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10 pairs of summer shoes which are very popular in 2018


In step with the times– the motto of those who follow the fashion Shoe trends this year. Any self-respecting woman in the summer wardrobe has a few pairs of shoes for different occasions. Every new season of the known fashion houses develop a Shoe collection for beautiful ladies. The specimens on the podium in 2018, feminine, refined and comfortable. At the peak of popularity shoes on a stable heel and platform. As for color, this summer she will impress with brightness and contrast combinations. Cool shades, from bright blue to blue, and warm, from orange to Burgundy, will appear this summer in the wardrobe of the most fashionable girls.

10. Beige high heel sandals

Shoes Nude has always been considered a viable option because of its properties visually lengthen legs and make them more slender and graceful. Beige color looks elegant, goes well with any shades of clothing. The fashion highlight of this season – a large number of buckles, straps, lacing. The owner is tall and skinny legs, you can safely choose a model with a satin ribbon that can elegantly tie the leg type ballet Pointe. Combined with high heel sandals are able to liven up any casual look and to allocate their possessor from the crowd. A classic high heel silhouette adds refinement.

9. Bright and quiet ballet flats

They have long won the hearts of fashionistas of all ages. Due to the flat soles in this Shoe it is possible to fly down the street like a butterfly all day. The designers took care to make ballet flats not only part of the image in casual style, but also the perfect solution for an evening out in the light. Gold and silver are the top colors this summer. Bright yellow, red, pink and bright blue ballet flats will also be popular among fashionistas. White and light shades will create a truly summer look. A lover of extravagant style will appeal to bold prints offered this season designers. Floral, animal, abstract, – they will attract the attention of passers-by.

8. Clogs

This kind of women shoes looks stylish, is comfortable and sits comfortably on the leg. Clogs form as a universal tandem with short shorts and mini-skirts and long summer dresses and skirts. Due to the variety of colors comfortable and stable wedge heel, this model fashionista choose as the main summer shoes and on the way out, for evening dates. Clogs can be both on the platform and heel with wood or cork material. The main distinguishing feature a closed toe and bare heel. Clogs fits perfectly into the style of the country, the military, hippies. However, a decent combination you can pick up for an everyday look.

7. Gladiator sandals

Spectacular detail the Spartan outfit came in the women's fashion world of cinema. A game of contrasts: the rough shoes of Roman soldiers, put on the slender female legs, accentuates their beauty. Such footwear is the perfect accompaniment to the Greek dress, creating an image descended from Olympus goddess. Gladiators look quite rough, have a large number of clasps and buckles. Ladies can choose a shortened version of sandals, or, conversely, the extended model, the height of which can reach up to the knee. Binding and striking piece of decor plain front placket, which in the original is to protect the foot from impact. In fashion this summer will be the gladiators of the natural colors of leather of reptiles.

6. Shoes metallic

Metallic shoes are simply a must have for every fashionista. The soft sheen of the silver, bronze and luxurious Shine gold is the perfect accompaniment to light summer sundresses, crimped and skirts-packs, and also cropped jeans. The fashion will color metallic pink, paletowych, mint, orange, and yellow hues. Sparkling and elegant pair of shoes will be appropriate not only in the party but also in daily outfit, especially if it is silver color. These shoes perfectly complement formal suit and a light chiffon white blouse. In the summer of 2018, the designers are breaking the stereotypes and propose to combine in the same way gold and silver.

5. Bright pumps

To create an elegant, memorable image of this summer suit is a timeless classic. Pumps, familiar to our moms and grandmothers, again at the peak of popularity. Now they can be not only bodily or classic black, but all shades of the rainbow. Lemon yellow, deep blue, crimson, red, matte and glossy, boats always look bold and seductive. They can be worn with a dress-case, pencil skirt, slim trousers. The hit of the summer season of 2018 will be the shoes colors are ultramarine and fuchsia. Warm season, suits for bold experiments and vivid images.

4. Black sandals

This summer, choose sandals with classic stiletto heel, thick heel or platform. Classic black designers called one of the most stylish and up to date colors of the season. Universal shoes pleased with the variety of styles. If the day you have to work in the office and in the evening to attend the official event, then this pair of shoes is indispensable, especially in combination with little black dress and bright accessories. In fashion this summer two-tone, such as black and red and black and beige sandals. This Shoe can be made from leather, suede. Impressive look of patent leather sandals. However, the simpler the model, the more refined it will look.

3. Flip flops

No season is not complete without these slap, which came to us from Asia. The distinguishing feature of a separator which is held between the thumb and other toes. Flip flops allow you to demonstrate a trendy manicure and are perfect for walks on the sandy beach. They can be solid, bright, decorated with rhinestones and imitation precious stones. Wear a light chiffon dress or a skirt to the floor, shorts or tunic, add a beach accessories: wide-brimmed hat, wicker bag, sunglasses and a bright backpack. In the summer of 2018 flip flops can be seen not only on the beach but on the city streets and even at the evening receptions.

2. Transparent shoes with sequins

Transparent, weightless, sparkling with hundreds of crystals, they resemble glass shoes Cinderella fairy tale. These shoes just have to decorate the feet of the Queen of the party. In the summer of 2018 in the trend of women's shoes with transparent inserts and elements, be it the heel, sole or upper part of the Shoe. Pumps, ballet flats, ankle boots and sandals with inserts of transparent plastic look unusual, new and extravagant. These shoes are made out of silicone or polyvinylchloride. The advantages of transparent shoes is that it visually lengthens the legs and is suitable to clothes of any color, creating the feeling that you are floating above the ground.

1. Shoes made of reptile skin

Shoes made of genuine crocodile skin will serve its owner faithfully, emphasizing its status. They are very durable, soft and, unfortunately, expensive. Those who can't afford to buy the genuine leather shoes can, following the fashion, to diversify your wardrobe with shoes from their youth. Quality items with embossing are sometimes difficult to distinguish from natural skins lizard, Python or alligator. Popular as a natural color, a repeating pattern of snakeskin and bold colors: blue, red, green. Shoes with a scaly pattern goes perfectly with jeans and classic pants, skirts MIDI and Maxi.

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