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10 differences between cat lovers and dog


It might seem like you can divide people into categories just because of the fact that one category of people prefer dogs, and second as a pet only sees the cat. It is difficult to say that cat people and dog people are two absolutely opposite group. moreover, many people love dogs and cats equally. But, nevertheless, cat people and dog people have some character traits. These differences are manifested only in the case if the person is not like any other animals besides dogs. Well, or cats. It is worth saying that there is no unspoken war between these groups of people. Even cats and dogs can live together in one house. And even become friends. What can we say about people.

10. The smart cat owner

About the differences between cat people and dog people have long been debates not only among ordinary people but also among scientists. A few years ago, researchers from Carroll University conducted a study among students. Young people were asked to assign themselves to one of the categories, and then pass an intellectual test. The study revealed that the cat people show better results than dog lovers. But to say that cat people are smarter, quite controversial. The sample was not large and to influence the global result could not. However, such outcomes are associated more with the lifestyle of the representatives of each group. Among the cat people more than introverts. Such people prefer to spend the evening at home with a book than go to a noisy party.

9. Dog lovers listen

Dog lovers are considered open and cheerful people who can't be alone. From the dog lover a lot of friends and simply good acquaintances. In addition, dog lovers more outgoing, in contrast to the cat owner. So if you need a friend to speak to, no one does it better than a dog person. Cat people are less emotional and are closed. Moreover, because of the nature of nature, a cat owner has few friends, but they are all proven. In addition, dog lovers know how to listen, they know how to listen. During the research it was found that dog walkers are more flexible and rarely go against.

8. Cat owners are impartial

Due to the peculiarities of temperament, cat people tend to judge any situation, regardless of their likes or dislikes. Like most introverts, and cat lovers prefer to first analyze the situation and then make decisions. Dog lovers more impulsive people, so they often act on emotions and adopt hasty decisions. Impartiality is another quality that distinguishes lovers of cats and dogs.

7. Dog lovers cheerful and friendly

Not hard to imagine that the lover is much more cheerful and friendly, unlike the cat owner. As the majority of cat people are introverts, they prefer to spend evenings at home or with a few close friends. Dog lovers, extroverts and their energy is directed to the outside world. Dog lover it is hard to spend a lot of time at home alone. Dog lovers and their Pets, love to walk, to lead an active life and like to communicate with people. Therefore, the lover many friends and it is easier to meet new people. In this regard, the lovers a more sociable and flexible in communication. What can be said about cat people.

6. Cat owner looking for affection, lover – friendship

The cat owner has very few friends, and to feel not alone, they may need only a few (or even one) close friends. The cat owner is not looking for a fleeting acquaintances, it is important to have a proven and reliable person. In addition, the cat owner is rarely easy to converge with strangers. What can be said about the lovers. If the lover comes to a strange company, it immediately finds like-minded people. Dog lovers appreciate the friendship. And the more friends, the better. One close friend dog lover is not enough.

5. Cats choose sensitive people

Come back to the fact that the majority of cat people are introverts. And introverts, as you know, appreciate the deep feelings. Many cat people are people single. In addition, the cat people are more sensitive personality. Cats are always attached to their owner and rarely show friendliness towards other people. Some studies say that the cat people – romantic and sensitive nature, looking for true love. Dogs, on the contrary, being friendly to many people. So if one gets relationship, the cats can't get used to a new person in the house. And some cats are not able to deal with it.

4. Dog lovers more

As a result of researches it was found that in the world of dog lovers, in numbers, much more. In contrast to the cat owner. It is also worth noting a curious fact. Extroverts in the world than introverts. However in cities dominated by cat people. In a small apartment can contain a cat easier. But in the suburbs is dominated by dog lovers. Especially those who have big dogs. After all, they need to be outside and the city apartment is too cramped. But don't categorically say that dog lovers and more. Many people have both of those animals. And love them equally.

3. Cat owners prefer solitude

Cat owners, unlike dog owners, prefer to spend time at home in a relaxed atmosphere. And, as much as possible. Noisy parties and crowds tire of. A quiet evening at home spent reading a book or watching a movie with your favorite cat is a true cat owner. And to make the kennel a long time to sit at home this whole ordeal. In addition, the dog should constantly walk, and the cat is quite happy with a warm home and loved the window in which she can watch for hours. Well, or just sleep.

2. Dog lovers tend to dominate

Cat people are self – sufficient and independent personality, not inclined to show aggression towards other people. In addition, cat owners are less emotional and do not show so openly your feelings. Dog lovers like their Pets, do not get emotional and often impulsive. Because of the characteristics of the dog lovers prefer to dominate. A cat owner is to keep the neutrality. But, of course, everyone is different. Not all dog lovers prefer to dominate other people. And not all cat people to stick to a neutral position.

1. Dog lovers more outgoing

Again, it all comes down to the fact that the cat owner loves to spend a quiet relaxing evening. And the lovers cannot be kept in four walls. Like their furry Pets. In addition, dogs are easy-going, quickly get used to new people. And show aggression unless threatened. Dog owners are also light to lift and find the approach even to strangers. And strangers feel quite confident. After all, the natural sociability helps them in any situation. Dog lovers can't be alone and they need constant communication. A cat owner is quite cost society your pet.

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