to be placed preferably in the most conspicuous place. Not that aunt Kate, came to stay for a couple of days, offended that her gift is undeservedly forgotten. Don't try to please everyone: family, colleagues, the seller who offers you to buy something. It's your apartment, not the pantry. No need to bring anything that gets you under the arm. It's terrible looks, and also prevents the movement of energy. By the way, imagine that all these little things will have to dust at least once a week.

5. "Complex" ceilings

They still enjoy great popularity in the decoration of the apartments, though quite unlike the ones that were fashionable a few years ago. Now their designs are simplified, people are starting to realize that multi-level ceilings look ridiculous in the small rooms of the wardrobe. If you have a small apartment, the maximum that you can afford – two levels. Complex ceilings with multiple levels and different types of lighting Express, large living room country houses.

4. Furniture placed around the room

This idea is so entrenched in the minds of people that they still can't come up with anything new. It is not about all but about most. Your parents were and grandparents, too, that you put the furniture along the walls. This method is pretty banal, leave it to the grandmothers. You don't need an empty Playground in the middle of the room, if you are not going every night to dance. Use the space as efficiently as possible. Do zoning, separate the workplace from a place to stay. Furniture is quite versatile, in the same room can fit all.

3. The interior is not in harmony with your inner world

You have entrusted the development of style designers, and everything seems to like it, but get used to it and can't. Feel uncomfortable. Just the interior is not suitable for your inner peace. Find what you're looking for. You may be able to change the "form" of his apartment. Well, if not, contact your professional. Do not regret forces and means for it. It is very important that you feel comfortable at home. Here you rest and gain strength, so the atmosphere plays an important role.

2. The loss of stylistic unity

Choose one style and stick to only it. The mixture of styles in the interior will look, to put it mildly, not very. Of course, this is your place, and maybe you always wanted to place a collection of porcelain dolls in the room of the loft, but soon you will notice that the apartment is disharmony. Therefore, before choosing a style, think several times. Consider all the details, pick up the furniture, accessories, and then buy. If in doubt, request the project to a professional or at least try to do it yourself in any online service for the interior layout.

1. Deficiency or overabundance of light

If you correctly picked lighting for your apartment, all your previous efforts were in vain. Nothing special there is no need. Chandelier in the centre for good lighting, sconces or floor lamp for muted. You should not choose spectacular lighting, light quality which you want. It's not a decoration, they must perform certain functions. Avoid fixtures with exposed bulbs, they are blind. Don't look at the beauty of the devices, and their functionality and safety. It is also important to place the light sources in the apartment. And another note on usability. In some of them the bulb, you will change with more work, better refrain from such a purchase.

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