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10 pillows that cause appetite


Pillows in the form of food is not only fun and uplifting, but often cause the appetite. So those who are on a diet, please move away from the monitors! Although, if you find, say, a pillow in kiwi, it can be a good incentive to go on a fruit menu. Look and salivate!

1. Cushion in kiwi

Kiwi impresses with its brightness – I immediately wanted fruit salad.

2. Cushion Banana

There you can add and banana (in salad with kiwi). This pillow can be used as a cushion under his head.

3. Cushion Green peas

Fun pillow "Green peas" is also perfectly performs the function of cushion.

4. Pillow-cushion in the form of a stick of sausage

Some fierce connoisseur of sausage decided to immortalize their favorite. As the saying goes, health is!

5. Pillow Radishes

Continues the line of "edible" pillows cute radish.

6. Pillow cookies or crackers

Air cracker would now like to dislocate. But there it was: the shape of this pillow allows you to use it as a seat to drivers or office workers.

7. Pillow Sandwich

You can not say about the sandwich, his hand just does not rise to put under, so to speak, a soft spot. Pose him on the couch!

8. The food at the Chinese restaurant funny pillow

Funny-looking box of noodles from a Chinese restaurant. If it reminds of uneaten dinner.

9. Knitted cushion, Smoked drumstick

Knitted smoked shank – this is serious! Made pork or beef foot (underline) in the technique of amigurumi knitting. This instance is perfect as an attribute for some school performances. Moms, take on arms!

10. Cushion Eggs

Completes our top 10 trivial scrambled eggs. Looks may not be very appetizing, but better than the others will perform the main function – function pillow.

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