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10 hair shades that are in Vogue in 2019


Fashion is a very fickle thing. Every year there are many important trends that should be followed to be on the wave. You receive so many that all seem to and will not follow. That is why in this article we have collected all the possible options of hair colors that will be fashionable in the next 2019. To every beauty can choose the shade that suits her. So read ten of the coolest colors of the coming season, and safely change.

10. Brandy and hints of cinnamon

Brunette in fashion for a long time, and the next year is especially rich with the pronounced dark color. Therefore, one of the main trends 2019 hue of cognac and spicy cinnamon. Dark color with a slight sheen of reddishness are universal. They do not need special care, as without it the color looks interesting and attractive. Also, sunlight plays a huge role. In bright light, your hair will look different than in dim. It is also a huge plus when choosing this shade. As many fashionable women like to experiment and be different shades of cognac and cinnamon are ideal for this purpose.

9. The shade "rose gold"

Bold and stylish, fashionable and bold rose gold-tone again relevant in the upcoming 2019 year. Contrary to opinions, this shade is suitable not only teenagers or blondes, but absolutely all, without exception, girls. The only difference is in the technique of staining. Yes, and this is a very interesting and attractive option for those who love experiments and, most importantly, not afraid of change.

8. Natural hair color

Another trend that emerged has long been the fashion on your own natural hair color. Many women and celebrities have already abandoned the painting, in favor of their natural color. It is believed that it suits the person most. And in the coming year this fashion will only intensify. The course will go various balms that enhance the natural beauty of hair. The paint is more brown shades as close to natural. It always looks beautiful and natural.

7. All shades of red

Red, fiery hair color is definitely the height of fashion now. It is always a winning option in order to be the center of attention. And 2019 will be no exception to this fashion rule. Relevant are absolutely all possible shades of this vibrant color. It is perfect for any woman and will make her even more playful wonderful.

6. Cool dark shades

This color is extremely difficult to achieve, but it is an absolute hit for use. The thing is that in its natural black color are warm colors, whereas cool colors is the mixture of complex colors. This color is so fresh and relevant, which enjoys wide popularity among the brunettes around the world. These shades used by many world stars, such as Angelina Jolie, demi Moore and other Hollywood beauty.

5. Bright red, like in the 90s

In recent years the fashion for the nineties became gradually displace all the others flow. And if the earlier case concerned only clothes or makeup, the next year it comes to hairstyles. Fiery red hair color will be as relevant as ever, displacing a number of other fashionable colors. This is a very unusual and bold decision to choose such a hairstyle. It is worth considering the fact that in the case of such a choice you will have to follow the details of your colour, making regular visits to the stylist.

4. Balaj

The perfect solution for those who want change, but not yet to the end ready for them. Actual staining Ombre, Shatush Balaj and will remain the same next year.

It's all in their technique. It allows you to darken the roots and lighten the ends, add tints, glare – overall adds a little bit of play with a touch. It is always a good idea in case if you don't know what you want to change in your appearance.

3. Creamy and honey blonde

Who said that blondes are out of fashion? New 2019 will prove us otherwise. Bright warm butter and honey blonde again trendy colors of the season. Noble, honey color will add a special glow to any blonde beauty. And will not leave without attention from others.

2. "Cream soda"

If you think how to change your image, take a closer look to this classy shade be exactly what you've been looking for. The color of the soda in the painting was an absolute godsend 2018, taking the hearts of fashionistas around the world. The essence of this painting lies in the alternation of Golden and Golden brown strands, making hair becomes similar to the color of cream soda. This color gives the hair volume and unusual appearance attracts admiring glances.

1. Baklazhanovy and lavender shades

Absolute peak of a bygone fashion 2018 remains relevant later. The color purple has become the new red, only for hair. This year, more and more began to add it in different components of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and now also in hairstyles. Millions of women worldwide choose staining using baklazhanovy and lavender shades. Who is more bold makes a similar staining to the whole of hair who prefers less only a slight coloring tips with a purple hue. It looks incredibly stylish and interesting to any girl, regardless of her color type and style.

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