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10 differences in the mentality of Americans from the Russians


People lead roughly the same lifestyle throughout the civilized world. The process of globalization has affected virtually all countries. Going abroad, we are not surprised metro map, traffic rules, restaurant service and other trappings of everyday life, because here in Russia, we see roughly the same thing. But still the conditions of society and culture leave their imprint on the mindset of each individual. From this stems the fundamental differences in the mentality of the people living in different countries. Our overseas neighbors, citizens of the USA have a few differences in behavior that may cause astonishment among the Russian people.

10. In America, almost will not find nepotism

Very rare in the USA you can find occasions when you take a job not because of talent, experience and abilities, but because of friendships or family ties. Your boss will always treat you the way you deserve. This does not mean that you are not able to meet informally with the head. You can easily meet on weekends and drink wine with dinner. But come Monday, and in the workplace, the Manager can tell you if you did something wrong.

9. Americans do not discuss politics

In Russia to discuss politics over dinner or in a cafe with friends is perfectly normal, willing to talk about the bills and the country's leaders. We scan the news in the mornings and the evenings, and instantly react to this or that political event in Russia or abroad. Americans do not give a policy of absolutely no value. In the morning during Breakfast, they also have a TV, but they watch the early show or, for example, news from the world of show business. But politics in America is only interested in those who have to it any relation.

8. For Americans to Snitch and knocking is normal

The word "tattletale" or "Snitch" in our mentality are a curse. We are ready to cover the back of a friend or relative and to support him if he did something bad crossed the road in the wrong place or cheated during the exam at the University. For Americans to complain to the person who did something wrong this is the right decision in this situation. The government has actively encouraged denunciations, and everywhere you can find posters with slogans such as "If you see something suspicious call this number." Therefore, the company itself organizes and eliminates troublemakers.

7. The Americans always leave a tip

In our culture, yet it is not customary to leave a tip anywhere. We can give a small amount of a tip to the waiter in a cafe or restaurant, but don't do this always and only on his own initiative. In America it is customary to leave a tip absolutely all service personnel. In American cafes and restaurants have a separate line "Tip is not included, but are assumed to be in the amount of 15-20 percent." For tea leave not only the waiters but also the drivers of the bus, cashiers in supermarkets and other representatives of the service sector. Not tipping in this country is considered bad manners.

6. Personal space of the US population is larger than that of the Russians

Russian people like to vent to others, or to talk about his personal life. Therefore, we can speak about themselves and their problems, even strangers at the bus stop or the neighbors in the compartment in the train. And friends and family and altogether every day we report about certain incidents that happened. Americans are very rarely in response to the phrase "How are you?" will start to complain and talk about the daily hardships. They just politely smile and say that everything is fine with them. For U.S. residents this question and the answer is a courtesy and nothing more. In America also read indecent too crowded to approach or lean over to the person. If this happens, American necessarily I apologize.

5. Americans will never ask another person as he was in the United States

America is a country of immigrants. The statue of Liberty is symbol of refuge for those who find themselves in difficult life situations and, therefore, moved to the United States in search of a better life. Historically, many move to this country because of some difficulties in life and prefer not to dwell on the fact that provoked them to take such a decision. That's why to ask about reasons for moving to the United States a sign of bad taste. In Russia, however, many people do not ask sensitive questions and sometimes put the interlocutor in an awkward position.

4. Americans almost never find out relations on the raised tones

Live in Russia is quite emotional people. We are distinguished by a loud voice and sharpness in manner of speech. That is why very often we find out personal relationships with people, accompanying the process with shouts, and the sharp words. In America it is customary to sort things out politely and with confidence. And it concerns not only the working moments and situations in public places, but domestic conflicts with loved ones. Americans are always trying to Express their opinion on certain issues, courteously smiling all the while.

3. The Americans never shout at children, not raise them

Attitude towards children in America is very anxious. Children are the most important value in life, and there are a number of laws prohibiting to show a negative attitude to juvenile residents of the United States. So very often you can see on the playgrounds, like children making a real mess, and the parents quietly watching this. No one ever yells at children, and especially not beats them. If a third party notice is not a proper attitude of a parent or other person to the child, he immediately reported to the appropriate authorities.

2. US residents are very hardened

Russia snow country, and for us it is very important to dress for the weather. Sometimes we'll even pereuserdstvovat in choosing the right seasonal clothing. In the US things are very different. Despite the changeable weather, snow, rain and wind, in America, nobody is trying to bundle up in warm clothes and not shaking over the fact that the children had hats and scarves in autumn and winter. Americans very often do not dress for the weather. In the U.S. house decided not to open the window ventilation, but air conditioning is always operating at full capacity. And most of the drink is served all year round with ice.

1. Americans are not judged on appearance

In Russia there is a saying "Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind". We often critically evaluated the appearance of the people passing by and the more their contacts. In the U.S. no one even looks in your direction, if in the morning you went to the store in your home clothes and Slippers. Americans sincerely believe that everyone has the right to wear what he likes. Therefore, on the streets of American cities you can often find people in the most ridiculous outfits, but nobody is surprised.

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