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10 useful products, the use of which will prevent the appearance of wrinkles


Sooner or later there comes such moment when the first facial wrinkles or "crow's feet" appear on the face. Unfortunately, the aging process is natural and natural, so to prevent it difficult. But we can slow down skin aging, reduce the appearance of folds on it, to improve its elasticity, tone and intracellular health. Many people think that only expensive advertised products and decorative tools allow you to smooth out the first wrinkles, but often it is not. All these extracts of hyaluronic acid, the crystals of silver and juices of herbs are nothing more than a ploy of marketers, designed to draw attention to a particular firm. But the real effect of the "anti-aging" are natural products and masks based on them. They contain essential antioxidants, amino acids, as well as the "beauty vitamins" A and E that help to preserve youthfulness of skin.

We offer you the TOP 10 healthy ingredients, regular use of which is possible to delay the appearance of the first wrinkles.

10. Almonds

It is known that all nuts contain valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega, and vitamins a and E, which promote secretion of collagen and elastin. Almonds are also rich in amino acids (L-arginine), flavonoids and antioxidants, which are not only quickly absorbed by the intestine, but also beneficial to the epidermis, making it more smooth and elastic, breathable health. Of course, it is necessary to buy raw almonds, since the skin performs a large part of rare and useful vitamins. By the way, arginine is responsible for the tone of the vascular wall, improving blood flow to the skin, whereby you receive a healthy glow and ensures gas exchange in the tissues.

9. Pumpkin seeds

Fans of flip seeds can rejoice, because this habit is the key to youth and health of the skin. In the seeds contain valuable amino acids (e.g. tryptophan), as well as polyunsaturated fats and zinc. Combined, these elements increase the turgor and elasticity of the skin, allow it to quickly regenerate in case of peeling, irritation, cracks and injuries. Zinc protects the epidermis from UV rays, but they are one of the causes of premature aging of the skin and the appearance of "crow's feet". Also pumpkin seeds in the diet help to eliminate acne and blackheads, cure eczema. Tryptophan helps the skin retain its natural moisture, which helps to eliminate dryness and manifestations of the formed wrinkles.

8. Ginger root

Valuable condiment is responsible for the overall immunity of the body, allowing you to clear the skin of toxins, sediment, products of metabolism, toxins, slag and free radicals. The plant also contains gingerol, cineole and citral, which produce anti-inflammatory effect, promote healing of cracks and irritation, damage of skin, which often leads to the appearance of premature wrinkles. Ginger increases blood flow in the blood vessels, thereby the skin gets more nutrients and oxygen, amalijas at the intracellular level.

7. Fatty fish

Oily fish is very useful as a diet food, but it is very important to preserve youthful and blooming appearance of our epidermis. This function copes of white and red fish, both marine and inland. Note mackerel, sardine, salmon, herring, and salmon contain significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Thanks to these ingredients, the body itself produces all the substances necessary for the healthy complexion and reduce inflammation. Than sbalansirovannoe the composition of our skin, the lower the risk of the appearance of the first wrinkles, and the less noticeable the "gossamer" of the eyelids.

6. Butter

The oil can be not only delicious, but also useful, especially if you purchased it from grandmothers in the market. Crumbly homemade butter from cow's milk is a storehouse of vitamins A, E and D, and also linoleic acid, a valuable animal fats. All of these components are important for the activation of local immunity of the epidermis and allow it to absorb the required amount of water molecules. Hydrated skin is naturally formed smoothes first wrinkles.

5. Cocoa or dark chocolate

But vegetable oils and fats, it is advisable to look for a in cocoa beans and cooked them on the basis of natural dark chocolate. Tasty treat allows you to fight with dryness and fading of the epidermis, as well as free radicals that affect the cells and tissues. Regular consumption of chocolate helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles, and often to remain in good spirits, as the sweetness is a source of serotonin, the natural "pleasure hormone".

4. Tomatoes

It turns out that vegetables are not only important for our digestion and weight loss, but also for the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Grown in natural conditions without pesticides tomatoes contain carotenoids and lycopene – components that neutralize the effects of "Tarawih" UV rays. Interestingly, tomatoes maximally reveal their properties after a slight heat treatment: steaming, boiling tomato juice, paste or homemade ketchup.

3. Parsley

Garden greens in excess contains ascorbic acid, myristicin, carotenoids and chlorophyll that improves the skin's ability to regenerate and recover. Parsley also acts as an antioxidant, removing radicals and poisons. Herbs help the body produce glutathione, which directly affects the prolongation of our youth and acquire a healthy complexion. Parsley juice reduces swelling and puffiness, stabilizing water and electrolyte balance and purifies the blood, due to which face looks healthy and youthful, and the skin – taut and smooth.

2. Beets

People rarely cook the beets, but in vain, because it is a natural "cleaner" of the body, freeing the skin from toxins, metabolites and impurities. The vegetable contains potassium, folic acid, carotenoids, choline and water soluble fiber, which provide the health and youthfulness of the skin. But most importantly, the root contains hyaluronic acid, which holds water molecules in the skin and promotes its rejuvenation.

1. Lemon

Available citrus contains valuable essential oils, amino acids, antioxidants and flavonoids – all that is necessary to enhance the protective properties of our skin. The higher the resistance to environmental factors, the less toxins clog the pores, and the fresh look of the epidermis. And the healthier and rosy skin – the younger looks.

These are simple products that you can easily find on the supermarket shelves and grandmothers on the market, save our skin from premature aging. And the more of them will be in your diet in different combinations, the better to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. For example, you can cook shock "youth salad" of grated beetroot, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley and pumpkin seeds. And to wash down all this suggest natural hot chocolate adding to the taste of butter.

Remember that wrinkles always easier to prevent than to eliminate.

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