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10 discoveries that will make man, becoming a father


Done! Behind the whims of the pregnant wife, the endless running around in strollers, Cribs and other items, the existence of which you never knew before. Now you're a dad. You probably already celebrated with friends this is a great event, and received congratulations from relatives and even took his wife and new family member from the hospital. That's just unlikely you were ready to such turn. Life has changed, and not for the better. Being a father is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It's not just football/hockey in the evening and fishing on the weekends. But if you have a daughter? You don't have the slightest idea what to do with the child until it is quite small. To get started is to learn how to change diapers. But seriously, every man makes many discoveries when he became a father. To something he already mentally prepared, but something is a complete surprise to him.

10. The dream was the first dream

It turns out that the kids from advertising, which sleep 12 hours in a dry diaper, only exist on TV. Your child refuses to sleep. Rather, he falls asleep in your arms, because from now on all evening placing your. But it is necessary to put him in the crib, as he wakes up. Even if you are allowed to get up during the night, prolonged sleep you can only dream of. Baby wakes up several times a night, and you too. It is a pity that you don't have a couple of day dreams. Now, if you're asked to choose between sex and sleep, you will not hesitate to choose the latter. You have no more erotic fantasies, everything you dream – sleep.

9. Free time — when he is asleep

Now your whole life is subordinated to a small child. Free time is only when the child falls asleep. But you, unlike the wife, there is a place where you can escape it. Often the newly minted fathers of late, referring to employment. In fact, they just can't muster the strength to go home. After all, is the big boss at work, waiting for their little house. Over the weekend you are more tired. When to rest, if the wife need to redo all the things accumulated over a week, and you have to entertain the child. But those hours/minutes that he was asleep – bliss. But do not relax, you should pour a Cup of tea and turn on "You Tube" as he wakes up.

8. The apartment is deadly

As soon as the child is a little older and starts to crawl, you'll have all the time to protect him. You realize that in the apartment very much dangerous places. You need to constantly follow the child to save him from injury. Any little thing left on the floor can become deadly. It is better to remove all the excess. Ideal for the child will be an empty room. If you don't have it, never get distracted. The kids all try on a tooth, they may swallow a coin or a button, chew wires, to drop on something big. They can ruin things, but this is not so important.

7. A good cartoon can be viewed 50 times

How many times have you watched your favorite movie? A couple of times or you do not like to watch the same thing? Your child has a different opinion. He enthusiastically will watch the next repeat of the "Blue tractor" or "Masha and bear". You will soon learn by heart the words of the main characters, all the songs from the cartoon. Of course, you can offer a child to watch another cartoon, but it is unlikely he will agree. Oh, and remember, 50 times is not the limit. If you intend to raise the child in severity and complete isolation from TV, then you will have to abandon his view, and it is better to throw out or sell. Otherwise there will come a time when you will include the child anything, if only he walked away from you.

6. You have a nasty temper

Only now you will be able to understand their parents. They were so hard with you. You will see in your child your traits, not all of them will be positive. Stubbornness and perseverance, which help you to achieve something in life, your child will bring you. You will not be able to explain to him that this thing can not be taken. It will require as long as you don't let him have what he need not take. But you're a strict father, will be able to withstand half an hour of wild Creek and riding on the floor.

5. You could negotiate with terrorists

Now you know that the terrorists are not so terrible as they are painted. You could even agree with them. You have to convince the baby to eat porridge. You have to explain to him that you can't buy half of the toy store. And what are the fees for a walk in the cold season? By the way, if you have a daughter on the way to daycare she may think that nothing has worn that green dress, it was there yesterday. If you can convince her or have to return home depends on you. So if you have time, you can start to look for information on the topic: "How to convince?" Don't forget that you are a child. The most effective persuasion techniques that you used to use, is not suitable.

4. Not everything depends on you

You will find that in this life not everything depends on you. When your child falls (I'm only a minute turned away), you'll remember the prayers, even if you do not know them. Sooner or later it will happen anyway. We should say about children's illnesses. When he get colic will cut teeth or the temperature rises, don't panic. With all the children this happens, your child is no exception. Of course, the feeling of helplessness is maddening. In this case, help him with what we can. Pick him up, talk with him. The child must feel that he is not alone. After all, you're going to sit around all night with a baby, if only it was easier.

3. You're a "bad" investigator

You probably watched movies about criminals and know about the technique of "a good bad COP". So, you have to be bad. After all, in 1.5 years the child will manipulate the mother. But someone needs to educate him. You will get an unpleasant role. You say "impossible", to punish, to explain, how to behave. Prepare for the fact that the child will be offended at you and run away for a good investigator to find help and support.

2. Little, not so quiet

The baby screams loud enough. Let it weighs only 4 pounds, but he has a sonorous voice. Do not think that when he's a little older, will replace the cries in words. Too long will have to wait for this moment. Even if your child is over three, he will not forget the cry of great help in the struggle with the parents. Is the "enable siren", as you buy and give him everything he wants. Well, or be patient then. Can buy ear plugs.

1. Happiness is

And you understand one fundamental truth. Children – this is happiness. And if you asked whether you agree to exchange the troublesome family life in a carefree bachelor, you will say no. Even if you are by nature a cynic, a child will change your Outlook. At least against children. You overwhelm with emotion when he first say the word "dad" when to make first steps. You know what tenderness. You will enjoy life and be thankful for what she gave you a son or daughter. You realize that happiness is not in money and fame. You're not alone, you have a family, and that's all that matters.

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