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10 basic rules of daily skin care


In his youth, many girls disregard the rules of skin care face. They go to bed with makeup, forget to clean the skin, apply the cream. This is often not reflected in their looks, they look excellent. That's the only way can't go on forever. Of course, in 20 years the best skin care is a dream, but you need to think about the future. Otherwise there is a risk of premature aging of the skin. By the way, this applies not only to young girls. Women age, caring for your skin, too often doing it wrong. And then wonder why their appearance leaves much to be desired. If a woman wants to always stay young and beautiful, she should observe the 10 basic rules of daily skin care.

10. Toning

Some consider the stage of toning extra, but it's not. The use of a tonic is an essential step in daily skin care. Toner restores the acid-alkaline balance after cleansing, it can reduce the feeling of tightness, and to remove makeup residue. You need to use it daily: morning and evening. Choose better funds, which includes alcohol. Alcohol funds, is likely to cause irritation or dryness. This procedure will not take much time, but your skin will say "thank you". Soon you yourself will not be able to do without the tonic, the process of removing make-up will seem incomplete.

9. Protection from the sun's rays

Many famous beauties owe their youth and beauty sun protection creams. We all know that ultraviolet rays affect the skin. Up to 90% of skin changes happen is their fault. So before you buy a cream, check whether it has sunscreen effect. The tube must be specified level of SPF. For daily use, suitable day cream with SPF from 8 to 30, depending on the skin tone. It is a mistake to assume that in winter the skin needs protection from the sun. Need, only much smaller. But the cream with sunscreen in no case should be applied at night.

8. Daily cleansing

The skin needs daily cleansing. In the morning is enough to wash with warm water. In the evening it is necessary to give the skin plenty of attention. To begin, remove makeup from eyes, lips, face. For this you can use any tools for removing makeup. Varieties of a lot of them, someone chooses the milk, someone lotion. Very popular lately has become a micellar water. Its advantage is that it's gentle on the skin while cleansing and toning it. After removing makeup, wash with warm water. Some girls are instead tools to use make-up remover gel cleanser. Choose the right tool and don't forget to do the cleansing procedure every day.

7. Do not forget about the skin around the eyes

The skin here is very thin and delicate, so it ages in the first place. Of course, if you do not pay it due attention. In any case it is impossible to go to bed with painted eyes. Make-up remover is better to choose a special product for the eye, it will not be so aggressive act on the thin skin around the eyes. Every day apply the cream around the eyes. This is the minimum that you can do for this zone. Against a small mimic wrinkles helps toning and rejuvenating the skin structure of the cream. If wrinkles are very noticeable use products with panthenol, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract. Important in skin care around the eyes – regularity.

6. Healthy sleep on a clean pillow

If you don't get enough sleep, even the most expensive creams will save your skin. Healthy sleep is essential for her beauty, but sleep is also need to correct. Cosmetologists recommend be sure to go to bed before 22 o'clock. From 22 to 24 they are called "beauty sleep". At this time, the hormone that triggers new cells. But it is produced only in a dark room. So sleep early in this tightly zadernuv curtains and turning off all light sources. Often change the pillow or donate it to the dry cleaners. Few people think about what in your pillow accumulates dirt and dust, which adversely affect the skin. You may receive the pimple or pop a zit.

5. Selection of the correct tools

The skin will never be perfect, if hair is picked up incorrectly. It's not necessary to understand the makeup at the employee level beauty salon. Just carefully read the information about the tool. Determine your skin type and buy creams and lotions only of its type. Do not buy makeup that is not appropriate to your age. If you are a little over 20, it is unlikely you'll like the cream for adult skin. Do not expect that it will help you to get rid of premature wrinkles. The same applies to masks, even those you make from scrap vehicles.

4. Hydration and nutrition

An integral part of the daily skin care is hydration and nutrition. Lack of moisture will cause the skin will lose elasticity, appears premature wrinkles. Every morning, apply to skin moisturizing or nourishing cream. In autumn and winter it is better to use a nourishing cream, during spring and summer – moisturizing. But it is not so simple. For example, girls up to 25 years, better not to use a nourishing cream, but it is ideal for those who have already crossed that line. The cream is chosen individually, depending on the needs of the skin.

3. Periodic change of cosmetics

Very often choosing the suitable product, ladies use them for years. First, only if it copes with its task, then it generally does not work or makes things worse. The fact is that the skin gets accustomed to active ingredients and are not able to perceive them anymore. The adjustment period is different for everyone, but it usually does not exceed two months. To avoid this, you should purchase several tools, and periodically rotate them. Of course, skin care products also need to be changed in accordance with the seasons.

2. Rid of greasy luster

This problem applies to girls with oily skin. They are struggling to get rid of him, but often making things worse. First you need to determine the internal causes of greasy Shine. This can be a poor diet or a hormonal imbalance. In this case, no cosmetics will not help. In order to get rid of the Shine, we first need to find the right remedies for oily skin. Be sure to clean and moisturize the skin morning and evening. Use the scrub to bring the excess dirt from the skin pores. Be sure to wipe it with toner. Good helpers in the fight against greasy luster will be masks and steam baths.

1. Skin hydration from the inside

But cosmetics are absolutely powerless if you do not regularly moisturize the skin from within. Mandatory daily skin care is the correct drinking regime. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. You also need to include in your diet foods that provide the cells for additional moisture. It's pickles, nuts, fish, avocado. Good assistants in the hydration of the skin will be vitamin a, Flaxseed oil, fish oil.

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