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10 bad habits that Rob you of your strength


Their lives need to build a system that not only spend, but to accumulate the necessary energy. If you're not gonna do it, you very quickly will feel exhausted: they will cease to miss you or even briskly to get up in the morning and productive throughout the day. Every day people poison their lives with different things, they are very much debilitating – both mentally and physically. After you read this article, you will learn what habits better to get rid of before they turn you into a person prone to apathy and a lingering depression.

10. You are working without rest

You should not run at weekends and during holidays. This rule is very important, and some even years ignoring the holidays to earn more money. Forbid myself to check email, answer calls at work. If you don't relax, relieving tension, then over time it will accumulate: in the end it will lead to frustration, various diseases. Many say that after a good rest to work much easier. Think of more interesting ideas, increased ability to concentrate.

9. Sacrificing yourself for someone else

Such sacrifices are useless, because due to them you then will not be able to offer anything to anyone, even loved ones. You just nothing left. Taking care of yourself is not talking about the fact that people are selfish. This is just a healthy sense of self-preservation, through which you can accumulate power and to increase internal resources. If you do not waste yourself in vain, and if you want to help a close person with much greater efficiency.

8. You don't feel confident

Self-doubt really prevents to live. Because it seems that it is always someone checking to find flaws in his behavior or in appearance. It's quickly exhausting, but some manage to live with this for years. However, such a life more like existence. If this prospect does not appeal to you, you will have to find a way to get rid of complexes and become more decisive. Many help training, books on the relevant topic.

7. Resist change and development

As often as possible ask yourself about what you want most: to grow or to always feel relaxed? Development does not always imply good mood, because often it is primarily the exit from the comfort zone. Sometimes it is necessary to feel discomfort to move on to the next step. If you learn to endure temporary inconveniences in the name of development, then it will be rewarded with considerable success.

6. Dwell on past mistakes

People emerging from a difficult period of his life, it becomes much stronger and wiser. However, some have a tendency to berate yourself for past mistakes, to dwell on the past. This greatly hinders development. To build your future, you must live in the present, not the past. In addition, one should note that resentment destroys the human inside (even if he hurt himself). Forgive yourself and all the people who had caused you hurt, and move forward.

5. Pretend that you are all fine when it isn't

There is nothing wrong to feel disappointment, depression. People are not machines, from time to time they are overwhelmed with feelings that are not always positive. It is quite natural. Admit that you feel bad, at least to themselves, so work to relieve tension and significantly alleviate their condition. If all the time try to seem strong, then you can break away, and in the most unexpected moment. Don't be afraid to Express your emotions, fears, sometimes I can even afford to cry.

4. Constantly worried and do nothing

A lot of worrying in the present, man deprives himself of the future. Extra anxiety is no help, they only create obstacles on the path of life. Besides, many people have the habit of constantly worrying, but nothing to do, in order to protect themselves and improve their lives. Better not get tired from doing nothing and from the fight. Find the strength to ignore the anxiety, calmly solve recurring problems (without them no one) and go to their targets.

3. Take everything in your account

The person who stops to take it all in, feels more free. It should not be assumed that all the others care what you are doing. Everyone has their own worries, people usually do only them. You should not forget it especially in those moments in which you particularly hard. Feeling victimized by the actions of others, you should try to look at the situation as if from the outside. So it will be easier to judge it impartially.

2. I believe that the best things have already happened

Some people believe that the good years behind, and in the future nothing good will happen. Another common misconception: many people live as if wandering in a kind of labyrinth, and thinking that someday will succeed to get out of it. However, we should not bury future or to defer their own liberation. Nothing can be done only tomorrow and yesterday, and today anyone can change their life for the better. The main thing – never to dwell on that, to justify their own inaction. You will be able to truly live in the here and now.

1. Allow negative thoughts to take you over the top

In the minds of people goes through a lot of negative thoughts, and this is quite natural. However, many get hung up on them. This often ends up with people from a little trouble makes in my mind a tragedy of universal scale. In the end, after a while it becomes just that. Remember that thoughts are material. If they are negative, sooner or later, reality will change so that you will have the time to pursue failure and even unhappiness.

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